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Tournaments presentation


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Tournaments presentation

  1. 1. Presentation for Restructuring of ExistingMaidan Club TournamentsRavi SavantPresident
  2. 2.  Firstly, let me make it clear that MCA is always grateful to thevarious Tournament Organising Committees, who introducedand Organised tournaments from time to time to help anddevelop Mumbai Cricket so far. Not to forget that Because of these Tournaments, cricket inMumbai became strong and the Mumbai became life line forthe supply of great Cricketers to the country, till recently. There was time when Mumbai had total supremacy and wasboasting of seven to eight players in playing eleven of Indianteam.
  3. 3.  The famous Dr. H D Kanga League, one of such tournamentswas introduced to prepare players to play in particularly wetand heavy whether conditions to get acclimatise to theatmosphere in England when on Tour. The notable peculiar feature was to play on uncovered pitchesbecause in those days the pitches were not covered and wereexposed to all atmosphere and whether conditions. It may be noted that for 2009-10 and 2010-11 there were noresults and therefore for 2011-12 the Kanga League wasstarted on 15th August. Thus the Kanga League also underwentchanges like from 8 balls over to 6 balls over, from May start toJuly start to August start.
  4. 4.  Over the years the number of tournaments have gone up to morethan hundred which is a quantity mismatched to the available daysand available grounds to accommodate all those tournaments in oneseason and has a bad effect on the quality of grounds, the game andstandard of cricketers. It is becoming difficult to follow, coordinate and compile acomparable performance data of players due to knock out formats. We must also remember that over the years, the game of cricket hasundergone lot of changes and accordingly the ICC and BCCI has alsobeen making changes in the style and formats of the game from timeto time .
  5. 5.  Presently, more than hundred tournaments are played onknockout basis. The Cricketing seasons of Mumbai starts in July with KangaLeague. Other tournaments played thereafter, invariably finishin to first week of June. Thus with the extended cricket season which leaves no timefor maintenance of grounds, thereby the quality of pitcheshas deteriorated.
  6. 6.  Since, the ICC and BCCI matches are played on covered pitches,the significance & very purpose of Kanga League is lost. Due to continuous International seasons, the test and ODIplayers are not available for Kanga League. Ranji and first classplayers go to play county cricket to England. Since the firstclass players are not available for Kanga league, that incentiveof playing with India and Mumbai players is not there foryoungsters, as it was in past. Thus the youngsters are discouraged to play in Kanga League.
  7. 7.  Further the increased cost of cricket equipments like shoes andBats, discourage the players to play in inconsequential KangaLeague Tournament.IN CASE OF OTHER TOURNAMENTS: Due to large number of tournaments and limited days andgrounds, there is overlapping of the tournaments. There is clashing of matches in two different tournaments of thesame team due to knockout nature of tournaments. Due to knockout nature of the tournaments, a player, after histeam losing in earlier rounds does not get fair chance to showhis talent. Mumbai need good bowlers. With knockout format bowlers donot get sufficient opportunity as losing team bowlers go out oftournament and winning team do not experiment with newbowlers.
  8. 8.  As one such bad performance can ruin player’s chances for theseasons. Also, where a player has performed and team has lost hasno other chance over his competitor, where his competitor aftergetting more chances could perform, though may not be of sameclass. The other difficulty is in some cases, grounds are booked much inadvance and tournament draws are taken out just week before,which makes it difficult for availability of grounds, which furtherupset next tournament schedule Thus with bad pitches, limited chances and difficulty in placing thedates for tournaments, incomparable data for selection, presentlyMCA is happy to end the season and continue for the new seasonin routine manner, year after year.
  9. 9. Therefore, the only solution to all the problems is the changein present knock out format of the tournaments and go for aLeague format.But then what happens to the age old shields, trophies andcups?Should we just scrape them which has served Association sowell over the years and till recently?THE ANSWER IS “NO”We shall maintain all the names of the tournaments and theshields, cups and trophies to continue with due respect.
  10. 10.  It is suggested that all the maidan club tournaments shall bedivided in to two leagues viz. ELITE LEAGUE PLATE LEAGUE All the clubs presently playing in Dr H D Kanga League Shallcontinue to play in Elite League which may be called DR. H DKANGA ELITE LEAGUE. All other Maidan Clubs which are in Kanga knock out will playin MCA PLATE LEAGUE.
  11. 11.  The kanga league divisions are maintained as they are at presentexcept that instead of calling them A B C D E F G divisions, all thedivisions may be named after all senior Tournaments. The Kanga elite league will start from September and shall beplayed continuously on all week ends without break. The A B C divisions are proposed to be played on one and halfday duration. All other divisions D E F G shall be on one day basis.
  12. 12.  The promotion and relegations in ELITE LEAGUE will be as usualexcept last five (four?) teams in Last division will go to plateleague and five (four?) new teams will be promoted from plateleague. All the matches can be scheduled and calendar with Groundsallotments shall be published in April every year for plot holdersand Gymkhanas to know their cricket engagements six monthsin advance. The entire programme can be completed in three and halfmonth time. From mid September to mid November and thenmid January to end February, with mid November to midJanuary, two months window for school college and age groupcricket, except may be for under 25 group.
  13. 13.  The Knock out teams which are 130 jn numbers, can play inplate league and are divided in to ten groups of 13 teamseach. The teams may be divided on the basis of area e.g. southMumbai, Central Mumbai, Andheri – Borivali, Borivali – Virar,Virar – Dahanu, Sion - Navi Mumbai , Thane– Kalyan, Kalyan -Badlapur etc. Each group can be named after existing tournaments likesummer, Cosmo, Bapat, Thosar etc., depending on area. Each group accordingly can be handed over to the respectivetournaments committees to organise.
  14. 14.  The far off groups like Virar Dahanu shall play all theirrespective league matches in the same area, therebyeliminating concentration of grounds, reducing travellingtime of players and thereby taking game to all corners of ourarea of jurisdiction. All the tournaments can start simultaneously from Novemberand shall complete in next three months in twelve Sundaysmore precisely. All ten group champions will play five knockout matches andfive winners will go to Elite League.
  15. 15. The advantages of suggested League format :1. All the Maidan Clubs may be divided in groups which willget a chance to play minimum Twelve League matches.Therefore, one bad day will not affect the whole year of aplayer or of a team.2. Since the tournaments are scheduled to start fromSeptember and will be over by 31st March, the matches shallbe played on good and proper pitches.3. Due to Knock out structures, the players who used to preferto play for the clubs, who have more chances to qualify forchampionship which promoted concentration of goodbowlers and Batsmen with few teams only there by reducinghealthy competition.4. The league format will promote good competitions betweenbatsman and bowlers due to good spread of players.
  16. 16. 5. The League format enables to print fixtures for the entire yearwell in advance. So that the players administrations, umpiresand support staff can plan their vacations, family and socialengagements in advance.This also applies to the grounds, partly used for the purposesother than cricket like marriages. Such grounds can make thebooking for grounds for other purposes accordingly oncecricket calendar is informed to them in advance.6. Due to advance planning, the yearly festivals and celebrationslike Ganeshchaturti, Darshera, Ijetma, Diwali, Edd, Ambedhkar Jayanti etc.are already accommodated in the cricket calendar, so thatplayers can enjoy the festivals with families.7. Possible to find central sponsor and group sponsor as thereare continuous and repeated appearances of same players.
  17. 17.  The plot holders will get proper time for maintaining andlaying out cricket pitches and with whole monsoon to settlethe new pitches, which will give quality pitches throughoutthe year. Due to League format, the quality of competitions betweenthe teams shall be highest as the players are tested againstthe same quality players in the other teams in the samedivision. For e. g. One batsman will face all the good bowlersof the same standard and bowlers shall be tested against allthe good batsman of the same class. This does not happen inknockout format All the old names of shields can retained and the varioustournament committees can still continue to function withnew formats by adopting groups or divisions.
  18. 18. This will give us some time to plan MPL inFebruary/ March just before IPL so that the localplayers will get chance to show there talent and toget selected for IPL as per recent amended BCCIpolicy.There will be enough time for other mislleneousTournaments in March /April and the MCA cricketseason can end by end of April, which will givetime for maintenance of grounds and properholydays for players and secretaries.
  19. 19. THE DIFFICULTIES WHICH WE MAY HAVE TOFACE: We need all the grounds for these seven to eight monthscontinuously, which few plot holders may object . But in thatcase those plot holders not giving grounds will have to sacrificethe benefits receivable from the MCA as affiliated members andsame benefits can be extended to the others non-affiliatedclubs who have grounds. Number of new grounds will have to be explored and long termagreements with them may have be entered and may be MCAwill require to give some assistance by way of services ofcurators as well as will have to fund their expenses in part orfully. The tournament committee may face difficulty in handling theincreased number of matches, if the members do not usecomputers extensively.
  20. 20.  Same format can be replicated for office clubs and matchescan be played on week days, without bothering to coincidewith BCCI calendar. Should start A B C divisions of present times shieldtournaments from September without break and irrespective ofBCCI tournament dates. For lower divisions also league with minimum seven matchescan be planned, to increase office cricket. In case of A division Office tournament, the same can bestarted in September, where we need four grounds which canbe covered by supplying covers to those grounds, in case therain extends.
  21. 21. MCA PLATE LEAGUEGroup 1Dashing Sports ClubGarfield Sports Club (Dahisar)White Star Cricket ClubOur’s Cricket ClubMadhukar G. Vartak MemorialS. C.Young Stars Akton C. Club -VasaiMahyavanshi Cricket ClubRattlers Cricket ClubApollo YoungstersBrothers ClubGay Cavaliers Cricket ClubKerrawala Windsor Cricket ClubMulund Challengers C. C.MCA PLATE LEAGUEGroup 2(Kalyan-Thane)Thane Sporting ClubThane Friends Union C.C.United Sports Club (Thane)Daiwadnya Cricket ClubMandvi Muslim Sports ClubRoyal Cricket ClubModern Cricket ClubDombivali Cricket ClubUnion Cricket Club (Kalyan)Duru Cricket ClubPrime Group Cricket ClubBhiwandi Taluka C.A.Deccan Cricket Club - KalyanMCA PLATE LEAGUEGroup 3(Borivali-Vile Parle)Young Men’s Cricket ClubSt. Mary’s Cricket ClubJolly Friends Cricket ClubJaideep Cricket ClubYoung National Cricket ClubVijaychandra Cricket ClubKansara Cricket ClubRocket Cricket ClubS.K.P. Athletic ClubPrabhodhan GoregaonRajawadi Cricket ClubVile Parle Sports ClubCricket Club of Andheri
  22. 22. MCA PLATE LEAGUEGroup 4(Vile Parle-Bandra)Aiming Master Cricket ClubAarey Cricket ClubMerry CricketersStar Cricket Club Bandra (East)Challengers Cricket ClubCrescent Cricket Club(Andheri)Young Stars Cricket Club(Thane)Indian Dynamic Cricket ClubPathare Prabhu CricketersJ. Bhatia Sports ClubBandra GymkhanaGaud Union Sports ClubYoung Friends Union C. C.MCA PLATE LEAGUEONE DAYGroup 5(Bandra-Parel)K.R.P.XI Cricket ClubYoung Men’s MuslimAssociationSporting Union ClubYouths Own Union CricketClubJaico Cricket ClubEleven 77 Sports ClubGomantak Daiwadnya C.C.Milton Cricket ClubKridarang Cricket ClubYoung Parsee Cricket ClubMohan Cricket ClubFriends Sports ClubBaronet Cricket ClubMCA PLATE LEAGUEONE DAYGroup 6(Matunga-Shivaji Park-Worli)Shree Matunga GujaratiSeva MandalWorli Cricket ClubSports Promotion Group(Mumbai)Dilip VengsarkarFoundationHind Sevak Cricket ClubBengal ClubBombay WanderersDadar Cricket ClubGlorius Cricket ClubKshatriya Union ClubParsee Pioneer C. C.Adarsh Cricket ClubSwastik Cricket ClubMCA PLATE LEAGUEONE DAYGroup 7(Kharghar-Sion)Union Cricket ClubAchiever’s Sports ClubPoisar Bros. Sports ClubChembur GymkhanaShri Shivaji Cricket ClubFriends Union Sports ClubMangrol Sports ClubBlue Star Cricket ClubOld Podarites Cricket ClubIndian Gymkhana Ltd.Anushakti Nagar Spts & Rec. ClubNavi Mumbai Sports ClubMazgaon Cricket Club
  23. 23. MCA PLATE LEAGUEONE DAYGroup 8(South Mumbai)Patan Cricket ClubParamount Cricket ClubAnjuman I Islam Instite S. C.Bombay Gymkhana Ltd.Fort YoungstersMuslim Sports ClubShahpur Spencer Challenge ShieldSouvenir C.C.EMA Cricket ClubFriends CricketersStylo CricketersSwatantra Cricket ClubYoung Association Cricket ClubMCA PLATE LEAGUEONE DAYGroup 9(South Mumbai)Crown Cricket ClubHansoty Bros. Sports ClubMorarjee Velji C. C.Bhatia Sports ClubBombay Union Sports ClubErrant CricketersKshatriya Cricket ClubNew Era Cricket ClubUnited XI Cricket ClubYoung Boy’s Cricket ClubYoung Men’s Christian AssYoung Social Cricket ClubJolly Brother Sports ClubMCA PLATE LEAGUEONE DAYGroup 10(South Mumbai)Youth Cricket ClubPalanpur Cricket ClubCrescent Cricket ClubDiamond Star Cricket ClubOriental C. C.Our Own ClubShastri Hall Cricket ClubCombined Cricket ClubV. S. T. GymkhanaNew Social Union Cricket ClubS. F. Sassanian Cricket ClubYoung Zorastrian Cricket ClubSunrise Cricket Club
  24. 24. Every thing is possible, if we start thinking outof box and there is a will to change accordingto demand of time without fear. Shortly, theworld will follow you.Thanks.!!!!Thanks are due to all my MCA committee members for giving inputs fromtime to time and all those who volunteered to help me in collecting data areMr. Shrikant Tigdi, Mr. Shirish Mallapurkar, Mr. Arman Mallick and Mr.Vikram Vaidya for preparing this presentation and all those who brainstormed knowingly or unknowingly and gave inputs for this presentation.Ravi SavantPresident