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About us - DuDuBags leather goods one of first fashion e-commerce stores in Italy


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To know DuDuBags...
Small presentation of 10 slides of our company where you can read our business idea and details structure (e-commerce, marketplaces, social channels, etc)

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About us - DuDuBags leather goods one of first fashion e-commerce stores in Italy

  1. 1. 02/04/2014 1 of 10 About us
  2. 2. 02/04/2014 2 of 10 About us DuDuBags has been a leader in the leather field since 1992. We manufacture and distribute our own brands: DuDu, Antica Toscana, Nuvola Pelle, dv and Novelty.
  3. 3. 02/04/2014 3 of 10 Brands Our owns several trademark including the famous DuDu, Nuvola Pelle, Antica Toscana, Novelty and dv labels, and distributes many others such as Gear Band.
  4. 4. 02/04/2014 4 of 10 Products Our company produce a wide range of styles* for men and women as: • Handbags • Wallets • Business briefcases • Belts • Accessories *All our products are made in genuine leather
  5. 5. 02/04/2014 5 of 10 Leathers All our products are made in genuine leather. The leather is purchased from the best tanneries of Italy. High quality, certifications of originality and several controls are important points for us. Many type of leather and workmanship for different collections: • Quilted leather • Woven leather • Solid or multicolor texture • Python or cocco print leather
  6. 6. 02/04/2014 6 of 10 Designer Biagio Addario is the creative genius, innate talent and inventor of the DuDu brand. He develops every collection with our designers in a constant search for leathers that are satisfying to the touch, applying meticulous technique to the creation of each product: nothing is left to chance.
  7. 7. 02/04/2014 7 of 10 Distribution Our products are distribuited and well known all over the world, we sell directly to many European retailers and department stores. Our trademarks are registered in all countries. We have also important partnerships with the most famous and biggest online resellers in Europe as, Fab, Spartoo, etc.
  8. 8. 02/04/2014 8 of 10 Online market We sell our products directly online through different marketplaces: • Amazon (Italy, Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom) • eBay (Italy, Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom) We have our own professional e-commerce website from 2011 with impressive results. is one of the first stores for fashion category in Italy with: • Over 500 products live online • Hundreds of new customers registered each month • Site verified by Netcomm (Union of Italian Electronic Commerce) • B2B site version for resellers • Consumer feedback system • High quality service: fast shipping, secure payments, fast and precise customer care, … • Many new products each month to follow the latest fashion demand • Translated website in different languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Russian
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  10. 10. 02/04/2014 10 of 10 Our social Follow us on our most popular social sites: • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • Google+ • Instagram • YouTube • SlideShare • DuDuBags blog