Pinterest: The New Hotness or One More Bleeping Thing to Worry About


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The May meeting of The College at Brockport's Social Media User Group Looked at Pinterest and how schools are using it.

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  • Some nuggets from the media: If it were any hotter it would have to be wrapped in a tortilla (restaurant news) “Can Pinterest Change your Life! Science says yes!” (shape magazine)
  • In an interview with Fast Company, Chobani digital communications manager Emily Schildt comments, ”Pinterest allows your brand to show different facets of its personality because there isn’t just one. Pinterest gives a more visual look into Chobani’s personality and the core values behind our brand. For example, we compile inspirational quotes on our “Nothing but Good” board and motivational quotes on “Chobani Fit” board. On Twitter, those same quotes would get retweeted, but on Pinterest the visual impact makes content very shareable and shows a lot of different sides of our brand.”
  • Pinterest: The New Hotness or One More Bleeping Thing to Worry About

    1. 1. SMUG Pinterest: New hotness or just onemore bleeping thing to worry about? May 3, 2012
    2. 2. What is Pinterest?• Actually founded in 2008 as a company called Tote• It’s an online “pinboard.”• One of the fastest growing websites ever – 500K users in May 2011, 11.7 million users in Jan. 2012 – Owe a lot of that to a deal w/ Facebook – Audience could be as much as 83% female• 2.3 billion page views in March – making it 3rd most popular social site.
    3. 3. OOOOOH SHINY! Media cannot stop gushing about it
    4. 4. So how do I use it?• You pin stuff, just like you’d tack it to a bulletin board.• Organize your pins into boards• Follow others and reshare their pins• Good first timers guide
    5. 5. So what can you do with it?• Show off products or locations• Share video• Share inspirational quotes visually• Get ideas for your own projects• Links directly to your own or other content
    6. 6. So what are the drawbacks?• Copyright• Metrics are hard to come by• Tough to tell if “repins” really mean anything.
    7. 7. So what should colleges be doing with it?• Up for debate• Tough to tell exactly how much our audience is using it.• Vast majority of Pinterest users are 25-54.• But…..
    8. 8. Many Schools are Doing Some Cool Stuff• Purdue—Using it to follow their basketball team• Drake: Dorm Room Decor• Penn Career Services
    9. 9. Other Cool Stuff• Minnesota is using to promote campus events.• Oberachievements at Oberlin College• Concordia “From the Archives”
    10. 10. The Upshot?• Be strategic.• Be creative• Be prepared for people to say huh?• Let’s talk if you have ideas, because I’d love to hear ‘em.
    11. 11. Questions? Comments? Complaints?• @dtyler321• I’ll post these slides on Slideshare:• Yes, we’re on Pinterest: