Digital Influence in the Age of Disruption


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A quick rundown of emerging trends in digital influence with some commentary on how they present opportunities for military Information Operations professionals.

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  • Largest ethnic group using LBS worldwide? HISPANICSDigital influence is happening between the cracks of brick and mortar.People are discovering new places to explore and making buying decisions based on social recommendations via apps like 4sq, Yelp, Living Social, etcREMEMBER: The glue that holds all of these together in social space is FACEBOOKPlug workshops results tomorrow
  • GetGlueThink about using this app to declare that you’re doing your taxes, a public info campaign that was recently considering in the US.Mobile + Social + Local = PERFECT AUDIENCE TARGETING
  • Superbetter – A personal game that helps people achieve goals in physical space and rewards them for their EPIC WINS.Personal goals are rewarded with game lingo: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! EPIC WIN! EtcThink about this in the context of involving audiences to uncovering your influence goals: enabling them to discover the message via gameplay
  • Next big thing: apps that connect to your existing social channels and AUTOMAGICALLY let you know when you’re near someone or someplace like you.Based on your checkins, interests, and tweets.FB gobbled up Glancee (Highlight competitor) this year, so be watching for greater mobile awareness functionality from FB in the future.BE READY FOR NEXT SLIDE: EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING VIDEO
  • Engineering experience around the connected consumer.Note the integrated use of social tech: Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter.May have heard this referred to as GUERILLA MARKETING as well…just with MORE money.Transmedia may also play a role in some experiential campaigns.
  • Images make everything better: Articles w/ images more widely readPinterest is almost 100% based on visual appeal{BTW…PINTEREST has become the THIRD LARGEST SOCIAL NETWORK in less than a year & is responsible for more inbound marketing traffic online than any other source.}BILLIONS of pics uploaded to Instagram…Some photo-blog series emerged from some users.FB overhauled its look to Timeline…then bought Instagram for 1 BILLION DOLLARSShift to visual indicates a shift in thinking: can we consume more information from an infographic or a photo than by reading? How so?
  • Fitbits
  • personas can be resurrected and employed the same way Gorillaz is awesome: there about 40 people behind the music & image of Gorillaz.Transmedia!MY PERSONAL BRAND CAN NOW TRANSCEND DEATH!
  • These people are turning their collective digital power into SOCIAL POWER:Influencing outcomes:Occupy MovementWikileaks supportArab Spring supportOuted Mexican cartel atrocitiesMention WE ARE LEGION.
  • Personifcation of America is a MAIN CHARACTER!AVENGERS touched HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS GLOBALLY with a lot of great values, morals, and positive influence.
  • Mention Syrian case studyPATTERN RECOGNITION
  • WILL get betterLook for better language supportAlgorithms will improve the more artificially intelligent they become, the more exposed they are to users’ data and search terms
  • How to fool them: tell story about the guy who engineered his Klout score up to 90 to get free perks from the company.Can be fooled with digital personas as well
  • NETNOGRAPHYHow a netnographer sees the internet.Formidable netnographers bring their online networks to the table when conducting research…so they’re not beginning in a vacuum.Image courtesy Hyve
  • Digital = code. How many coders are working for you?Train, organize & equip for DYNAMISM.
  • Digital Influence in the Age of Disruption

    1. 1. Digital Influence inthe Age of DisruptionChristopher
    2. 2. Geosocial
    3. 3. Check into EVERYTHING
    4. 4. Games INVOLVE people
    5. 5. Sentient apps
    6. 6. Experiential marketing
    7. 7. Think visually
    8. 8. Digital body mods
    9. 9. Networked, competitivelearning
    10. 10. Digital resurrection
    11. 11. Stories still matter THE AVENGERS grossed over $1B within TWO WEEKS of its global release. DOD pulled its support of the movie because it was too “unrealistic.”
    12. 12. Social analytics
    13. 13. Automatedsociallisteningplatforms areonly 50%reliable… ATBEST.
    14. 14. Influencer measurement
    15. 15. Thanks Christopher Dufour @Du4 on Twitter |LinkedIn | Blog | Portfolio See more of my presentations on