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Social selling video 101 video presentation series


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Social selling video 101 video presentation series. An introduction to Social Selling Video. An overview of Social Selling leveraging Video as Social Networking Channel for customer engagement, brand awareness and sales promotion. #socialselling TV.

Social Selling TV is an interactive video training series on Social Selling with an emphasis on VIDEO customer engagement for today’s buyer using social media.

Social Selling meets video for customer engagement. Video training with Brand Ambassador Doug Lehman

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Social selling video 101 video presentation series

  1. 1. Let’s Put The Social in Your SALES INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENT PROCESS SOCIAL CONTENT SALES Recognize that the customer’s buying and engagement process has changed today. Your Customers must be able to participate, contribute and Share Content. The shift to social selling and leveraging buyers as brand advocates.
  2. 2. SOCIAL VIDEO SALES BUYER ENGAGEMENT PROCESS SOCIAL CONTENT SALES Channels Value VIDEO Your Customer’s Buying Process has changed Today due to the Internet, Social Media and the economy. Customers are economically focused looking for cost savings and higher ROI. Buyers now have immediate access to information by researching on the web and consulting with others socially. Buyers want and desire SOCIAL PROOF. We have to adapt our sales and marketing Process to be successful. .
  3. 3. Benefits Social Video Marketing SOCIAL VIDEO = Engaging the Conversation Buyers research online seeking out references, testimonials, case studies. Establishing advanced credibility is key. Customers demand instant social proof and they are now watching more video today than ever. The Video Value Centric Buyer.
  4. 4. So what Social Channel Provides The Highest Leveraged Social Content?
  5. 5. Let’s Put the Social in Video SOCIAL PROOF ARE YOU VISIBLE ONLINE? If a picture is worth a thousand words what is video worth ?  A quality video can establish advanced credibility.  Video is more engaging, compelling and convincing that plain text  Video is more effective for storytelling  Video provides a better connection with customers & audience  Video is a 24 Hour Brand Ambassador  Video Improves your brand awareness, drives more sales,  Video can assist with online visibility and improves SEO dramatically WE are visual learners it’s a natural training method
  6. 6. 5 Principles for Effective Social Video Selling
  7. 7. 4 Steps for Effective Social Video Get 1 2 3 4 SOCIAL with your VIDEO Engagement • WATCHABLE – Call to Action, Video/Audio Quality Image Background • FINDABLE – Video SEO, Metadata, Sales Proposal Video Distribution Leverage Social Networks • SHARABLE - Embed links, allow comments, sharing, rating Cross-Promotion Video Collaboration ACCOUNTABLE Customer Follow Up. Be Accountable Be Reactive to your Community Messages Be Responsive to your Customers Comments ACTIONABLE
  8. 8. Social Selling TV is an interactive video training series on Social Selling with an emphasis on VIDEO customer engagement for today’s buyer using social media. Watch all Episodes Video Playlist SOCIAL SELLING TV PLAYLIST 40 EPISODES
  9. 9. Social Selling Video Made Simple Video Marketing for Social Sellers VIDEO SERIES on Vimeo
  10. 10. You Want More than Connect with Doug Let’s Put It In Lehman’s Terms Passionate about Video Engagement doug @douglehman Doug Lehman (404) 654-0304 Brand Ambassador of Video Engagement .