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Blue oceans


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Published in: Business
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Blue oceans

  1. 1. Blue Ocean Strategy @DuleepSahadevan Founder - Software Associates
  2. 2. Market perspective Price Cost Value
  3. 3. RED OCEAN Competition Price war Better mousetrap
  4. 4. BLUE OCEAN Competition is irrelevant Value innovation
  5. 5. BLUE OCEAN FRAMEWORK Reduce Eliminate Create Raise
  6. 6. Nintendo Wii
  7. 7. Cirque De soleil
  8. 8. BLUE OCEAN FRAMEWORK Strategic sequence Execution skills Redraw market boundaries Larger picture
  9. 9. THANK YOU Questions ? @DuleepSahadevan Success, very much like love, is connected with a person's ability to tell a story. We all build our lives around stories. Those who can build an open and expansive story will have an open and expansive life. Those who build a limited story, will live a limited life.