Where in the world is your corporate data?


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Do you know where your corporate data is? How many "transfer of hands" does it go through? Read the full blog here: http://bit.ly/1CCoghk

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Where in the world is your corporate data?

  1. 1. 10101101010010110101010010111 laptop is stolen 10010010010101101001011010010010010110EVERY 53 SECONDS 010101001011010010101101010010101011010010101101010010100100100101011 HQ 011010101101001010010110101101010010101001010110101001011010100100100100110111010110101001011010101001011010101001011010011011010110100101101011010100101101010100101101010100101101001010110101001010101101001010110101001010 1011010010100101101011010010101101001010010100101101010110100101001011010110100 75% Liquid spills are responsible for of all laptop damages. 60% 101101001010010110101101001010110100101001010010110 of the workforce is now mobile. The average employee has 3.3 connected devices. And 70% of professionals use personal devices to access corporate data. of IT & IS pros traced the loss of sensitive information 70% to USB drives. They can also carry malware, which can infect corporate networks with malicious code. 40% of liquid spills are from coee. of employees save corporate files on USB drives. 66% And most people who find them laying around pick them up and plug them in to see what’s on them. MORE THAN 1/2 of all open Wi-Fi networks are susceptible to abuse. of employees use file sharing services for work purposes. 72% Even though 77% of companies prohibit this. Within the next 3-4 years, more than of corporate data will reside in the cloud, outside the data center. 50% More than half of laptops stolen result in data breaches. 010110101001010101101001010110101001010010010010101101101001010 Sources: Protect govern corporate data anywhere, anytime. Learn more at druva.com/inSync Wi-Fi attack on a public network can take less than two seconds. www.slideshare.net/DruvaInc/druva-40-scary-stats-about-data-at-risk www.sewelltech.com/top-10-liquid-spills-kill-laptop-computers/ www.tabtimes.com/news/ittech-stats-research/2012/02/10/security-firm-reveals-damage-lost-stolen-laptops-smartphones www.slideshare.net/ValaAfshar/50-wi-fitechstatsforbusiness Gartner, 2014