Internship Spotlight Series: Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship Programs


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Internship Spotlight Series: Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship Programs

  1. 1. CAREER Spotlight Series: Start-ups & EntrepreneurshipAll sources can be found in the Career Center Online Tools and Resources listat Tank (Chattanooga, TN)source: iNet Internship DatabaseGig Tank Student Track is a part think tank, part startuptraining ground. Our mission is to develop both the nextwave of disruptive technologies, but also the amazinghumans who will build those prototypes. It doesn’t hurt thathere in beautiful Chattanooga, TN, we have the largest andfastest gigabit fiber network in the Western Hemisphere.Successful applicants receive free housing and a $3000stipend. Participants gain real-world experience through theconception, build, and launch of an original product whilewearing many hats. Simultaneously, students delve deeperinto their chosen concentration, collaborating with localpartners to develop apprenticeships. Participants will leaveGig Tank with a compelling portfolio and a wide professionalnetwork.Young Leaders of Tomorrow Leadership SummerProgram (Hong Kong)source: UCAN Internship DatabaseYou will work with Agnes Kong and Yvonne Chu, seasonedfinance professionals and now founders of The OpenClassroom (, and HuijinKong, seasoned strategy and leadership consultant,executive, and now entrepreneur, to pioneer an innovativeexperiential leadership program for high school students.Huijin, Agnes, and Yvonne have all left successful professionalservices careers to find fun ways to support children andyounger adults to learn core skills and knowledge neededfor a successful and fulfilling life - communication andinterpersonal skills, exposure to different careers, leadershipmindset, self-understanding, among others.Hart Leadership Program, Enterprising LeadershipInitiative (various)source: Experiential Opportunities at DukeELI Incubator: Faculty and staff work directly with studentsimplementing compelling projects by providing mentorship,coaching, access to additional advisors and financialresources.ELI Summer Leadership Accelerator: Undergraduates areplaced in challenging internships across the country, oftenwith ELI alumni as their supervisors. Students receivecoaching and support from ELI staff and faculty and a stipend.The LAB Miami (Miami, FL)source: eRecruitingIntern to support a growing entrepreneurial community whileusing 20+ hours to incubate your own ideas at the LAB Miami,a 10,000 sqft coworking space in the Wynwood arts district.Compensation includes two months free housing at a 5 starhotel, and use of car and bike-sharing service.Change.Org (New Delhi, India)source: India is looking for young people for an internshipposition. The position will be based out of New Delhi. Previousexperience is preferable but not necessary. isan online platform that allows people anywhere to startcampaigns on issues they are concerned about from diverseareas like animal rights to economic justice issues.Intern Responsibilities include monitoring news aroundcampaigns, preparing briefs around key issues, reaching outto communities of passionate people, researching aroundcampaigns, maintenance of media data, maintenance oftask sheets, arranging logisitics for events, helping withadministrative tasks around the officeCareer Center Programs and ServicesOnline Career Center Resources also:• Skills Guides: Internship GuideInternship Funding Program March 1Career Center Email ListsSign up for Career News to find out about related events andopportunities (login to and go to profile> edit > administration)Career Counseling AppointmentsCall 919.660.1050Drop-In AdvisingQuick advice on resumes and cover letters, internshipquestions, etc. without an appointment.Monday – Friday at the Career Center: 2 – 5pm
  2. 2. Spotlight Series: Start-ups & EntrepreneurshipThursday, February 28, 2013Meet our panelists for this evening:Name: Veronica Ray Email: vlr5@duke.eduMarketing and Web Development InternJellyfish Art | San Francisco, CAName: Anosh Sethna Email: aps20@duke.eduEngineering and Strategy InternFederated Precision | Deerfield Beach, FLName: Rob Spratley Email: rob.spratley@duke.eduEngineering and Strategy InternFederated Precision | Deerfield Beach, FL