Whispers of Color (Adult Book)


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Whispers of Color (Adult Book)

  1. 1. Whispers of Color For Adults by Sue Elizabeth Lee
  2. 2. Whispers of Color For Adults. . By Sue Elizabeth Lee Illustrations by Michael C. Stokes Copyright 1996 All rights reserved Many have asked me where the idea for my DVD programming for preschoolers, “I Believe in Me! came from. It came from the children’s version of this book, Whispers of Color for children The idea for the adult book came to me “As whispers in the night” to this day I am forever grateful that I woke up and began writing. . . www.ibelieveinme.tv To contact Sue Lee email: enochsue@comcast.net
  3. 3. Colors in order of appearance: Brown Lime Mist Straw Chili Pepper Red Tangerine Fern Cappuccino Cream Pure White Navy Neon Blue Inlet Green Lavender Brick Red Almond The Blue That Has No Name Teal Ambrosia Powder Blue Silver Threaded Mercury Sparkling Gold Indigo Blue Petal Pink Earth Blue Black Purple Yellow Pearl Grey Deep Red Forest Green Crystal Clear Orange Plaid Chartreuse Silver Beige Peach Butterscotch Mauve Neon Yellow Violet Pumpkin Berry Willow Periwinkle Faded Blue Jeans Midnight Blue Emerald Green Poppy Aqua Rust Daffodil Yellow
  4. 4. Brown What is Brown? Brown is the center it is the reality of what is. It’s the “Don’t look back” of life the every dayness of certainty. It is what “holds” it altogether, the backdrop upon which to rest, the source of the harvest, the core of it all. Brown is the belly of the laugh the stock of the stew the balance of the beam the calm upon the lake. Brown is the positiveness of a “Yes” and the strength of a “No.” Brown is the taking care of ourselves, the loving yourself enough to care. It is the anchor of your health. What is Your Brown?
  5. 5. mist What is Mist? Mist is the sigh before a kiss, it is the expectancy of life the catch in tomorrow the hope of today. Mist is quieter than quiet it is the hush of a newborn day Mist makes no choice as to where it lands, it happens it doesn’t become. Mist is the feeling you get before an event and long after it’s gone. Mist is memory. Mist smells of brewed tea in the cup by the window It hides in the doilies of yesterday and into the coasters of today. Mist fills your heart as well as you soul. What is Your Mist?
  6. 6. CHILI PEPPER RED What is Chili Pepper Red? You've never heard of Chili Pepper Red?! Why it is the pasha of life, the “just try and stop me!” It's the starch before it comes out of the can, and the flat of a tire. Chili Pepper Red travels in the ground to escape with the lava, it flies through the air and melts hail. . . it climbs to ride with Comet's wings and centers in one's heart when a gun cracks. Chili Pepper Red is adrenaline born, it can melt the steel in your enemies' eye and give hope to the weary. What is your Chili Pepper Red?
  7. 7. FERN What is Fern? Fern is the "come find the depth of me", "Where are you hiding?". It is the in betweenness of hope and wanting. Fern is the softness of a shadow, a baby breath upon the cheek, the feel of a kitten's back. Fern has a musty smell yet a freshness to it. It speaks of old knowingness yet the newness of possibility. Fern never shouts, it is the sound of old. It lingers long after its gone. . . fading isn't in its makeup, it clings as a memory forever. What is your Fern?
  8. 8. PURE WHITE What is Pure White? Pure White is the flutter of a butterfly's wing, the sound waves of a clap, the roll of thunder. Pure White is the wave upon the heart, the breath on skin, the torch of desire. Pure White is a kitten's step, the clatter of silverware. It's the sound a breaking heart makes, roaring within, yet unheard outside. Pure White is the sound of poignant - touch of reality, it comes from the deepest strengths and also the gentlest of thoughts. Pure White is the starkness of understanding. What is your Pure White?
  9. 9. NEON BLUE What is Neon Blue? Neon Blue is a limousine ride, when the sun has set and mountains of the backdrop have turned deep purple. . . Neon Blue smells of wood smoke and red rocks. . . and speaks of the money that has been enjoyed and spent. Neon Blue is the finest foods served in rustic of atmosphere, mixture of smells, shoulders of white. It is the combination of what is to come and what has been. Neon Blue is the gathering of new recalling the old familiarity developed, and secret touches received. Neon Blue is the magic of an evening blended for comfort from strawberries and chocolate to horns on an headdress. What is your Neon Blue?
  10. 10. LAVENDER What is Lavender? Lavender is the far side of thunder and the beginning of snow. It's the worn spot on a child's sock, the smudge from garden's dirt. . . Lavender is a kiss on a porch swing, the catch of a football in the street. . . Lavender rides with you on your bike on a summer's day and steers the sail boat on a smooth lake. Lavender awakens your heart and tells you when to sigh. Lavender holds your hand as you walk in twilight. It sits on your grandmother's smile and rides in her apron pocket. What is your Lavender?
  11. 11. ALMOND What is Almond? Almond is the ease of today, the soothness of life, the "comf" of comfort. Almond is the smell of homemade soup and the baking of bread. It's the sound of slippers and the folding of towels. Almond is the worn spot on the couch, the knowing smile to come your way. It is the mailman's routine, the sun of the day. Almond speaks with knowledge and from experience. It's the wisdom of yesterday crept into today. Almond never questions it's the answer to the query. What is your Almond?
  12. 12. T EAL What is Teal? Teal is the beginning of a laugh, the shoulder of a sigh, the tightness of a muscle, the middle of a ray of light on a Winter's day. Teal is the burst of surprise, the "ha" of laughter, the sigh of lust, the ease at the end of the day. Teal sets on the ripple of the lake, in the shadow of the mountain snow, Teal is the smell of blueberry pie and the feel of satin sliding across the skin. Teal knows the moment, for it is the center of life. What is your Teal?
  13. 13. POWDER BLUE What is Powder Blue? Powder Blue is the baby's breath, the side of a cloud, the scent of a breeze. Powder Blue is the Angel's Wing, the contentment of health, the "well" of wellness. Powder Blue settles on the soul which decorates the heart. It is the softness to harsh, the tingle of a bell, the sigh of lovers. . . Powder Blue comes softly, yet has strength of its own. Powder Blue you hold inside, for it journeys within. What is your Powder Blue?
  14. 14. SPARKLING GOLD What is Sparkling Gold? Sparkling Gold, the florescent kind, the stand up and take notice, can't miss me type - it is bold in a strong good sense, the power of hard worked muscles, the sheen of a workout, the tip of the iceberg, the strut of an athlete. . . Sparkling Gold is the strength of today, thrusting into tomorrows. It's the star you hang onto and the moon after a full day. It's the rainbow rolled into a ball and dropped into a mountain lake. It's crisp, right, strong and good. What is your Sparkling Gold?
  15. 15. PETAL PINK What is Petal Pink? Petal Pink is the caress of breath, the sigh of a hammock, the trail of stars your fantasies travel upon. It's the hope of tomorrow, the "o" in love, the pad of a baby's thumb. Petal Pink brings bouquets of smiles, whispers of words, it carries secrets and promises and the undercurrent of desire. Petal Pink journeys into new worlds of gentleness and longings, secrets of the heart untouched by you, yet felt by others. What is your Petal Pink?
  16. 16. BLACK What is Black? Black is the midnight sky upon which stars hang, the deepness of a tree, the shadow of a muscle, the virility of a man's touch, the strength one can climb on, the power of thought, the sexiness of satin and silk. Black is the "why" of the journey, the "yes" of conviction, the "truth" to reality - it is the belief in one's being, the essence of it all. Black is conditioning personified, the heart of being fit and liking it. What is your Black?
  17. 17. PURPLE What is Purple? Purple is the deepness of a flower, the velvet of touch, the passion within our hearts, the notes of music, the aura of a storm. . . Purple comes from a man's heart into a woman's soul, it speaks volumes yet makes no sound. It is the current of midnight rivers. Purple is the brightness of feelings, it is the purity of favorite things. It is the skip of a stone, the call of a bird, the eye of a prey. Purple is tomorrow giving way to today. What is your Purple?
  18. 18. YELLOW What is Yellow? Yellow, my Mother's favorite color, it was the twinkle from her eyes, the end of her laugh, the belief in a better tomorrow. Yellow brings warmth and love, hugs and nods. Yellow fills the body and flows out to others. Yellow seeps in unexpected, and takes us unawares. It is the path upon which we sojourn - it takes us to where we are going. Yellow is the smell of muffins, cakes, the air on an Autumn day. . . It’s the smile a woman gives to a man. Yellow is the belief upon which you live, it is you, it is the joy of others, it is my Mother's Soul. What is your Yellow?
  19. 19. PEARL GREY What is Pearl Grey? Pearl Grey is the pause of the day, the break in a breath, the in betweenness of being. It is where we gather strength to get ready for what is to come. It is the hollow of our heart where we hold secrets deep and dear, It is the whistle of the train, the stillness of dew, the tail of a deer. Pearl Grey is the certainty of a sigh, the clutch of the heart, the center of pureness. It is the wholeness of reality, the rock upon which one sits, the shades of tomorrow. Pearl Grey is a special memory never to go away. What is your Pearl Grey?
  20. 20. DEEP RED What is Deep Red? Deep Red is the depth of one's feelings, the fire within, the power to conquer, to never give in. Deep Red is the, "I can do it!", the height of passion, the lure of wanting and needing. Deep Red is the path of strength, the map of conviction, the purity of winning. It is the good part of anger, the fire of desire, the "being" of becoming. Deep Red is chili on a cold night, the fire during a Winter's storm, the sun's blaze upon the sand. Deep Red is a child running freely, free of criticism, bursting into the future. Deep Red are the "ss"s in Passion and the "rr"s of Sorrow. What is your Deep Red?
  21. 21. FOREST GREEN What is Forest Green? Forest Green, like the moss on the side of a tree, is the tenaciousness of life. It is the determination of today, the goodness of living. Forest Green is the barefootedness of life, the feel with your toes and escapades of touch. Forest Green has depth and determination. Forest Green is the swimmer's flip at the end of a lap, the runner's arms overhead at the end of a race, the smile on a special child's face, the hand on a wheelchair, the living now for the end. What is your Forest Green?
  22. 22. CRYSTAL CLEAR What is Crystal Clear? Crystal Clear is the tingle of the heart, the squeak of a shoe, Crystal Clear is the song we sing, the boat we row, the clap of our hands. It is the assuredness of life. The strength to carry on. Crystal Clear is the sharpness of awareness, the edge of anticipation, the moment of laughter, the source of fear. Crystal Clear is the gimmick of marketing, the foolery of color games. Crystal Clear laughs with you and at you, it is the "human" of humanness. What is your Crystal Clear
  23. 23. ORANGE What is Orange? Orange is the beginning of a skip, the end of a jump, the thought of a journey, the bump of a tire. It's the moment of initiation, the blaze of beginning, the fire within. Orange is the bellow of a bull, the peck of a bird, the stomp of a hoof. It's the roundness of a ball, the flatness of a rail, the curve of a roller coaster. Orange is the beginning of a dream, yet the ending of a day. What is your Orange?
  24. 24. PLAID What is Plaid? It's the weaving of time, the oldness of age, the comfort of a comforter. Plaid is the hollow in a pillow, the straw in a scarecrow, the knowing in an old man's eye. Plaid is the sheen on the apple, the underside of a leaf. It is found in the fossils of time and in the newness of birth. Plaid is the knowledge of knowing and smell of the Earth. It is the tail of a Star and the fingers entwined. What is your Plaid?
  25. 25. CHARTREUSE What is Chartreuse? Chartreuse is the bite of cheese, the extension of the neck, the jangle of jewelry, the squeaking of a swing. It's the taste of Tabasco and the sting of a bee. It's the heat waves of summer and the peeling paint upon the fence. Chartreuse is the sound of a sneeze and the gaze of a snake. It's what makes you sit up and take notice. It's not daring to look back. What is your Chartreuse?
  26. 26. SILVER What is Silver? Silver is the touch of a hand where you want it to be. The glide of the heart, the moment of a shine. Silver is upon the passion centered within the spell of I, it sits ready and waiting. Silver is patient, it's alive, it's strong. Silver cannot mask itself, it's uniqueness in color. It's the color, shape, and smell of rain, turned to tear at the edge of your eye. Silver is smooth, a caress upon itself, the ultimate of gifts. What is your Silver?
  27. 27. BEIGE What is Beige? Beige is the blend of you and I. The base of being, a length of sand. Beige is the earth turned upward, exposed to time. It is the path of a snail, the sound of a lamb. Beige is not bold, but has courage of its own - for its wisdom comes in its smallness, its quietness, its shyness. Beige is present in all things. It whispers where others seem to yell - Beige is the melody, the harmony, the blending of time. What is your Beige?
  28. 28. PEACH What is Peach? Peach is a hush, it's secrets told at night, the brushing of fingertips, the exchange of smiles given by the eyes. Peach sits on the surface of sun kissed lips, the crest of a breast, the inside of a wish. Peach floats on the air and in our hearts. It looks out from our eyes and is in the warmth of the fireplace. Peach tastes like cream and prophecies, it smells like the goodness of yesterday. What is your Peach?
  29. 29. BUTTERSCOTCH What is Butterscotch? Butterscotch is the sound footprints make in the sand, it's the call of a picnic, the topside of ice cream on a summer's day. Butterscotch is gentle, yet has power of its own. It’s the "Oh yeah" in a smile, the lick upon the lips the smell of hot chocolate. It's the sound of a heartbeat, the holding of breath. It creeps into your heart and soothes your aches, it is the Mother tying her apron, the grandfather's twinkling eye. It makes you feel good with intuitive reasoning, it's oblivious of facts and doesn't need them. What is your Butterscotch?
  30. 30. MAUVE What is Mauve? Mauve is the opening of a palm before a caress, it is the stroke of a petal, the crest of tomorrow. Mauve awakens us from sensual dreams, and whispers in the night, it floats on the warm breeze and dips into our hearts. Mauve glides across time and is heard in the catch of a breath. It rests in your gaze and centers in your thoughts. Mauve comes unannounced it has bearing of its own. Mauve is the feeling you have before the kiss and is the taste afterwards upon the lips. What is your Mauve?
  31. 31. NEON YELLOW What is Neon Yellow? Neon yellow is the snap of a towel, the "zazz" in Pizazz, it's the crow of the cock, the strut in a walk. Neon yellow clamors for more and explodes with exuberance, it is the crack of a bat, the shouting of life. It demands, "Look at me" and "Yeah, life's worth living", it carries us through and into today. It is what takes you by surprise. It's what you're never quite sure of. Neon Yellow taste of tang and bittersweet, it packs a wallop. What is your Neon Yellow?
  32. 32. VIOLET What is Violet? Violet is the message in a wink, it is the center of a thought, it is the shadow of a cat's footprint. Violet smells of promises and pleasures. It is the sound sheets make as lovers lie down. Violet is the depth of a pillow and the smell of a sea breeze. Velvet is the feel of Violet, once touched never forgotten. Violet is the center of midnight seen through the shadow of the moon. What is your Violet?
  33. 33. PUMPKIN What is Pumpkin? Pumpkin is the "oomph" of a hug. It is the dust stirred up by barefoot feet on a summer's day. Pumpkin is the height of kindness, the magic of a holiday. Pumpkin remembers yesterday as if pouring from a pitcher. Pumpkin is a kitten's purr and Grandpa's taking a nap. Pumpkin smells like soup and spices of anticipation. It is the child's cry of, "Can I help?" Pumpkin is the smile the heart makes. What is your Pumpkin?
  34. 34. BERRY What is Berry? Berry is the sound of wine going into a glass. It is the feel of satin and the smell of a classic old car. Berry is the essence of richness, the luxury of leather, the exploration on top of the world. Berry is calm and collected. It is the wisdom of having been there and the texts in an old library. Berry nods it never shakes its head. Berry is the level few people reach, but all desire. What is your Berry?
  35. 35. WILLOW What is Willow? Willow is a hint, an almost nothing, a "Can you really feel it?" Willow is a caterpillar's sneeze, the sight of a wish, the sound of a falling leaf. Willow is what you feel when you're not quite asleep. It is the tail end of a thought, the lull in the day. Willow is when we pause and almost miss something. Willow is the gentle rock of a canoe and the down of goose feathers. Willow is where the lights go when you turn them off. What is your Willow?
  36. 36. PERIWINKLE What is Periwinkle? Periwinkle is the color of the sound of the crunch of the snow. Periwinkle is Grandma's twinkling eye when you've snuck a cookie. It is the sound of wind chimes and the taste of surprise. Periwinkle can skip, it never glides. Periwinkle is the squeeze of a bear hug. Periwinkle is the tight coolness of a popsicle. Periwinkle are my fingers crossed behind my back. Periwinkle is knowing the answer before it is asked. It’s giggles in a tent in the backyard at night. Periwinkle sits in a memory but, acknowledges today. What is your Periwinkle?
  37. 37. FADED BLUE JEANS What is Faded Blue Jeans? Faded Blue Jeans is the smoothness of a worn river rock, the song you hum over and over, the patch of grass gone from the yard where the dog walks. Faded Blue Jeans is the tightness in my belly when my favorite man approaches, the all of a sudden get up and go for a walk kind of feeling. Faded Blue Jeans is the smell of Spring flowers on a gentle breeze, the walking through tall grass, the picnic blanket spread under a tree. Faded Blue Jeans is as familiar as your own smile and as comfortable as a hammock - it is the feeling you love to feel, it knows a comfort all its own. What is your Faded Blue Jeans?
  38. 38. MIDNIGHT BLUE What is Midnight Blue? Midnight Blue is the feel of his kiss long after it's gone, the shelter of his arms and the feeling in the middle of the night when we're asleep. Midnight Blue is intense yet kind. It is the feeling of comfort and sensual rolled into one. Midnight Blue comes with determination and self assurance, yet eases away with lingering gentleness. Midnight Blue is self confidant without the boastfulness. It is the sound of today coming from tomorrow's wisdom. Midnight Blue smells of lingering aftershave and soap in the shower. Midnight Blue holds my heart. What is your Midnight Blue?
  39. 39. EMERALD GREEN What is Emerald Green? Emerald Green is the magic of feeling held deep within a woman's form. It is fluidity of movement, pausing only for the moment lived. Emerald Green has been before and knows all tomorrows. Emerald Green smiles the smile of love, enjoying the what is of life. Emerald Green is a summer's day and the knowledge of Autumn. Emerald Green smells of Opium and bed sheets fresh upon the land. It is Mother Earthiness of life knowing love, laughter and lust. Emerald Green blends with Midnight Blue merging to form the deepest of Teals, which is the center of life. What is your Emerald Green?
  40. 40. POPPY What is Poppy? Poppy is the chirping of the birds fresh upon the morning. It is the scent of a scone and the smell of Amaretto. Poppy feels like softness yet has the strength of living through what is to come. Poppy grows without disturbing, yet never goes unnoticed. Poppy is the touch of the hand that sends a message. The knowing that Mom will be there, and the sureness that tomorrow will come. Poppy is eating a jelly sandwich that tastes like a gourmet meal. Poppy is the cane the old man on the corner uses and the bench upon which he sits. What is your Poppy?
  41. 41. AQUA What is Aqua? Aqua is the smooth part left on the sand when the waves have pulled back. It is the hollow behind the knee after its been kissed. Aqua is the path the cloud takes across the moon, the silence of beauty, the smoothness of smooth. Aqua is the minute glint, the brief moment in the recognition of a look. Aqua holds preciousness in its hand and lets all the rest slip away. Aqua has no size. It smells of clean air and the mixture of perfume and aftershave. Aqua can't be put in a bottle and will never be placed in a box. What is your Aqua?
  42. 42. RUST What is Rust? Rust is the wisdom of tomorrow, the ticking of the clock, the knowing of what is to come. Rust is the path the old rocker has worn on the porch, it's the weathervane on the barn, the city bus at night. Rust ventures where others are afraid to go. Rust is braver than bold it has a dignity all its own. Rust sits in the old Black Woman's eye, knowledge of knowing within her head and heart. Rust is compassion born from hard times. What is your Rust?
  43. 43. DAFFODIL YELLOW What is Daffodil Yellow? Daffodil Yellow is the curve of a belonging, the softness of laughter before it is heard, the backwards glance over the strap of a sundress, the gentle glide of the porch swing. Daffodil Yellow is a fairy's dance, the last spin of the top, the hopscotch of tomorrow. Daffodil Yellow awaits the event and knows the anticipation. Daffodil Yellow is the smell of what is to come knowing it will be there. Daffodil Yellow graces the hillside and puts a smile in the treetops. What is your Daffodil Yellow?
  44. 44. LIME What is Lime? Lime is the sound of the wagon wheel, the determined look on the pioneer's face, the guts to see things through. Lime is the astronaut's heartbeat, the lizard's footprints upon the sand, the surgeon's sweat upon the brow. Lime is the lingering smell of the campfire, the pine in the woods, the call of the Screech Owl. Lime sets deep within waiting for the right moment to get out. Lime is on reserve and can go as long as it needs to. What is your Lime?
  45. 45. STRAW What is Straw? Straw is the first ray of light as dawn eases into day. It is the spot where the rabbit sits under the fence. Straw is the smell of pie crust and Snickerdoodles. Straw gathers moments about it to then let them go with the wind. Straw is gentle and kind. It is patient and wary. Straw will not rush you but sits quietly by your side. Straw rides on the porch swing and in the wheelchair of a friend. What is your Straw?
  46. 46. TANGERINE What is Tangerine? Tangerine is the whisper in elementary school when the teacher's back is turned. It is the walking barefoot in the creek, the scratching of the horse's nose, the hiding in the tree house. Tangerine smiles a great big smile and knows the twinkle before it enters the eye. Tangerine escapes from reality settling into the pleasure of life. Tangerine smells of lifesavers, roasted marshmallows carnivals and cotton candy. Tangerine is the puppy curled up asleep against your foot. What is your Tangerine?
  47. 47. CAPPUCCINO CREAM What is Cappuccino Cream? Cappuccino Cream is the smell of her perfume long after she's gone. It is the stepping stones of a moment leading you towards memory. Cappuccino Cream swirls, its route is not direct. Cappuccino Cream is a Waltz of time and happenings. Cappuccino Cream is the moment a baby first smiles and a bud becomes blossom. Cappuccino Cream can tell you secrets late into the night when the lights are off or walk silently with you during the day holding your hand. What is your Cappuccino Cream?
  48. 48. NAVY What is Navy? Navy is always doing what is right. Navy is the cap of sophistication, the diamond studs of a tuxedo the standing up when a lady enters the room. Navy is taking time to listen to a friend's problems when you should be doing something else. It's getting 100% on a test. Navy never cheats and is always prepared. Navy is eating in a dive of a diner and making it seem like the finest of restaurants. Navy is not breaking into a sweat when under pressure it is keeping your cool when the going gets hot. What is your Navy?
  49. 49. INLET GREEN What is Inlet Green? Inlet Green is the strength of gentleness. It is the path of intuitiveness meandering amongst reality. Inlet Green sets upon the curve of a spring leaf, rides the path of raindrops and sees inside your soul. It is the smell of newness mixed with old favorites of apple pie and coffee. Inlet Green is the sound of gentle laughter caught floating through trees of Aspen. It is the miracle of the twinkling eye before it is seen and the thought before it emerges. Inlet Green carries harmony in it's heart and will never give way to pettiness. Inlet Green's companions are Peace and Justice traveling life together with heads held high. Inlet Green seeks tomorrow with what lies within the heart. What is your Inlet Green?
  50. 50. BRICK RED What is Brick Red? Brick Red is the center of commitment, the beginning of new ideas and the ending of the sunset. Brick Red has journeyed many times before. Brick Red is found in the dark bark of the forest trees and the worn spot on the path. Brick Red knows the wisdom lying within the eyes of animals. Brick Red continues when others may be weary. Brick Red laughs with you and may have the courage to cry before. Found with its mate, they walk arms linked and their hearts' patterns beat the same. Brick Red is the assurance of tradition moving into tomorrow. Brick Red opens doors for others as well as itself. Brick Red is the standard everyone hopes to have. What is your Brick Red?
  51. 51. THE BLUE THAT HAS NO NAME What is the Blue That Has No Name? There is a Blue that has no name it exists because it is. It walks with the assurance of integrity and the calmness of knowing. Depth to its core it is. It carries a smile of wanting more with the hidden current of passion, and whispers of wholeness, truth and desire. This mysterious blue is found in the curl of the ocean wave, it rest on the cleanness of crisp sheets just as the spring breeze creeps through the open window to touch upon forms lying still in sleep. It can be found in the stillness of deep woods and in the knowledge of the rocks that were here before you and I. The Blue that has no name is the heart of a child centered in the wholeness of a man. The Blue that has no name I can call friend. What is your Blue that has no name?
  52. 52. AMBROSIA What is Ambrosia? Ambrosia is the beginning of life, rejoicing to the anticipation of what is to come. Ambrosia is real, alive and alert. Ambrosia's touch is feather light like the passing breeze, but will never be forgotten. Ambrosia remembers lazy summer days, footprints falling on a dusty path, shadows across the moon, ripples upon the lake. Ambrosia smells like sensuous oil that has lingered on the skin. Laughter becomes Ambrosia, soft colors of peach and pink are within its reach. Ambrosia was here long ago, awakes at noon and under stars does dance. Ambrosia is the belief into a tomorrow that is yet to come. What is your Ambrosia?
  53. 53. SILVER THREADED MERCURY What is Silver Threaded Mercury? Silver Threaded Mercury is daring to see things differently, new angles, new perspectives, new forms. Silver Threaded Mercury is adventure with style, sophistication with pizzazz. Silver Threaded Mercury rests but never stops looking, noticing and taking it all in. Silver Threaded Mercury likes the new, yet appreciates the old having learned from it before. Silver Threaded Mercury is jangles and jewelry. Silver Threaded Mercury loves the sun resting behind the mountains and is within the last ray of the day. Silver Threaded Mercury calls to us to be alive, to give the nod, to take the chance. It is strength entwined with conviction to do good work. Silver Threaded Mercury is possibility born. What is your Silver Threaded Mercury?
  54. 54. INDIGO BLUE What is Indigo Blue? Indigo Blue is always there, It is knowing the anchor, yet allowing the sail. Indigo Blue encourages, and believes. Indigo Blue is strength coming from what seemed like nowhere to journey into forever. Indigo Blue is always there, in the shadows, in the trees, in the hopes. Indigo Blue makes it, sometime not, but it never stops. Indigo Blue knows your hurt as well as your joys. It forced itself to grow up, but a child of the heart it remains. Indigo Blue is a part of me I carry in my heart and in my soul as well. What is your Indigo Blue?
  55. 55. EARTH BLUE What is Earth Blue? Earth Blue is the blue that comes from nature to live in awe upon the land. Earth Blue sees in wonderment the heart of the animal, the sigh of the lamb, the look of the wren. Earth Blue knows the meaning of creatures, and the atonement of nature. Earth Blue sits by the pond, and is silent on the trodden path. Earth Blue relaxes in the rustling leaves, and is sheltered in the woods. Earth Blue is at home only in the nature of things, other places it merely visits. Earth Blue laughs with abandonment and knows how to cry as well. Earth Blue I can call brother. What is your Earth Blue?
  56. 56. Thank You, Hope you enjoyed escaping into colorful dreaming. . . Sue Elizabeth Lee