Enabling Protest with Foursquare


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Here's the final draft of my workshop slides for IQPC's Information Operations Global conference. Now updated with NEW FOURSQUARE! :-)

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  • Source: Pew Research Center - http://searchengineland.com/pew-58-percent-use-geosocial-and-location-based-services-91831
  • http://clarionconsulting.com/blog/strategy/location-based-marketing-association-emea-survey-2011-the-infographicLocation-Based Marketing Association
  • Dash Four – a geographic imagery plotting app for your Foursquare activityFoursqwar
  • 15 million users globally w/ exponential growth (3400% in 1 year)Multiple languages that continue to expandReach for actual venues is much more robust.Business model is sustainable so it will be around or get acquired.
  • Checkin data infographic: http://www.bynd.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/social_loco_infographic_vSCREEN.png
  • What you see first.How to create your account.How to enable Facebook & Twitter functionality.Also cover basic account settings.
  • Connect FB & Twitter accounts if you havent already.
  • Choose your notification and privacy settings.
  • Game layer
  • Badges: how to sort them.Click on the Notification icon next to the 4sq logo.
  • Notifications help you keep track of your friends’ activity as it relates to YOURS.Click the gears icon up top to manage how you receive notifications: 4sq will push them to your phone unless you reconfigure
  • In this area, you can add text and photos to your checkin.Before, we do that, let’s get some more information about the venue you’re about to check into.Venue information includes photos, address, and map
  • As you scroll down, you’ll notice add’l venue information like the mayor, lists on which the venue apears, and TIPS.Let’s check out the tips now. TO LEAVE A TIP…
  • Going back to the previous screen…You can also choose to view all the existing tips for the venue you’re about to check into.VERY IMPORTANT TO THE EXERCISE TODAY!
  • 1: FB & Twitter buttons – choose to share or not. The Default mode is to share.2: Private button: keeps your checkin private, does not appear anywhere… BUT you don’t earn points or badges for off the grid checkins3: Photo button: option to add a photo – EVERYONE TAKE A PHOTO AND UPLOAD IT4: Write some text for your checkin5: Press Check In!
  • TAKE NOTE: this is an important feature you will need to remember for the exercise!
  • Following pages (often brands and organizations) can open up new badges to unlock and new tips to discover.Special badges are available, for example, from Bravo TV for checking in to certain venues in NYC.
  • Manage and see all your 4sq activity from foursquare.com too.You can also search for brand pages here as well.Use whatever login credentials you used to create your account to log in via the web.
  • Enabling Protest with Foursquare

    1. Geosocial:EnablingProtest withFoursquareUsing Location-based SocialMedia to OrganizeChris Dufourdu4@mustbeawesome.com
    2. Workshop Objectives  Reviewpotential influence applications and importance of geosocial services.  Learn the basics of the Foursquare app.  Find a secretly organized protest in London.
    3. Agenda  Intro to geosocial & location-based apps  Download Foursquare app  Foursquare 101  User instruction  Practical exercise scenario
    4. Checking in
    5. People love checking in
    6. Most popular geocial apps
    7. Data EVERYWHERE
    8. Sample data analytics
    9. Foursquare merchant dashboard
    10. APIs  Application Programming Interface.  This is the source code for apps.  Forgeosocial apps, making an API open enables others to build additional apps on top of yours or access the data produced.
    11. Apps built on APIs
    12. Why geosocial is important  Users voluntarily tell you where they are.  Users voluntarily tell you about things that matter to them.  Data produced by these apps comes from open APIs that are...  Analyzable  Trackable  Hackable
    13. Why Foursquare?
    14. 15 million users globally
    15. To the app store!  https://foursquare.com/download/
    16. Foursquare 101  Setting up your account  App basics  Tips  Checking in  Advanced usage
    17. Setting up your account
    18. Checking in
    19. Advanced usage  Lists  Explore  Following pages  Foursquare.com  Badge lists
    20. Lists
    21. Explore
    22. Following pages
    23. Foursquare.com
    24. http://www.badgeunlock.com/foursquare-badge-list/
    25. Practical Exercise
    26. Scenario  The UK government has cracked down on a group of activists who have been protesting actively in London.  Thisgroup – CONDESCENDING WONKAS – uses Foursquare to secretly organize.  Your mission is to join the next protest.
    27. When you find the protest…  Check into the venue using hashtag #wonkas  Leave a tip acknowledging you’ve found it.  Take a photo of you checking in.  Share your check-in with me via  du4@mustbeawesome.com or  @Du4 on Twitter
    28. Sharing your check-in  Inyour check-in share, describe what you’ve learned from the exercise.
    29. Conditions  Yourobjective is somewhere within walking distance of Charing Cross.  Youhave till 1200 hours local time, Thursday 28 June 2012 to complete the exercise and send in your feedback.  Feedback will be collated and briefed to the IO Conference at 1400 hours.  Bonus points for unlocking badges!
    30. First clues  Have you checked into Charing Cross Hotel yet?  There are multiple ways to reach the protest objective.