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Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Women


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Here’s a list of five alternate flavors that you can try and add to your gourmet food basket.

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Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Women

  1. 1. Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Women
  2. 2. Many people are bored of classic cupcake flavors. Everybody wants to experiment, innovate and come up with new flavors. But you can tweak classic flavors to make them favorites all over again. Here’s a list of five alternate flavors that you can try and add to your gourmet food basket.
  3. 3. Lavender cupcakesThis pleasant smelling delicate flower can be used in the kitchen to make lush cupcakes. In your regular vanilla cupcake batter, add a few sprigs of lavender blossoms and bake as you would normally. A classic butter cream frosting with a few drops of lavender oil goes best with this cupcake. For a dainty touch add a bud of lavender atop the frosting. A perfect treat for an evening soiree or when putting together gift baskets for women.
  4. 4. Orange and coconut cupcakesGo tropical without visiting the tropics with this colorful treat. Add the zest of three oranges to a batch of vanilla cupcake batter. Make a frosting using icing sugar and orange juice. After lavishly frosting your cupcakes add a generous helping of fresh or desiccated coconut. If you want that extra pop of color, add a little orange food coloring to your cupcake batter!
  5. 5. Margarita CupcakesAdd a shot or two of tequila in your vanilla cupcake batter. Also generously squeeze two limes in the batter for that extra zing. Make sure to catch the pips though. Pair these cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting to which you have added the zest of one lime. After frosting, sprinkle a little sea salt and garnish with a wedge of lime. It will make for a naughty summer afternoon treat. You can assemble them in a dainty gourmet gift basket for a naughty bachelorette party.
  6. 6. Butter nut squash cupcakesReplace the pumpkins in your pumpkin cake batter with butternut squash puree. Bake the butternut in the oven with a sprinkling of nutmeg and cinnamon powder on it. Make a puree out of it and add it to your cupcake batter. Instead of a sugar frosting, drench these delights in sugar syrup to which you have added a pinch of saffron.
  7. 7. Chilly and caramel cupcakes Use a basic chocolate cupcake recipe to bake the cupcakes, but instead of adding sugar, use caramel. Add the caramel just before you start putting your batter in the molds to bake. For the frosting make a rich chocolate ganache to which you have added toffee of chilies. Make the chilly toffee using finely chopped red chilies and add it to a caramel syrup. Transfer the mixture on a baking sheet and let it cool. Break the pieces and add them to the chocolate ganache and frost the cupcakes. Pack them up in a gourmet gift basket and take it to share with your friends on a movie night.
  8. 8. Dulcet Gift Baskets For more info visit here: Gifts Baskets for Women or go to call on 845-784-5689 or email us at