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Soundbytes from the Frontlines


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What are Druva customers saying about inSync? And what industries are they from? Read more in-depth stories here:

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Soundbytes from the Frontlines

  1. 1. _ . _ lerbir Li i“. '+. r;; 31:‘ : Yiimlm: |iVli, ,r| I“l, ... ||. 'l, : I'l, .""‘1'Iltnn. -ii‘ Mr: . “’_‘, .u'n. “Wit-rhfu-A, y_r-. -yr “l‘. ""‘| “gt. pI”“’ 4 M T
  2. 2. The reliability speaks for itself. In the last two years we had no major outage with the solution. ” - IT Security Consultant, Manufacturing 4:? druucr
  3. 3. I ve had to grow my storage twice since I started using Druva (I have had to add licensing as well since it has proven itself to be useful and robust). ” - IT Administrator / Storage Administrator, Not For Profit ‘St clruucr
  4. 4. We can literally ”set it and forget it" on backing up and protecting our users data. ” - Corporate IT Director, Construction >'v . ' . . ' . ‘1’ 4.»
  5. 5. This is the easiest to use laptop backup solution I have deployed. It's got great DropBox—Iike functionality as a bonus. ” - IT Manager, Energy 4:7 druuo
  6. 6. This software saves our bacon on a daily basis. If someone’s machine completely goes belly up, we can quickly image a new machine, log in with the user, and restore their most recent backup easily. ” - Systems Technician, Engineering 45% druucr
  7. 7. Great storage savings and fully functional in the background. We received a lot of compliments from our employees. ” - Project Lead, IT Services 437 druuo
  8. 8. Druva inSync is a life saver. From a data availability perspective, Druva inSync is incredible. ’’ — IT & Communications Manager, Healthcare {Qt druucr
  9. 9. With inSync I can just walk in, administer backups based on the centralized administration and reporting system and walk out. ” - Principal IT Specialist - Computer Services, Education 4.5 clruuo
  10. 10. Technology like Druva insync is the future. ” - Chief Information Officer; Education
  11. 11. That’s the beauty of Druva. No one knows it’s running the background, but it delivers when you need it most. ” - IT Director, Manufacturing 4;’? druucr
  12. 12. 4.5 druuo Reclaim Control