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  • Excellent articles and layout. Meets Army and DoD standards.
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Dugway Dispatch - December 2011 Edition

  1. 1. The December 2011 D u g w a y Dispatch P r o v i n g G r o u n d , U t a h R D u g w a yi n r o vDna n G re u n d r -o S c i e nh e m e rB i n g A g r f i gths e rIsr a n d e v t a zn t s e n d e r Pg i g g or f m C c e S / vi o Wa e n t r e l Ci i en No.1 Frost & Fog Cold chilly days have left their mark on Dugway. Heavy fog blankets English Village A new format for The Dispatch covering the trees and grass in ice crystals in the early morning Story by Bonnie A. Robinson darkness of Public Affairs Specialist December. Beginning with this edition, The Dugway Dispatch has been redesigned to make it Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson simpler and faster to get information to our readers.Holiday wishes; a salute to your service The redesign is part of a Public Affairs Office effort to broaden avenues of Donna and I want to take this opportunity to In particular, I would ask you to keep those information for command news to thewish you the warmest of Holiday greetings. In deployed far from home in your thoughts and Dugway workforce, residents, and our Utahthis season of joy and hope, we would like to prayers. All too often we take the gifts of freedom national readers.offer our thanks to all of you for all you do to and democracy for granted. Remember that the With the shorter format,The Dispatchserve and defend our country during this crucial blessings, abundance, and opportunities we enjoy will be published at least twice a month.time in our history, and we want here in America came at a high price. Edition size will vary from two to eight pagesyou all to know how much we During this holiday season, please depending on the number of stories.appreciate the work done by the take care of yourselves and your To help track the editions, the issues willentire Dugway team. Families by keeping safety in mind. be numbered on the black line under the Whether you work in security, Use caution when traveling or even nameplate and to the right of Dugway’slodging, the Ditto Diner or the walking in icy conditions. Make mission statement: Dugway Proving Groundtest area - each one of us makes sure you allow yourself extra time – Serving Warfighters and Citizens.a positive impression on our to scrape your windshields properly Editions will renumber monthly.customers. It is not just the test and ensure your vehicles are in Some editions will carry favorite readerofficer or the program manager proper condition for cold weather. columns such as Questions for: andthat makes the difference. I In addition, we all should have an Hometown Cheers. A new column is plannedbelieve that by providing emergency kit in our vehicles. to highlight employees’ hobbies and interests.excellent customer service across If you plan to attend festivities We encourage readers to continue toall of Dugway we will continue outside your home, designate a driver submit their Cheers and ask for your supportto grow our customer base. COL A. Scott Estes if you plan to drink, take proper with our new column. As you to enjoy this special precautions for winter sporting One of the publishing avenues we aretime of year, I ask you to pause and remember events. We want ALL of you to come back to focusing on is the Dugway Proving Groundthose who have sacrificed and served so that we work in one piece in January. Facebook page.may spend this season in the peaceful company of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year fromour friends and loved ones. the entire Estes family! See New Format page 2 u
  2. 2. 2 THE DISPATCH December 2011 No. 1What some people say... New FormatSafety on the Dugway 500 u Continued from page 1 Dugway’s Facebook page began in September. On Dugway’s page, readers will “We can replace a cow, but we would feel horrible find The Dispatch, and other stories we are if someone was killed because they hit one of our cows. sharing from the Department of Defense, the Speeding ... sure can be dangerous. We’d just like for U.S. Army, and local Utah and national news drivers to slow down in this area.” publications. Darrell Johnson, Rush Valley rancher whose family A big advantage of the Dugway’s Facebook has grazed cattle in Johnson’s Pass since 1856. page is that our readers will have access to Dugway stories and command information using their home computers, lap tops and smart phones. Another advantage is an around-the-clock way to communicate with our readers, and it gives our readers a way to comment on the information we are providing. Weather information will be available on our page and we will alert employees of weather- related concerns. The Facebook feature that has already received the most attention, is the ability share more photographs than a traditional news publication. It has been a terrific way to share vintage photos of Dugway Proving Ground. Other features we like are that readers can Photo by James EstebanCattle frequently graze along the roadside near Dugway’s front gate. “Like” or “comment” on our stories and we can link to other Dugway pages.Editorial by Bonnie A. Robinson Skull Valley Road can be dangerous too. We encourage readers to “Like” and sharePublic Affairs Specialist The bowed road and steep drops on the road side comments. can easily flip and roll a vehicle if the driver gets Readers who want to “Like” or make a There are few things more terrifying than too close to the edge and losses control. comment will need to create a Facebookdriving around a blind turn to find another car, I know this because one of my daughters was account, or profile.or truck, headed straight toward you. The only involved in a rollover just outside Dugway’s front For readers who are not comfortable onchance you have is to tap your brakes and hope gate. The car she was riding in drifted to close Facebook — no worries. We will continueit gives the other driver an extra second or two to the side of the road and the driver lost control to place The Dispatch in the Dugway Publicto drop back, speed up, or move over in time to on the narrow shoulder. The next morning it was Affairs link and send the link via e-mail.avoid a head-on collision. alarming to see the car’s roof caved in. It was a We will also continue to send The Dispatch If the approaching vehicle is speeding, or if the miracle that no one was killed, but they could to our Dispatch and Home List distributionroad is icy, whisper a prayer, or wish for a bit of have been. lists. The Dispatch distribution list is availablegood luck because you’re going need it. In 2010 the Tooele County Highway Patrol to anyone who would like to receive an e-mail Though it may not look it, Johnson’s Pass responded to and investigated 325 crashes. copy of the paper. The Home List is primarilyon State Route 199, and Skull Valley Road Of those crashes, 126 involved some form of for Dugway residents, since it includesare major traffic arteries for the more than injury to either the driver or the occupants inside announcements sent to the workforce during1,200 Dugway Proving Ground employees the vehicle. Sixty-one of the crashes involved the workweek.and residents who drive it every day. These vehicles traveling above the posted speed limit or If you have a story idea, news tip, orare busy roads. Yet some drivers think they are at a speed unsafe for the existing road conditions. are interested in being placed on one of ourMario Andretti, and the road to Dugway is the Seven of these accidents were fatal, said Corporal distribution lists contact the PAO office.Indianapolis Motor Raceway. Andrew Prescott of the Utah Highway Patrol in We can be reached by e-mail at: According to the Utah Highway Patrol Tooele County in a recent interview. bonnie.a.robinson.civ@mail.mil, orJohnson’s Pass is considered one the most So why do drivers speed? Here are five albert.c.vogel.civ@mail.mil or at the PAOdangerous roads in Tooele County, because of its common reasons we might tell ourselves and why telephone number (435) 831-2116.many hairpin curves, steep slopes, vertical drops they won’t hold up. We look forward to hearing from you.and its narrow, almost non-existent, shoulders. See Speeding page 4 u Join the discussion THE DISPATCH This multi-monthly publication is authorized under the provisions of AR 360-1 in the interest of the Soldiers, Commander Public Affairs Officer Col. A. Scott Estes Paula A. Thomas Get the latest Dispatch at: www.facebook.com/USArmyDPG employees, contractors and Family members of DPG. Views and opinions are not necessarily those of the Public Affairs Specialist Al Vogel Public Affairs Specialist Bonnie A. Robinson Department of the Army. All photographs are U.S. Commander’s Hotline (435) 831- 3737 Most people don’t need to be told what isn’t working. The acceptance of the way things are can be Army photos unless otherwise indicated. Submit all Public Affairs Office replaced with real actions that build a community, workforce and the installation. Let the command stories via e-mail to the PAO. Distribution is by e-mail U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground copies. The Dispatch is an authorized publication for ATTN: TEDT-DP-PA; Bldg. 5450 know when there’s a problem. Here’s how: Leave your message along with your name, or anonymously, members of the Department of Defense. Content is not Dugway, UT 84022-5000 on the Commander’s Hotline at 831-3737. necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the Phone: (435) 831-2116; Fax: (435) 831-3410 U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or DPG. Email: Bonnie.a.robinson .civ@.army.mil
  3. 3. December 2011 No. 1 THE DISPATCH 3Meet Dugway High School’s foreign exchange studentStory and photos by Al Vogel Neele’s English is excellent; German students a credit to her,” Nielson said.Public Affairs Specialist begin studying it in 5th grade and continue into Neele also ran on the cross country team, the 10th grade, with an emphasis on grammar and where Nielson is one of three coaches. Meet Neele Manß (pronounced Manss), a essays throughout. German schools are tough, “She really improved,” Nielson said. “When16-year-old student at Dugway High School “It’s actually like college,” she said. Neele’s last she first started she couldn’t run three miles. Herstaying with Bob and Teresa Jones. Neele plays three years of classes were 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with times improved from 28:59 at the beginning topiano, enjoys skiing and socializing with friends, plenty of homework, tests and strict rules. 27:45. She showed constant improvement for thedislikes scary movies, heights and root beer. She Will said he enjoys having Neele around entire season. She’s not only had to make anwants to try Smores, loves Nutella chocolate because, “It’s someone to talk to.” They get along adjustment to the sport, but to the dry heat andspread and has acquired a taste for Mountain well, with plenty of typical teenaged teasing and altitude (about 5,000 feet or 1,524 meters).”Dew. banter. She may join the basketball team, and track Neele (pronounced “He’s always like, when I leave this spring, but says she’s not much of an athlete.Neelah) also enjoys the house, ‘Don’t leave!’” Neele “I’m not that good in sports, because I’mreading, “When I have laughed. Will blushed and shrugged. always [the one] who gets a ball against thea book in German,” she This is Neele’s first trip to the U.S. head,” she laughed.said. Because there is much American Neele enjoys the scenery and community German? Yep … Neele culture in Germany, especially on closeness here.is a foreign exchange TV, there were few big surprises. “ I like Dugway, everybody is so nice, sostudent at Dugway High But arriving in early August, she friendly,” Neele said. “My class of 18 to 20School, the first since was unprepared for the heat. Central students is so close. And it’s so safe here, I likea Japanese exchange Germany is forested, moist and green that.”student about 20 years – a hot day is in the low 80s. Someday, Neele would like to return to theago. Shortly after arriving, the Jones U.S. to study in a large city. The 16-year-old isn’t The daughter of Ralf and Neele visited Las Vegas, where sure of a career; she’s examining architecture, lawand Claudia Manß, Neele despite the 90-plus heat Neele and medicine but has four years to decide.has two siblings: sister enjoyed walking along The Strip, However, there is nicht chance her career willEmma, 9, and brother visiting the Coca-Cola and involve heights, haunted houses or roller coasters,Fritz, 15. Her father M&M stores, seeing the live lions of that she’s already sure.works for a firm that in MGM Grand, andmakes fuel trucks, her acrobats in Circus Circusmother cares for the Neele Manß, a 16-year-old casinos. The family hopessheep and Breton draught foreign exchange student to have a vacation in Loshorses they raise on attends Dugway High School. Angeles before she leavesa small ranch outside She lives on a ranch near in early June.Kassel, a village in Kassel, in central Germany At school, Neele fitscentral Germany. with her parents, a brother in with the other students. Despite a stark She helped create thedifference, Neele is not homesick, thanks to Halloween Haunted House but duringfrequent video teleconferencing with her family in a trial run, “I didn’t see any of theGermany and, “My host family is so nice.” people because I went through with Neele was sponsored through Face the World, closed eyes,” she laughed.for whom Bob’s cousin is a representative. Before At Lagoon, she enjoyed the watermoving to Dugway Proving Ground, the Jones park but the roller coaster terrified her.sponsored two other girls, from Germany and She’s not afraid to study, though.Switzerland, in Hermiston, Ore. Principal Robin Nielson praises her Neele Manß (right) gets help from Dugway High School Bob is a network engineer for IT; Teresa is a scholastics. U.S. History teacher Mandy Laub, at left. Neelebagger at the Commissary. Their 17-year-old son, “To be a good student in a language (pronounced Neelah) has been active in school sportsWill, attends Dugway High School. that is not your first language is really and other activities. Annual AFAP Conference scheduled Jan. 10 Dugway’s Army Family Action tell Army leadership what is working issues are retained and worked on Plan conference will be held Jan. 10, and what isn’t and what they think at local level, resulting in ongoing at the Dugway Community Club. will fix it. community improvements. AFAP is a Army-wide initiative AFAP alerts Dugway leaders to Issues beyond the local level that allows Soldiers, retirees, areas of concern and gives them the are forwarded to Headquarters, Department of the Army civilians, opportunity to quickly put plans into Department of the Army. National Guard, Reserves and place to help resolve the issues. To volunteer as a delegate call Family Members, the opportunity to About 90 percent of AFAP Brent Console at 831-2387.
  4. 4. 4 THE DISPATCH December 2011 No. 1Speeding Pass should know. His family has grazed cattle inu Continued from page 2 the valley since 1856. “Cattle graze on open ranges in various parts Winter Fun For Kids of the pass and valley. I get called out sometimes 1. Some drivers believe that they can drive 7 to8 mph over the posted speed before they will be in the early morning hours to round up them up. Sometimes they’re not even ours,” he said in a Activities to Beatticketed. telephone interview in October. “Speeding is always a concern,” Prescott said.“In Tooele County we have a large number of “The area along Route 199 is posted as open range. This means that cattle can graze along the Cabin Fever Bluesresidents that travel a great distance to and from side of the road,” said Johnson, who has only Families tend to hibernate when thework. As a law enforcement officer I am given lost one calf in 20 years. “Our cows have grazed temperatures get colder, but there’s plentydiscretion to issue a citation, or a warning, if a there, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t extremely of winter fun for kids and parents to enjoydriver is speeding. That being said, I stop vehicles concerned about the drivers and passengers along together that will help you forget all aboutfor any speed over the posted limit. It’s a safety this stretch.” the winter blahs and keep all everyoneissue.” “We can replace a cow, but we would feel occupied until the spring thaw. 2. Some drivers believe that excuses such as absolutely horrible if someone was killed because Play Snowbeing late for work makes speeding acceptable. they hit one of our cows. Speeding through those Games According to the National Highway Traffic curves sure can be dangerous. We’d just like for You don’tSafety Administration, leaving a few minutes drivers to slow down in this area,” he added. have to tell kidsearly can give you the time you need to reach Cattle is not the only animal Dugway drivers to go outsideyour destination without breaking any speed need to be concerned about. Deer often cross the and play inlimits. road in Johnson’s Pass. Drivers also have to watch the snow. Try Most employees should realize that arriving at for Mustangs and other horses along Skull Valley shaking upwork on time is considered by management to be Road. Hitting any of these larger animals could their snowsuitspart of their job performance objectives. So they cause significant injury or death. with winterplan for worst case scenarios, such as, slower According to the Utah Division of Wildlife play activitiesdelivery trucks, snow storms, and even wild fires Resources at wildlife.utah.gov, more than 200 that includeduring the summer months. This allows them to mule deer were hit by motorists in Tooele County a snowytake the time to observe speed limits, drive at a last year. No statistics were available for horses. hike, outdoorsafe pace, and arrive early to start the day with a On AutoInsurance.net, a network of five major hockey or alot less stress. vehicle insurers, collisions with deer or other frosty game of 3. Some drivers claim they are moving with large animals can cause, on average, $3,000 to frisbee.the flow of the traffic, or trying not to be a $10,000 when bodily damages are factored into Courtesy photoshazard to other vehicles. an accident. Start Scrapbooking “Going with the flow is a bad excuse,” Prescott 5. Some vanpool drivers, and drivers of We all love our digital cameras. But then oursaid. “Speeding not only puts your life in danger, larger vehicles, may believe that the size of their pictures usually sit on a hard drive and aren’tit puts your passengers and other motorists around vehicle provides an added measure of safety. viewed as much as the pictures we once tookyou in danger too. Drivers need to pay attention to In April the Institute for Highway Safety found with our film cameras. Print your favorite picstheir speedometer.” that larger vans are less stable than other vehicles, and start scrapbooking with your kids. According to rbernsteinlaw.com, a legal help and can be particularly susceptible to rollover.line for traffic tickets, DUI and criminal defense, The IHS study showed the odds of a rollover“Traffic court judges have heard lots of excuses. increased 400 percent when a vehicle is fullyBut one that will never get you anywhere is: ‘I loaded with passengers, compared to when awas just going with the flow of traffic.’ driver is alone. This is due to an increased center “As a driver, you are obligated to follow the of gravity caused by the passengers additionalspeed limit. If you are clocked speeding by a weight. The study also tested the effects ofpolice officer, you can present defenses in court. adverse weather conditions. No surprise, wet orBut it’s not a defense to say that you were going icy weather increases the possibility of a rollover.at the same pace as other cars on the road. The Utah Transit Authority posted the “Think about it: If someone is on trial for following guidance for larger vans on its web site.murder, they wouldn’t argue “I only killed the At highway speeds of 50 to 55 mph, vanperson because other people were doing it.” drivers need a minimum of a 10 to 12 second Trace your Family TreeAdults are responsible for their own actions, and gap in oncoming traffic to pass safely. At 55 Help the kids learn about their family roots.doing what the crowd is doing doesn’t constitute a mph, vans will travel more than 800 feet in 10 They can interview you, their grandparentslegal defense.” to 12 seconds. This means more than 1600 feet, and other family members to hear the names 4. Some people claim that going a few miles or about one-third of a mile, is needed to safely and stories of people who have helped makeover the speed limit is no big deal, because they pass another vehicle. them who they are today.are always in control of their vehicle. There it is Mario: Five common excuses for Always in control? Not possible! No one can speeding that just don’t hold up.control the unexpected. Animals in Johnson’s Pass Speeding in Johnson’s Pass and on Skull Valleyand along Skull Valley Road can be expected, but Road is reckless and it could be deadly.where, and when, they move cannot. So let off on that gas pedal. Slow down. Obey Darrell Johnson, a cattle rancher who owns the posted speed limits. Icy, wet or dry; cows orland from Rush Valley to the narrows in Johnson’s no cows — don’t speed. Stay alive!
  5. 5. December 2011 No. 1 THE DISPATCH 5 ING Eating raw cookie ARN dough can be aW Can candy be dangerous to kids health? Here’s what’s new risky holiday treatStory by Bonnie A. Robinson enough to stop teens or kids from trying to smoke the sticks. This isPublic Affairs Specialist trying to make their own drunken usually unsuccessful, because the gummy bears, fish or worms. fire melts the tips. The real concern Gummy bears a childhood treat? The process isn’t foolproof. is that children could start a fireMaybe — not so much. Some videos show the bear-shaped with a match or a lighter. Recently stories, video clips confectionery as a melted mess. Here is the good news: Dugway Courtesy iStockphotoand tweets have been circulating But the unsuccessful video hosts Police dispatcher, Jennifer Ball, Story by Bonnie A. Robinsonon social media about “drunken just shrug it off and encourage reports no substance abuse among Public Affairs Specialistgummy bears” their viewers to drink the lumpy Dugway teens or kids at this time. On YouTube, viewers can watch concoction. Sgt. 1st Class Lewis Taubert of Holiday cookie-bakingvideos giving instructions on how Gummy bears are not the only the Health Clinic was surprised by researchers at The Centers forto prepare these alcoholic-laced candy on YouTube that has parents these trends but has not received Disease Control and Prevention arecandies. The small rubbery-textured and teachers concerned. reports of this behavior at Dugway. warning the public against eatinggelatin-shaped bears are doused Cellophane wrapped, rolled “We encourage parents and raw cookie dough.vodka and placed in refrigerators wafer-like, hard candies are being teachers to be aware of these kinds This is not new information. Forinside plastic covered containers for crushed by kids, opened on both of dangerous trends,” he said. generations bakers and cookie doughseveral days, to soak up the alcohol. ends, and the pulverized sugar Dugway High School Principal afictionatos shrugged off warnings Videos show young adults, or is inhaled to simulate smoking a Robin Nielson said that she had of how raw cookie dough can maketeens, (it’s hard to tell the age) cigarette. heard of kids crushing candy to them sick to their stomachs.marinating the little candy critters Health experts are concerned the appear to be smoking (though not In a new CDC study, nationalto use as chewy shooters to get an sugary-dust may pull sugar particles at Dugway), but she had not heard out breaks of E coli were traced inalcoholic buzz. into lungs. Videos show some kids of the drunken gummy bears or of 77 people in more than 30 states to Recently parent and teacher coughing violently to clear the children smoking licorice. their habit of snacking on uncooked,groups, as well as national news powder they have inhaled. “We have a zero drug use policy prepackaged cookie dough.outlets, have warned that teens and According to the American Lung in the Tooele School District,” she Of the 77 people tracked, 35 hadkids may be using the candies to Association this behavior can be said. “Nor will we tolerate look- to be hospitalized.become intoxicated. especially dangerous to children alike drug activity. We do, however, For years suspected illness was Several how-to videos show the who have asthma or bronchial encourage our students to make blamed on raw eggs, which can carryprocess. One clip shows two girls illnesses, since the candy particles positive choices in all that they do.” salmonella. But in the 2009 outbreakpreparing and tasting the finished can inflame or tighten airways. Still, candies may be something the culprit turned out to be the flour.product. Even the nauseated look A third candy causing health to keep in mind if teens or kids It seems eating raw cookie doughon their faces as they chew the concerns is red licorice sticks. show up short of breath or appear to not only makes you fat, it can makevodka-saturated bears might not be Videos show kids lighting and be intoxicated. you sick.Writing a annual holiday family letter? Five tips to help get it right The upcoming holidays provide us with easy, 2. Instead of telling about your fabulous jobnatural opportunities to communicate with the promotion, think about why that promotion waspeople we care about. It’s natural to want to share important to you. Then write about what you hopeour own and our family member’s successes by to accomplish in the job, and how it is importantwriting an annual holiday letter. But there are in your life.a couple of challenges: how to write it withoutsounding like a bragger and how to avoid merely 3. Instead of telling about your son’slisting job promotions, vacations, and children’s scholarship to that Ivy League school, consideraccomplishments. how hard he worked to get that scholarship. Write Here are five tips from Lynn Gaertner-Johnston about how proud you are of that work, and whatfounder of Syntax Training for writing the perfect he hopes to study and accomplish.holiday letter. 4. If you have had a bad year, with few 5. For holiday letters, as with everything you 1. Instead of writing about your daughter’s successes or happy moments. Write about what write, think about your reader. What would he ortriumph in the school musical, examine what that you learned about yourself, your family, your she enjoy knowing about your year? What do youactivity actually taught her. Then write about how life. Write about the important little moments want your reader to know?she learned to work with others —even those that make up your reality. Write about your hopes Hopefully you will enjoy sharing yourshe might not have liked at first—and how the and dreams for next year, and extend your good memories with others and writing about why 2011experience made her grow. wishes for others. was a happy, meaningful year for you.