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New Developments in Electrophysiology (EP)


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James Daubert, MD
Duke University Medical Center

Published in: Health & Medicine
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New Developments in Electrophysiology (EP)

  1. 1. New Developments in Electrophysiology (EP) Duke HF Symposium 2016 October 15, 2016 James P. Daubert, MD Professor of Medicine Director, Electrophysiology Section Duke University Medical Center POTENTIAL CONFLICTS: Consulting, DSMB or Honoraria: ACC, ARCA biopharma, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Cardiofocus, Medtronic, Northwestern Univ., Orexigen Pharmaceuticals Sorin, St. Jude, VytronUS, Heart Metabolics, Zoll. [All under $25,000 per year] Research grants: Biosense-Webster, Boston Scientific, Gilead, Medtronic, NIH/NHLBI, St. Jude
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