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Chamber members can access the Chamber website to access their profile, post specials, job openings, events and more. Listings should include all your social media links too. This slide show will show you how to access, update and make the most of your presence on the Chamber's website. In addition, all our member listings automatically migrate to MyChamberApp - mobile. Now ALL Chamber members have mobile representation included in their membership - if your profile is updated on the website, it's updates on your mobile listing. View this slideshow and see how easy and effective it is to update your profile updates and incorporate the Chamber website into your marketing and promotion. Our thanks to Suelle Stewart Creative for creating and donating this resource for our members.

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  1. 1. @duncancowichan Welcome to Your Member Profile
  2. 2. @duncancowichan To log in, click here Website Address
  3. 3. @duncancowichan If you don’t know your username and password, please contact the Chamber office *********
  4. 4. @duncancowichan Navigation Bar Shortcuts Bar Upcoming Events Refer a Business for Membership Member Profile
  5. 5. @duncancowichan Find a Chamber Member business
  6. 6. @duncancowichan Event Title Date/Time
  7. 7. @duncancowichan Events Details Location Fees/Admission Date/ Time Contact Information Who can see your event
  8. 8. @duncancowichan Choose Event Categories Add Event Images Image sizes provided Gallery Photos
  9. 9. @duncancowichan RESOURCES
  10. 10. @duncancowichan REPORTS: Summary Page
  11. 11. @duncancowichan REPORTS: Leads Page
  12. 12. @duncancowichan REPORTS: Sponsor Ad Views
  13. 13. @duncancowichan REPORTS: Hot Deals
  14. 14. @duncancowichan REPORTS: Job Postings
  15. 15. @duncancowichan REPORTS: Profile
  16. 16. @duncancowichan NEWS
  17. 17. @duncancowichan SETTINGS: Personal User Name Linked Accounts: Social Links to DCCC
  18. 18. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Profile Summary
  19. 19. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Organization Information
  20. 20. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Employees
  21. 21. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Website Information
  22. 22. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Categories
  23. 23. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Logos
  24. 24. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Photos
  25. 25. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Videos
  26. 26. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Map Pin Information
  27. 27. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Membership Badge
  28. 28. @duncancowichan SETTINGS: Membership Badge
  29. 29. @duncancowichan SETTINGS Billing
  30. 30. @duncancowichan SETTINGS: Billing
  31. 31. @duncancowichan Set up your profile and get noticed! Contact the Chamber office if you have any questions about setting up your profile.