Welcome to the Global Collaboratory.™ Together we can feed the world.
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DuPont Advisory Committee on Agriculture Innovation and Productivity Fact Sheet


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DuPont Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation and Productivity focuses food and nutrition security issues; targeting collaboration and farmer’s role

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DuPont Advisory Committee on Agriculture Innovation and Productivity Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Welcome to the Global Collaboratory.™ Together we can feed the world. Copyright © 2014 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™, and all products denoted with ™ or ® are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont and or its affiliates. When the world’s population reached nearly 7 billion people in 2010, DuPont convened an Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation & Productivity, to explore the global issues affecting food and nutrition security. The following year, the Committee published its first report and defined food security as a three- pronged challenge: • Unleashing innovation to produce more and nutritionally better food; • Ensuring access to food; and • Making all efforts sustainable. Two themes were also woven throughout the report as critical to food and nutrition security – the central role of farmers and the need for a comprehensive and collaborative approach across multiple partners and sectors. Since the 2011 report, the Committee provides a voice and visibility to key food and nutrition security issues. In May 2014, the Committee released an update to its first report. • Thomas A. Daschle chairs the Committee and is a senior policy advisor at DLA Piper, LLP (U.S.). A former U.S. Senate Majority and Minority Leader, Senator Daschle served his home state, South Dakota, from 1987 to 2005. He is chair of the Board of Directors at the Center for American Progress and a co-founder of the Bipartisan Policy Center. • Jason Clay is a senior vice-president at World Wildlife Fund-U.S. He has worked on a family farm and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, taught at Harvard and Yale, and spent more than 30 years with human rights and environmental groups. He earned a Ph.D. in anthropology and international agriculture at Cornell University. • Charlotte Hebebrand serves as director general of the International Fertilizer Industry Association. In June 2014, Charlotte will become an emeritus member of the Committee. • Jo Luck is a 2010 World Food Prize laureate and former president & CEO of Heifer International. She is a consultant and speaker focusing on global food security issues and the empowerment of smallerholder farmers in developing countries. • Ruth K. Oniang’o is founder and executive director of Rural Outreach Africa, a non-profit development organization in Nairobi, Kenya, that empowers women through agriculture and entrepreneurial projects. From 2003 to 2007, she was a nominated member of Kenya’s Ninth Parliament. She is an adjunct professor of nutrition at Tufts University in Boston. • J.B. Penn is the chief economist of John Deere & Co and responsible for heading the office which guides the company’s policy development and corporate growth initiatives worldwide. Prior to joining Deere, he served as undersecretary for farm and foreign agricultural services at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. • Pedro Sanchez serves as director of the Agriculture and Food Security Center at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. He is the 2002 World Food Prize laureate, a 2004 MacArthur Fellow, and was elected as member of the National Academy of Science in 2012. He was co-chair of the United Nations Millennium Project Hunger Task Force and director of the Millennium Villages Project from 2004 to 2010. DUPONTADVISORYCOMMITTEEON AGRICULTURALINNOVATIONANDPRODUCTIVITY