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Is This Hashtag Really Necessary: Taking the Plunge into Twitter Chats


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My presentation to #heweb16, on how we used Twitter to conduct successful chats. We explore the dos and don't and look at some epic Twitter chat fails.

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Is This Hashtag Really Necessary: Taking the Plunge into Twitter Chats

  1. 1. Oct. 18, 2016 IsThis Hashtag Really Necessary? Taking the Plunge intoTwitter Chats Dave Tyler, @dtyler321 #mcs12
  2. 2. About Brockport • Part of the SUNY system • 65 miles east of Buffalo, 25 miles west of Rochester • ~8,200 students (undergrad/grad) • 1979 Special Olympics • Stan Van Gundy and William Fichtner
  3. 3. TWITTER CHATS!!!
  4. 4. TWITTER CHATS!!! ✤ Safe and Effective ✤ Fun for the whole family ✤ FDA Approved.*
  5. 5. TWITTER CHATS!!! ✤ Safe and Effective ✤ Fun for the whole family ✤ FDA Approved.* *may not be FDA approved. But you don’t need to consult your doctor before using Twitter chats.
  6. 6. But I thought Twitter was dead?
  7. 7. “I went to look at your twitter and you were wearing cool pants. I screen grabbed those pants and sent it to my style team #Wizwearscoolpants.” –Kanye West, Philosopher-King
  8. 8. Don’t AllTwitter Chats Go HorriblyWrong?
  9. 9. Don’t AllTwitter Chats Go HorriblyWrong? Well…let’s just test this theory out.
  11. 11. Actually, this can be a beautiful thing.
  12. 12. Our adventures intoTwitter chats
  13. 13. We have a new(ish) president
  14. 14. We have a new(ish) president ✤ @heidimacp started in July 2015 ✤ We were looking for ways to introduce her to Brockport community
  15. 15. How we handled it ✤ Decided on #bportprezchat as our hashtag and an “account takeover.” ✤ Announced Nov. 3 as our date. Set up for an hour-long chat ✤ Promoted it on social, and through email to our alumni ✤ Also relied on a network of active young alumni on social media to help get the word out.
  16. 16. How we prepared ✤ Research, research research ✤ Listening ✤ Developing a briefing sheet ✤ Asked our student interns and their friends what they want to know about
  17. 17. Yes, we had plants.
  18. 18. What happened ✤ Started Slow: No questions for 4 minutes. ✤ Got 32 questions in the course of the hour, answered them all ✤ Got to share a picture of The President’s Dog.
  19. 19. The results? ✤ 4 times our usual daily Twitter traffic ✤ A lot of good will from alumni and students ✤ Shared the whole chat on Storify
  20. 20. We liked it so much… ✤ We tried it again. ✤ Held a chat with the construction team for a big construction project on campus. ✤ Leaned heavily on Cover It Live (Free for nonprofits. I think)
  21. 21. Prep was more challenging ✤ Didn’t get to promote it as much as perhaps we should. ✤ Was actually tougher to schedule than our presidential chat ✤ We had plants
  22. 22. Building A BETTER BROCKPORT NORTH CAMPUS REVITALIZATION Didn’t go nearly as well ✤ Used the hashtag #bportnorth ✤ Not as many outside questions only 22 comments. ✤ Not as many on Twitter ✤ We also had 5 people who were the “answerers” and that was a little unwieldy.
  23. 23. But was it still a success?
  24. 24. What did we learn?
  25. 25. Be Prepared ✤ Listen to your audiences before you chat ✤ Ask people what they’d like to talk about. ✤ Be aware of what’s being said about you in other places. ✤ Know what you’d like to say
  26. 26. MakeYour Chatter Comfortable ✤ Ask them where they want to hold the chat ✤ Figure out who will type ✤ Eliminate distraction ✤ Snacks/drinks
  27. 27. You never know what you’ll find out
  28. 28. You never know who will be grateful for what you’re saying
  29. 29. Answer all the questions. ✤ Even the silly ones.
  30. 30. What would we do differently? ✤ Have longer chats ✤ Maybe later in the day ✤ More publicity in advance ✤ Use the hashtag consistently ✤ Have another one, sooner
  31. 31. Hey, Dave, wrap this up, will ya? ✤ Be not afraid ✤ Prepare ✤ Listen ✤ Have fun.
  32. 32. Questions? Comments? Complaints? Aggressive Trolling? @dtyler321