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Cima tech agency lanka battery 4420s - 593572-001


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Published in: Technology
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Cima tech agency lanka battery 4420s - 593572-001

  1. 1. V S Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd NO: 07 , Suleimen Terrace , Colombo - 05 . Sri Lanka. Tel : 011 2 599 499 , 011 2 555 803 Fax : 011 2 555 805 QUOTATION INVESTOR DETAILS: Product HP Attn: Product Info P4420sU Cima Tech Agency Lanka Date 27th June 2012 No.99, St. Michael Road, Validity Period 15 Days Colombo Contact Person Dinuk S. Jayakody Mr. Dulip Dilivery Period 1 to 2 Weeks 777685085 VSIS Ref DJ/VSIS/HP/P4420sU/BTT Item Stock Codes Qty Description Unit Price (RS) Value (RS) 1 593572-001 1 Battery (Primary) - 6-cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion), 17,500.00 17,500.00 2.2Ah, 47Wh SUB TOTAL 17,500.00 VAT 12% 2,100.00 TOTAL 19,600.00TERMS AND CONDITIONS1. Payment Terms: Full payment with the Purchase Order/Acknowledgement,2. Taxes, Duty, Shipping and Freight Cost: This quotation inclusive of Duty, Shipping and Freight Cost.3. Options and Accessories: Value of optional items and accessories (if any) not included in above total.4. Warranty: 180 days only (6 months only)5. Cheques to be drawn in favor of “V S Information Systems (Pvt)Ltd” and crossed :A/C Payee Only”Should you have any changes/issues or require any clarifications to above terms and conditions and details, please inform abovementioned person within 24 hours of the recipt of this acknowledgement.VSIS is pleased to accept this order in accordance with our standard terms and conditions._____________________________________________________I hereby confirm that I am an authorized signatory and that I accept this quotation with given terms and conditions and confirm anorder on these items on behalf of the purchaser/investor (pl. put your official company stamp here)