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Cover letter template


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Cover letter template

  1. 1. CAREER CENTERYour Present Address Cover Letter TemplateCity, State, ZIP CodeDateContact’s Name*Contact’s Position TitleEmployer NameStreet AddressCity, State, ZIP CodeDear Mr./ Ms./Dr. Contact’s Name*:(First Paragraph) Indicate the reason for writing, the specific position for which you are applying, the sourcefrom which you learned of the job, and the date it was posted. If you are inquiring about jobs in general and noopening was advertised, indicate your interest in career opportunities in your field. Mention the name of anyreferrals here. Close the paragraph with a statement of how you would be an asset to or fit with the company.Another option is to let the company know when your interest began in this industry.(Second Paragraph) Mention why you are interested in the position or organization and its products or services.Also mention how your knowledge, skills, and abilities will benefit the company and/or the specific position byrelating your previous experiences. Discuss specific experiences and information that may not listed on yourresume. Demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for the position and company.**One strategy to make sure you speak specifically to the requirements of the job is to highlight on the jobdescription 3-5 qualifications they are seeking. Then, look at your own resume and highlight your experienceswhere you have skills or qualifications that match what they are asking. Then, write this paragraph as if youwere answering the question, “Tell me about a time when you exhibited x, y, z.”(Final Paragraph) Restate your interest and indicate your eagerness to learn more about the position. Referthe reader to your attached résumé. Give your contact information. State your next plan of action, if any, suchas following up with an e-mail in 2 weeks (this is for jobs outside of eRecruiting). Thank the employer for theirtime and consideration.Sincerely,Your typed nameEnclosure* Make every effort to get a specific company contact’s name. If you cannot do so, address your letter to thecorrect department.