Social video sales customer engagement july 2011


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Social Video Sales, Social Selling using Video by Doug Lehman

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Social video sales customer engagement july 2011

  1. 1. How to Use Video to Enhance Your Selling Process EMBRACE Video Technology ENGAGE Your Customers EXECUTE A Sales Distribution Plan SOCIAL VIDEO SALES
  2. 2. About DougLet’s Put It In Lehman’s Terms Passionate about Video Engagement • Sales and Product Trainer • Online Virtual Sales Facilitator • Personal Branding Advocate • Social Media Enthusiast • Video Blogger • Interview Host • Video Brand Ambassador
  3. 3. Sales Product TrainingSMB Cisco AccountsSun MicrosystemsIBM Enterprise Clients .
  4. 4. Myths of Video Use1. Stereotype just for kids, YouTube video generation2. Cost too much, Too Expensive3. Too Difficult, Video is Complicated4. Time Consuming5. “Camera Shy” Don’t like being in front of the camera6. It’s only for entertainment use7. Where is the ROI?
  5. 5. Why Video is Useful• More Cost effective and efficient than audio or text• Video On Demand Virtual Message– Search Engine Friendly• Better Connection with Audience – Emotional Attachment• Humans are visual learners it’s a natural training method• Builds Personal Relationships with clients• Video is perceived higher value than audio or text• Video Storytelling captivates audience engagement and retention• Get Attention Instantly and bring ideas to life• Video integration is now the standard for websites.If a picture is worth a thousand words what is video worth? EMBRACE Video Technology
  6. 6. Video Statistics: The Impact of Video• According to Cisco, video will increase to 90% of Internet traffic by 2013. (Cisco, 2010)• With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x. (Forrester Research , January 2010)• Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. (Comscore, August 2010) Comscore estimates that companies using online video see sales lifts between 20 – 40%• Video placement on your website increases “stickiness” to your site by more that 40%• Zappos reports a 6% to 30% increase in sales for products with Video (ReelSEO) December 2009• Today almost 9 out of 10 web users engage with online video• 44% of universal search results on Google feature video
  7. 7.  2nd largest search engine right after Google• YouTube is monetizing over 2 billion video views per week globally• 94 of AdAges Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube• The YouTube player is embedded across tens of millions of websites• YouTube has over 10,000 partners, including Disney, Turner, Univision.• YouTubes demographic is broad: 18-54 years old• More than 50% of videos are rated or include comments from the community• YouTube has just as many users over 45 as under 18• More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years
  8. 8. The Benefits of using Video for your Business• Drive Direct Sales – Video Persuades and Engages Customers• Sales Video expedites a faster sales cycle speeds up buying decisions• Video is Constant – Exact Message Sales Call Standardization• Video Saves on Travel Expenses – Reduces Sales Overhead• 24 Hour On Demand Virtual Sales Representative• 24 Hour Online Brand Ambassador• Video can complement enhance traditional marketing campaigns• Videos create community service and public relations buzz• Video is an effective tool for company sales training• Video Customer Testimonials word of mouth visual representation EMBRACE Video Technology
  9. 9. Online Video Business BenefitsTwo kinds of viewers on your website BROWSERS “Attention” and SEEKERS “Clarity” Video Testimonials will provide a level of trust and reputation to your website Attracts traffic through SEO & Social Networks Keeps Viewers on websites longer Reduce Product Returns Online Videos have Infinite Shelf Life Watch and Listen to what youcustomers and clients are saying Number one Reason why customers won’t buyLeverage your audience to be online? They desire to SEE an item in person.brand ambassadors, word of Use Video, Next best thing to Being Theremouse, word of mouth.
  10. 10. Business Benefits Social Video Social Video and Social Video Marketing SOCIAL VIDEO MARKETINGThe sales process has evolved due to technology and social media
  11. 11. SOCIAL VIDEO MARKETING INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENT PROCESS SOCIAL SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO VIDEORecognize that the customer’s buying and engagement process has changed today.Your Customers must be able to participate and contribute. The shift to socialselling. Buyers have more control now, they have access to instant information bydoing their research on the web and consulting with others.
  12. 12. Results From Effective Social Video Sales Promotion CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT!  Video Testimonials  Customer Feedback and Contact, builds the sales funnel. Leverage Customer as brand ambassadors Lead Generation – Subscribers list  Word of mouse possibility of Viral Marketing
  13. 13. Types of Engagement Videos INFORMATIVE VIDEOS ENTERTAINMENT VIDEOS• Business Interviews, PSA, Office Tours• Webinars, Testimonials, Case Studies• Product Demos & Launches• How to Videos, Educational• Office Skits, Mini Documentary• Live Broadcasts, Contests• Community Outreach VIDEO CONTENT TRADE-OFF
  14. 14. Camera Shy No Video Camera RequiredOnline Tutorials Voice NarrationUSE Screen Capture Software• Free – Jing Project, Camstudio, Screenr• Camtasia , (Mac & PC)• ScreenFlow (MAC)Animations and Slideshow Software• Animoto• Xtranormal• Slideshare Go Animate
  15. 15. Pre Sales Video Engagement • Define Your Target Market1 • Know your customer base ***Private vs Large Audience ? • Define your campaign’s video goals and objectives2 • Lead Generation, Community Awareness, Brand Identity, VSEO • Pre Video Production – Storyboarding format video3 • Script Process, Brand Placement, Storytelling Think from a customer perspective and point of view  Remember the shift in buyers behavior – engagement process  Don’t sell help buyers buy
  16. 16. Sales Video Engagement Process • Introduction – Opening Film Credits 1 • Video Sales Call to Action • Video Sales Presentation 2 • Sales Proposal • Conclusion 3 • Video Trial Close – Call to Action Customer Follow UpENGAGEMENT Be Reactive to your Community MessagesPROCESS Be Responsive to your Customers Comments
  17. 17. Video Sales Call To Action Establish an immediate call to action!1. Introduce yourself, Company, Product Etc2. Tell your viewers what the video is about it3. What’s In It For Me – Customer WIIFM4. Command your Brand Attention at the start5. Captivate Viewer Attention – Evoking Curiosity6. People Online have a very short attention span7. Focus on the first 15 seconds.8. Get to the point Remember to Engage your Customers from the start. .
  18. 18. Video Sales Presentation Tips1. Be authentic and passionate delivering your presentation2. Indentify with your audience – look at the camera WIIFM3. Have a natural conversational tone – Be yourself4. Act like you are talking to another person5. Be genuine and confident, know your material as a SME6. Make sure non verbal gestures compliment your words7. Speak at a steady pace – cadence and voice inflection8. Remember online audience has limited attention span9. High energy engaging pace keeps attention10. Don’t be too scripted, you will come off as non engaging reader11. Keep the video simple, short with compelling story content12. Change Camera Angles and keep it moving. Enlighten and Engage your customers throughout your sales presentation .
  19. 19. Video Trial Close1. Thank your customers and audience for watching this Video2. Define your final call to action sales goal? Promotional objectives3. Don’t assume but communicate to the next step4. Entice your audience and viewers to take action5. Establish your closing video credits – Text, Captions, Links etc. Examples of Trial Close Action Statements Checkout our website or other videos If you like what you see sign up as a subscriber Please leave your comments below Contact us if you have any questions More information checkout our newsletter Register for our upcoming webinar or eBook. Buy Now, Add to the Cart, call nowEngage and thank your customers, entice and deliver value
  20. 20. Video Sales Management Process Execute your Video Sales Management Strategy Ramp up your online virtual Sales Force Publish Video ContentA. Use multiple Video Distribution Hubs – Video Sharing Websites and Platforms. More than YouTubeB. Use multiple Social Media Tools and Social Networks as referrers for your online business video content. Position them as an online virtual reseller distribution channelC. Establish an employee based Accountability Quota on social video customer engagement and video promotions
  21. 21. Video Sales Management ProcessUse multiple Video Distribution Hubs – Video Sharing Websites and Platforms.Promote, Publish , *Sell Deep and Wide? across several video hosting Sites. YouTube is the worlds most popular online video community. Tops for Video embedding: Across several websites, blogs and social media platforms, like Facebook. Set up a YouTube ChannelThings to Consider when selecting a video sharing and hosting website. Site Guidelines Commercial vs non-commercial Storage Size, Costs, Viewership, *Privacy Audience Level quick capture uploads
  22. 22. Video Sales Management Process Position Social Media Networking Sites and Blogs as your indirect reseller channel. Leverage these tools Post and Host Video on Facebook Profiles and Business Pages Post Status Updates on Twitter and LinkedIn Post and Host Video on your company blogs and websiteEngagement > Make your Video Sharable and embed code on multiple sites According to TubeMogul’s and Brightcove’s quarterly research reports, both Facebook and Twitter are the fastest-growing referrers of video on the web Research Reports
  23. 23. Sales Playbook Execute a Video SEO Strategy Effective Video SEO will help establish brand awareness, customer traffic and sales engagement Use backlinks and inbound links to your videos and website. Embed your URL directly on videos, use captions annotations Implement Metadata on your video “Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Keywords” *keyword research is part of your marketing research Video must be Sharable embed links, allow comments, sharing, rating Engage and Comment on other business partners videos, blogs and websites, driving traffic to your site “coattail video response”Optimize your video to be Searchable and Sharable – Engaging Prospects
  24. 24. Video Sales Playbook Metadata  Title you video with Keywords  Call To Action Enticing Title  Use YouTube Suggest Tool Keyword Tool Sharing Feature enabled Post URL in Description Write Content in Description Key Word Descriptions Tag Keywords
  25. 25. Your Video Sales Tool Kit- Image Background Dress the part for your video audience Don’t blend too much with background set color Your video background is your virtual sales office background – Keep it customer appealing and engaging, no clutter Get a decent looking video hosting background to compliment your videos - YouTube Video Channel should support and entice your video image - Video placement on website landing pages should compliment the website
  26. 26. Your Video Sales Tool Kit- Image BackgroundDon’t Be This Guy. Your Video is Your Sales Presentation Poor Lighting Bad Product Placement Cluttered Background Camera Angle Mistake Nice Trash Cans
  27. 27. Video Training ResourcesUse YouTube as a Search Tool for Visual Learning - Watch other videos to emulate strategy and tips.Websites News , Information and Analytics REELSEO TUBEMOGUL TRAFFIC GEYSERSOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER MASHABLE HUBSPOT Additional Resources Books and Marketers .
  28. 28. The Future of Video• The Use of Video Email will increase – Your Visual Presentations will make an impact.• Mobile Video is growing force! - Upgrades and use of smartphones, PC Tablets are increasing significantly - Mobile Video Applications are among the fastest growing cell phone applications, Applications and Platforms like Kyte and Qik make streaming and mobile video production efficient. February 2011 The Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2010–2015
  29. 29. Pre-Sales Coaching Social Video Package Instructional Coaching Produce a video sales script  Video Production Referrals Learn Video SEO Tips Company Testimonial VideosUse Video to Enhance Your Selling Process
  30. 30. Connect With Doug Let’s Put It In Lehman’s Terms Passionate about Video Engagement doug @douglehman Doug Lehman (404) 654-0304 Brand Ambassador of Video Engagement .