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Rethink Server Backup and Regain Control


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ANDRITZ, a global manufacturing company formed by acquisitions, with over 50 offices and a virtual IT department, decided that a cloud-first strategy for server backups was the only solution for a disparate and dispersed environment. Brian Bagwell, IT Director of North America and Trey Brown, IT Manager, discussed the company’s challenges to gain more visibility of their data and a cloud-based disaster recovery solution.

With Druva, they discuss:
* Managing complexities of multi-site server recovery requirements being maintained by a virtual IT staff
* Best practices for server backup and data retention with centralized control
* Immediate benefits realized by ANDRITZ such as server restores in seconds, data privacy, and cost savings
To hear the recording, please visit:

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Rethink Server Backup and Regain Control

  1. 1. Rethink Server Backup and Regain Control Brian Bagwell ANDRITZ Brett Schechter Druva Trey Brown ANDRITZ
  2. 2. 2 Today’s Speakers Brian Bagwell • IT Director of North America, ANDRITZ Trey Brown • System Administrator, ANDRITZ Brett Schechter • Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Druva
  3. 3. 3 Company profile Worldwide leading position in four business areas Product offerings: electromechanical equipment for hydro- power plants (turbines, generators); pumps; turbo generators 30%* Product offerings: equipment for production of all types of pulp, paper, tissue, and board; energy boilers 35%* 25%* 10%* Product offerings: presses for metalforming (Schuler); systems for production of stainless steel, carbon steel, and non- ferrous metal strip; industrial furnace plants Product offerings: equipment for solid/liquid separation for municipalities and various industries; equipment for pro- duction of animal feed and biomass pellets Note: figures above relate to the FY 2015 * Average share of ANDRITZ GROUP’s total order intake Order intake: 1,719 MEUR Sales: 1,835 MEUR Order intake: 2,264 MEUR Sales: 2,196 MEUR Order intake: 1,439 MEUR Sales: 1,718 MEUR Order intake: 597 MEUR Sales: 628 MEUR Company presentation May 2016 – further information at
  4. 4. 4 Company presentation May 2016 – further information at Strengthening of market position Growth through organic expansion and acquisitions Acquisitions by business area since 1990 Sales (MEUR) Order intake (MEUR) Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Group sales 2005-2015: +14% p. a. (thereof approximately half organic growth) 2011 Tristar Industries 2011 Asselin-Thibeau 2012 AES 2013 MeWa 2015 Euroslot METALS 1997 Sundwig 1998 Thermtec 2000 Kohler 2002 SELAS SAS Furnace Div. 2004 Kaiser 2005 Lynson 2008 Maerz 2012 Bricmont 2012 Soutec 2013 Schuler (> 95%) 2013 FBB Engineering 2014 Herr-Voss Stamco 2015 Yadon (51%) SEPARATION 1992 TCW Engineering 1995 Jesma-Matador 1996 Guinard 2000 UMT 2002 3SYS 2004 Bird Machine 2004 NETZSCH Filtration 2004 Fluid Bed Systems 2005 Lenser Filtration 2006 CONTEC Decanter 2009 Delkor Capital Equipment 2009 Frautech 2010 KMPT 2012 Gouda 2013 Shende Machinery HYDRO 2006 VA TECH HYDRO 2007 Tigép 2008 GE Hydro business 2008 GEHI (JV) 2010 Precision Machine 2010 Hammerfest Strøm (59%) 2010 Ritz 2011 Hemicycle Controls PULP & PAPER 1990 Sprout-Bauer 1992 Durametal 1994 Kone Wood 1998 Kvaerner Hymac 1999 Winberg 2000 Ahlstrom Machinery 2000 Lamb Baling Line 2000 Voith Andritz Tissue LLC (JV) 2002 ABB Drying 2003 IDEAS Simulation 2003 Acutest Oy 2003 Fiedler 2004 EMS (JV) 2005 Cybermetrics 2005 Universal Dynamics Group 2006 Küsters 2006 Carbona 2006 Pilão 2007 Bachofen + Meier 2007 Sindus 2008 Kufferath 2009 Rollteck 2010 Rieter Perfojet 2010 DMT/Biax 2011 AE&E Austria 2011 Iggesund Tools
  5. 5. 5 Previous Environment • Tape based solution • 200+/- TB with 10.4 TB under management with Phoenix • Backups were stored at offsite locations based on the physical location • Mixed environment: VMware + Physical (200+ servers)
  6. 6. 6 Top Challenges • Multiple business units/growth by acquisition o Systems vary by business unit, across 7 geographies o Lots of small, remote locations with no local IT staff • Remote management o Multiple consoles o Too much time spent monitoring backup jobs – one person dedicated to this task o Rely on local contacts to change tapes • Tape + various storage locations meant long recovery times • Disaster Recovery
  7. 7. 7 Top Considerations for Selecting Phoenix • Cloud native: Guards against physical disaster and reduced on-site hardware / management • Global, high performance deduplication: Minimized network load, smaller faster backups • Centralized administration and visibility: Single point, anywhere access, to manage across all sites
  8. 8. 8 Lessons Learned • Start with locations where there is no direct or internal IT support • Setup one nightly 10-hour window to reduce bandwidth load during working hours • Don’t underestimate the power of data deduplication • Increase bandwidth in the smaller locations
  9. 9. Converged Data Protection for Enterprise Infrastructure
  10. 10. • Trustedbyover4,000enterprises • Gartnerleaderin clouddataprotection 3yearsin arow • Amongfastestgrowingdataprotectionproviders 10 About Druva Shah Nawaz Director of IT We now efficiently manage the full lifecycle of data across time, device and geography. Druva makes this possible. “ “
  11. 11. Druva: Do More With Your Data Protect Preserve Discover
  12. 12. 12 Today’s Infrastructure Challenges Multi-tier, Complex Deployments ArchiveBackup Disaster Recovery Multiple Copies, Expensive Infrastructure Average copies of same data maintained for each location 10.7x Companies have experienced recovery failure in the past year 42% ESG “Plan for Hybrid Data Protection Media”, January2016
  13. 13. 13 Phoenix: Efficiency Through Convergence Unified: DR, Backup, Archival & Analytics Cloud Advantage: Scale, Simplicity & Velocity Radically Lower TCO Hot Cache (optional)
  14. 14. 14 Global Deduplication Auto Archival Time-Indexed Metadata S3/Glacier (Storage) DynamoDB (Database) EC2 (Compute) Backup & Recovery Archiving & Compliance Cloud Based Disaster Recovery ITAR FIPS 140-2 MPAA ISO 27001 SOC 1,2,3 ISAE 3402 PCI DSS EUDPFISMA Moderate Making the Cloud Viable • Natively built on cloud technologies 99.99999% data durability • Patented scale-out deduplication 50X bandwidth and storage reduction • Single data store, multiple workloads 100% elastic, proven scalability • Advanced cloud security & privacy 12 global regions, zero vendor data access G-Cloud Security&PrivacyFramework
  15. 15. 15 High Performance CloudCache On-premise caching for hot backup and recovery • Designed for aggressive RTO/RPO needs • Effective for low bandwidth or unreliable bandwidth remote sites • Delivers full benefit of global deduplication • Stores up to 30 days of hot backups • Scheduled sync to warm storage in the cloud
  16. 16. 16 ✓ Delivers more while minimizes infrastructure ✓ Maximizes bandwidth and storage efficiency ✓ Streamlines management and system costs ✓ Global reach to support worldwide operations
  17. 17. Q & A