Social Marketing: An Engagement Revolution for Airlines


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Over the last 5 years the world has been transformed by a revolution in social interaction. The convergence of mobile and internet technologies have enabled ubiquitous access to new means of communication. This combination has enabled mass interaction on an unprecedented scale. Skype, Facebook, Google+, You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Qzone and many others are enabling billions of people to connect, discover and share.
What has this meant for the airline industry? As a highly social service many airlines have defined and executed their social media strategies but most admit that they are still learning and finding their way.
This presentation provides an overview of how airlines are using social media marketing to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers in what truly is an engagement revolution. This business transformation is set in the context of the wider revolution in travel marketing which we call “the fusion of science, art, technology and relationship building”. Links to case studies from Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand and KLM are provided.

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Social Marketing: An Engagement Revolution for Airlines

  1. 1. June2013Duncan AlexanderThe Travel Marketing StoreSocial Marketing:an EngagementRevolution forAirlines
  2. 2. Social networking is having a significant impact on society. Itis giving individuals and tribes a voice and companies andgovernments new ways to engage.
  3. 3. Marketingtoday is thefusion ofscience, art,technologyandrelationshipbuilding.
  4. 4. Technologyhasreshapedtheavailabletools andtechniquesfor themarketer
  5. 5. Social Media: the technology that connects peopleSocial networks: the places where people connect, discoverand share: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, You TubeSocial media marketing: the way to use social technologyand networks to build relationships, drive repeat business andattract new customers
  6. 6. Convergence of technologies,explosion of networks
  7. 7. Mobile technology andcomputing haveconverged with socialmedia networks tocreate a revolution inhuman interaction
  8. 8. 1.5BN Smartphone Users
  9. 9. China’s socialmedia landscapeis dominated byTencent.
  10. 10. Airlines’ application ofSocial Marketing
  11. 11. Reputation MonitoringCustomer ServiceMarket Research & Business AnalyticsRelationship Building & Loyalty ProgrammesCrisis HandlingBrand Building & Public RelationsLocation Based ServicesDriving commercial results, Sales Promotions & e-commerceAirlines use of Social Media
  12. 12. Passengers will continue to be interested in socialmediabut deployment will priorities differ| 2012 Passenger Self-Service Survey |© SITA
  13. 13. Like all forms of marketing Social Media Marketing isa continual process of definition, execution andrefinement
  14. 14. Facebook “Around the World in 80 days”
  15. 15. Air New Zealand Hobbit Safety video over 10.5M views
  16. 16. KLM Tile & Inspire 800K views
  17. 17. Klout utilizes Twitter, Facebook, Google+,LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wikipedia, and Instagramdata to create Klout user profiles that are assigneda unique "Klout Score."Klout scores range from 1 to 100, with higherscores corresponding to a higher ranking of thebreadth and strength of ones online socialinfluence.While all Twitter users are assigned a score, userswho register at Klout can link multiple socialnetworks, of which network data is then aggregatedto influence the users Klout Score
  18. 18. The Future?
  19. 19. A “clip on” satellite connection foriPhones for global connectivity
  20. 20. Have we only just started?Wearabletechnologies aremoving fromprototypes toproduction.
  21. 21. Embracing the completevisitor economy?
  22. 22. Dubais Expo 2020 bid is an example of theunderstanding of the Visitor Economy. Amulti-media multi-social marketing campaignhas been executed in order to engage citizensand the voting panel.
  23. 23. duncan@thetravelmarketingstore.com
  24. 24. June2013.Duncan AlexanderThe Travel Marketing StoreSocial Marketing:an EngagementRevolution forAirlines