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Timothy Marten Design Portfolio

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Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. “The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it.” - Wendell Berry - Frost: Ithaca, NY 2008
  2. 2. Site Design Planning Thesis Technical & Built Works
  3. 3. Section 1 : Site Design Ecology & Technology Discovery Center Champaign Public Library Allerton Environmental Education Center Emquion Lodge & Master Plan University of Illinois Research Park
  4. 4. Ecology and Technology Discovery Center Field House Plaza Study Model Museum Atrium Prairie Roof Wetland The University of Illinois place inthe Champaign and Urbana, com-munities often creates edge condi- Water Playtions that encourage communitytension and poor integration to boththe physical and social fabrics of the Analysiscommunity. This short explorationproject sought to create a site that Conceptcould offer both facilities and an en- Diagramgaging edge on the northern bound- Programary of campus. The proposed design Diagramincorporated a elements based onthe exploration of science, technol-ogy and the environment, utilizingwater as a explorative medium.
  5. 5. Section Thru: Prairie Roof & AtriumView Looking North From Wetland Section Thru: Water Play Streams View Looking East From Entry Birds Eye View Section Thru: Atrium and Wetland Section Thru: Museum and Wetland LA 537 ~ 2008
  6. 6. Champaign Public Library SRVC. Prairie Plaza Library Cafe Terrace Concept Diagram Entry Court Bioswale Water Flow Diagram Wood Lot The Champaign Public Library is thelargest public work project that theCity of Champaign has undertaken innearly 25 years. The Library projectwas an investigation of public land-scapes, community and sustainabil-ity . Critical design components in-cluded water management, creationand definition of place and space.
  7. 7. Section Thru: East Side View of TerraceSection Thru: Terrace View of Entry CourtSection Thru: Bioswale Section Thru: Prairie Plaza Section Thru: Wood Lot View Looking North From Prairie Plaza LA 537 ~ 2008
  8. 8. Allerton Environmental Education Center Prairie WoodlandWetland & Education Bldg By Dipti Gladahall Wetland Savanna Cafe Court Prairie By Dipti Gladahall Education The Robert Allerton Park is a 1,517 Mait. Yard Centeracre estate located near Monticello,Illinois on the Upper Sangamon Ex GardenRiver. Donated to the University of BuildingsIllinois in 1946 the former countrymanor and farms have, over time,evolved into a retreat, learningcenter and a historical treasure.The proposed Environmental Edu-cation Center builds upon existingprograms and incorporates exist-ing structures while sitting new Woodland Wet Lab Barnstructures to meet facility and staff By Dipti Gladahallneeds. The Education Center seeksto imbue Ecological Design principlesand modalities with the existing siteheritage and forms.
  9. 9. New Education Bldg Ice HouseMait.Barn Great Lawn Main Pavilion Wet Lab Barn Cafe & Conference Wetland Wetland Diagram Green Room Pavilion House Formal Office Gardens Section Thru: New Education Building Section Thru: New Education Building Section Thru: Site Looking East Section Thru: Site Looking West UP 494 ~ 2006
  10. 10. Emiquon Lodge and Master Plan Lodge Building Plan The Nature Conservancy Emiquon Ecotone Planningproject is restoring approximately1,000 acres of uplands and 6,000acres of wetlands environments to Lodge Site Plantheir pre-settlement makeup alongthe Illinois River near Havana, IL. TheEmiquon Lodge will provide the TNCwith facilities for engaging the publicand scientific community as well asoffer an in-depth opportunity to con-nect and explore the landscape. Thelodge site plan provides space forcollection gardens, trails, resortedlandscapes teaching and interpretiveareas.
  11. 11. Sketchbook Concept Section Lodge Planting PlanConcept Plan LA 452 ~ 2005
  12. 12. University of Illinois Research Park Storm water Ampitheater Concept SketchRoad & Drive Edge Concept Sketches The Research Park at the Univer- sity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign houses 50 technology based compa- nies, employing almost 1,000 staff. The Research Park was established to encourage industry collaboration with the University of Illinois re- searchers, faculty and students. This project reexamined the phase one master plan for of the Research Park. The redesigned master plan looks to link the proposed facilities and landscape in a more symbiotic way encouraging the flow of ideas and movement through the landscape. South Phase Illustrative Plan Phase 1 & 2 Plan
  13. 13. LA 453 ~ 2006
  14. 14. Section 2 : Planning University Of Illinois South Farms Sawgrass Community Redesign Ember Orchards Community Plan Curtis Road Interchange Master Plan
  15. 15. University of Illinois South Farms South Farms Quad Sketch by Jihung Jung 1. Proposed ACES South Quad 2. Cow Calf Farm 3. Beef & Sheep Farm 4. Swine Metabolism Center 5. Swine Isolation Center In 1999, the University of Illinois, 6. Swine Farrowing Centerinitiated a plan to create a “new” 7. Swine Finishing Center 8. Transgenic Swine CenterSouth Farms research complex that 9. Poultry Farmwould: 10. CVM Swine1) Replace outmoded facilities 11. CVM Equine Center 12. Dairy Farm2) Acquire additional 13. Feed Mill3) Stay close to campus 14. ACES Storage Barns4) Integrate crop, animal, and envi- 15. Algae Farm 16. Organic Farmronmental research and education 17. NRES Orchard5) Capture operational efficiencies; 18. Illini Plantation 19. Cottonwood Plantation6) Use best management practices 20. Crop Sci. Large Plot Fields7) Improve safety 21. Crops Sci. Research Plots8) Remain a good neighbor 22. Native Pasture 23. Tame PastureWhile excellent conceptual goals, 24. SOY FACEthere was no actual plan integrated 25. Miscanthus Researchthe concepts into a functional South 26. Apiary Research 27. Wildlife Research LabFarm ecosystem. Recognizing this a 28. State Research Pondsmultidisciplinary project team devel- 29. Digester & Living Machine 30. Composting Centeroped a design plan for a sustainable 31. Denitrification Wetlandagroecosystem research center. Our 32. Infiltration Zonedesign was an ecosystem approach 33. Depressional Wetland 34. Wind Turbinesutilizing the site’s Upper Embarras 35. Police TrainingRiver watershed as an ecosystem 36. Dynamic Testing Labboundary. 37. UIUC Warehousing 38. Historic Buildings
  16. 16. Model Close Up HEC-HMS Hydro Modeling Sustainability Calculator The plan developed in three phases. Phase 1 incorporated intensivesurveys of the biological, physical, infrastructure, and cultural attributes.Phase 2 identified interacting on-site processes. Phase 3, integrated physi-cal and process information into a agroecosystem design plan. We createda sustainability calculator to determine the effectiveness of plans while GISspatial planning and modeling in created tile drainage maps and integratedhydrological modeling. We constructed a LIDAR based physical model to 4 x 5’ - 2’ Contour Topographic Mapexplore and convey physical dynamics of the watershed. LA 434 ~ 2007
  17. 17. Sawgrass Community Redesign Land Use Diagram Proposed Community Model A proposed subdivision develop-ment was studied, redesigned andmodeled to assess and incorporatealternative physical planning modali-ties. Intrinsically this project encour-aged understanding the physicaleffects of interdependent, indivisibleactions and imperfect foresight. Myproposed redesign increased density,integrated parkland, natural land-scapes, and alternatives for wasteand stormwater management. Storm Sewer Plan Sanitary Sewer Plan UP 503 ~ 2007
  18. 18. Ember Orchards Community Plan Ember Orchard is a theoretical, planned unit development on 160 acres, incorporating new urbanism, agrarian picturesque and colonial revival architecture. Housing den- sity and open space requirements laid out design guidelines and land convents. LA 334 ~ 2005
  19. 19. Curtis Road Interchange Master Plan Completed in 2008, the CurtisRoad Interchange in Champaign,IL created significant developmentand planning pressure on the com-munity. The initial plans cited aneed for sustainable and integrateddevelopment. The Curtis RoadInterchange needs to form a uniqueidentity from, blending a matrix ofhousing and lifestyle options, as Suitability Analysiswell as commercial and biologicalcapacities while complimenting theexisting commercial and residentialfabrics. The Curtis Road Interchangealso needs to integrate and compre-hensively connect into the regionthrough transit and a ecological and Land Use Diagramgreenway systems. This plan alsoaims to control the intensity anddirection of growth both within thesite and Champaign’s Southeasturban edge. Regional Plan
  20. 20. Section Thru: Typical Boulevard Section Thru: East SiteLand Use Sketches Section Thru: Greenway Mixed Use Program Diagram 10yr Economic Proforma Site Flood Hydrograph Detail Sketches UP 494 ~ 2008
  21. 21. Section 3 : Thesis Dudley Smith Farm Illinois Farm Sustainability Calculator
  22. 22. Dudley Smith Farm: Thesis Elements The Dudley Smith Farm and Dudley Smith Initiative intend to make ag- riculture sustainable. However, this vision cannot be realized withoutBioregional Analysis creating and exploring new farm- Contextulize ing models as well as teaching and developing leadership. Listen The Dudley Smith Farm is a 226- Stakholders acre University of Illinois research Identify & Define farm that has a strong endowment Illinois Farm and vision but has yet to develop Sustainability Calculator the farm to create and explore new Assess models for the region it embodies. Systems Devlopment The master plan for the DSF creates a nested hierarchy of farm scales. Concept Proposal Image while scientifically assessing and Dudley Smith Farm modeling proposed designs and farm Process Diagram Master Plan scales. The conversion of land for industrial agriculture and its increased ecologi- cal footprint has created conflict in both the social and environmental 10 Acre Farm realms. “Agriculture does not exist in isolation but as a part of a broader human culture that values and sus- tains many things. Agriculture that destroys biodiversity, wilderness, en- vironmental quality, human freedom and happiness will probably not be sustained.” McIsaac (1994) 30 + !0 Acre Farm 226 Acre Farm
  23. 23. Section Thru: Alley Crop Orchard Section Thru: Treatment Wetland Food Forest Diagram Flow DiagramsSouth to North Section Farm Dorm & School HouseSouthwest to Northeast Section
  24. 24. Dudley Smith Farm: Thesis Elements Crop Interface ScreenThe Illinois Farm Sustainability Calcu-lator (IFSC) is an open-source spread-sheet-based computer program de-signed to evaluate the sustainabilityof any farm—real or envisioned—inthe state of Illinois. Users input datafrom their farm including soil infor-mation, crop production area, soilnutrients, tillage, the number andtype of animals raised, livestock diet,energy sources, building energy use,hauling distances etc. The modeltakes these inputs, combines themwith data concerning crop productiv-ity, CO2 sequestration and emissions,energy use for tillage and buildings,alternative energy production, ect.From these parameters, IFSC pro-duces final balances for animal feedproduction vs. consumption, energyproduction vs. consumption, carbonsequestration vs. carbon emission,and nitrate runoff. It also calculatescrop yields and indicates how manypeople the farm can feed. In otherwords, IFSC allows its user to discoverwhether or not their farm is sustain-able. IFSC is dowloadabpe for free. Farm Interface Screen
  25. 25. Final Balance Analysis Detailed Balance Analysis Ruminant Interface Screen Swine Interface Screen IFSC has been used as ateaching tool at allied insituiton since 2009 and it being retooled of use by researechers in Karnataka, IndiaPoultry Interface Screen as of 2011. Detailed Balance Analysis
  26. 26. Section 4 : Technical & Built Temple Buell Hall Water Feature Road Alignment Max & Betsy Mitchell Residence Blue Ridge Community Park Sandra Knorr Residence Phil & Dana Harris Residence
  27. 27. Temple Buell Hall Water Feature Bridge Detail Site Plan Catwalk DetailThis construction design projectsought to envision a solution for asunken courtyard adjacent to thebuilding housing the School of Archi-tecture, Urban planning & Land-scape Architecture on the University Study Modelof Illinois campus. The proposed de-sign integrates a water feature andparticipant engagement with stormwater treatment methods. Water Wall Detail LA 243 ~ 2005
  28. 28. Road Alignment & Grading LA 342 ~ 2004
  29. 29. Max and Betsy Mitchell ResidenceThe Mitchell residence is a designproject offered as part of a fundraiser. This project was taken to acontracting phase and initial phasedconstruction. 2006
  30. 30. Blue Ridge Community Park Blue Ridge Park, located in Seneca South Carolina is a community park development that served both an elementary school and public hous- ing neighborhoods. This project was a constructed with collaboration be- tween, City of Seneca and Clemson University. This project was complet- ed as part of a internship in 2003. 2003
  31. 31. Sandra Knorr ResidenceThe Knorr residence is a project thatI carried through from the design,construction and post occupancyphase. The site included a set ofpocket and transition gardens be-tween mixed perennial gardens andnaturalized edges accounting fora flood prone stream. Featured ingarden walks in 2004 & 2006 2004
  32. 32. Phill and Dana Harris Residence The Harris residence is a project that I carried through from the design, construction and post occupancy phase. The project incorporated a significant in- vestment in design and develop- ment of hardscape to address site and previous construction limitations. 2004
  33. 33. Vly Pointe HOAVly Pointe HOA, is a phased in-provment plant incompassing fourphases. These drawing reflect anintal phase of creating entry gatewayand community idtentiy in a chalang-ing and narrow setting. 2011
  34. 34. University of Albany East Campus The University of Albany East Cam- at the public health teaching building pus houses much of health sciences a new entry was need. This landscape teaching and research infrastructure was constructed as a visual cue for a as part of a capital improvement plan primary entry. 2010
  35. 35. Timothy Marten 518-878-5231 TEMarten@gmail.com Professional Objective My research and academic objectives have worked towards understanding and implementing socially and environmentally sustainable design and planning in the built, rural and natural environments. My background in both landscape architecture and regional planning has cultivated design, planning, analysis, project management skills, proficiency with many current design tools as well as a dedicated work ethic. I am seeking to employ and further develop my academic research and professional background within the landscape architecture or planning fields. Education University of Illinois: Masters of Landscape Architecture 2009 Concentration: Ecological Design and Technology University of Illinois: Masters of Urban Planning 2009 Concentration: Environmental and Ecological Planning University of Illinois: Bachelors of Landscape Architecture 2006 Concentration: Environmental Design Kishwauakee Community College 1999 to 2000 & 2001 to 2003 Awards & Achievements NYDEC Be Green Professional 2010 LEED AP 2009 Dudley Smith Initiative DS- Synergy Research Grant 2008 Graduate Travel and Research Fellowship 2008 Sasaki Award: Sustainable South Farms Master Plan 2008 PIA-Permaculture Design Certified 2008 Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Scholarship 2000
  36. 36. We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. Aldo Leopold,Nature provides a free lunch, butonly if we control our appetites. William Ruckelshaus Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, for insecticided grain, For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain. Amer- ica, America, man sheds his waste on thee, And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea. George Carlin Howes Cavren: Howes Cave, NY 2009