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Duct Dudes: A NJ Air Duct Cleaning Company


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Duct Dudes is a New Jersey air duct and dryer vent cleaning company. We proudly service the East Brunswick, Iselin, Chatham, Summit, Edison and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians take pride in making sure every cleaning job is done right. At Duct Dudes, we put the customer first!

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Duct Dudes: A NJ Air Duct Cleaning Company

  1. 1. Duct Dudes New Jersey's #1 Air Duct Cleaners
  2. 2. Who We Are Duct Dudes specializes in commercial and residential air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Many companies out there provide services with air duct cleaning as a part of it. At Duct Dudes, we solely focus on NJ air duct and dryer vent cleaning as our one and only focus! You can expect nothing less than the best from our NJ air duct cleaning company.
  3. 3. Our Services- Commercial and Residential - Air Duct Cleaning - Dryer Vent Cleaning - HVAC Inspection Service - Air Duct Sanitizing
  4. 4. Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Vents Regularly There are over 15,000 dryer-related fires each year. Dryer vent cleaning helps to prevent costly fires. Cleaning your dryer vents can also reduce dryer time for laundry saving you time and money. There are numerous reasons why cleaning your dryer vents regularly is beneficial to you and your family. Click here to learn about all the benefits or call 866-DUDE-911
  5. 5. Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts Regularly Over time, dust, pollen, dirt, animal dander and more are pulled into your air duct system creating a place for mold, bacteria and fungus to grow. Cleaning your air ducts reduces dust allergens, improves occupant health. helps heating and cooling appliances to perform better and reduces the electric bill. There are numerous reasons why cleaning your air ducts regularly is beneficial to you and your family. Click here to learn about all the benefits or call 866-DUDE-911
  6. 6. Hear What Current Customers Have to Say! We were EXTREMELY happy with Duct Dudes’ work! They were not only professional, but very polite, neat and clean during the process. The price was reasonable, they were on time, and spent a significant amount of time doing the job. We would recommend Duct Dudes to everyone! -Lisa and Mike My company took over a very distressed hotel near the Newark Airport. Upon taking over the property, I realized the air quality in the building was terrible. I immediately knew we had a ventilation issue and the ducts in the hotel were clogged and neglected. I called for several bids and met multiple contractors. When Tom and the rest of Duct Dudes came in, I knew by their genuine caring and knowledge I had found the company to give us clean air again. Duct Dudes exceeded our expectations, worked around our busy hotel’s schedule and gave us back a breath of fresh air! Thanks Tom and thanks Duct Dudes! -Bret Esbrandt, Ramada Plaza, Newark International Airport This company is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. They were neat, professional and actually a pleasure to work with. The job was spotless. My air is clean, the entire system works better and even my clothes dry in half the time. Please note that I did a great deal of research before selecting Duct Dudes because I had my ducts cleaned last year by another company and 3 months later the air and systems worked worse than ever. They are worth every penny. I work with several contractors in my line of work and this company is really top notch. -Lance Click Here to see all reviews!
  7. 7. Ready to Improve Your Health and Air Quality? Contact Us Today! Here's our contact information: Website: Phone:1-866-DUDE-911 Email: Address: 166 Tyler Ave Iselin, NJ 08330 Facebook and Twitter