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Dmitry Buzinov - Drupal 8 & VueJS: Integration of modern javascript frameworks.


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Drupal 8 & VueJS: Integration of modern javascript frameworks.

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Dmitry Buzinov - Drupal 8 & VueJS: Integration of modern javascript frameworks.

  1. 1. Drupal 8 & VueJS How to live without jQuery Integration of modern javascript frameworks
  2. 2. Dmytro Buzinov Senior Software Engineer
  3. 3. How to keep up with trend Drupal + Vue | React | Angular
  4. 4. Drupal 8 Roundup
  5. 5. 2018!!!
  6. 6. Google trends Vue | React | Angular
  7. 7. GitHub Stars Vue | React
  8. 8. NPM Trends Angular | Vue | React
  9. 9. Evan You Creator of @vuejs, previously @meteor & @google Who uses vue Facebook Facebook used Vue.js for a part of its Newsfeed Netflix Vue.js comes in handy to developers who need a tool for building movie streaming interfaces. Netflix jumped on the opportunity early on and - according to one of its developers, Kunal Kundaje - applied Vue.js in two of its smaller, internal apps. Adobe Adobe wanted to maintain the exceptional user experience and performance, so they decided to have its fronted teams switch to Vue.js and migrate the existing codebase smoothly. Vue.js proved easy to integrate with the existing codebase and serves Adobe well. Xiaomi | Alibaba | WizzAir | EuroNews | Laracasts | GitLab | ...
  10. 10. All in our hands Decoupled Drupal PHP Drupal Decoupled Front End REST API Data JSON Templates HTML JS
  11. 11. Module List Drupal Req e RESTful Web Services RESTful Web Services exposes entities and other resources as a RESTful web API.
  12. 12. Module List Drupal Req e Serialization Serialization module provides a service for (de)serializing data to/from formats such as JSON and XML
  13. 13. Module List Drupal Rec n e RESTUI Provides a user interface for managing REST resources
  14. 14. Module List Drupal Op i l HAL Serializes entities using Hypertext Application Language (HAL)
  15. 15. Demo Drupal | VueCLI GUI
  16. 16. All in our hands Coupled Drupal PHP Drupal Front End ( twig ) Data Templates HTML JS
  17. 17. What we need to remember Coupled Drupal libraries.yml vue: version: 2.x js: /libraries/vue/dist/vue.js: {} new Vue({ el: '#app', delimiters: ['${', '}'] }) Hello <b>${ username }</b> Hello <b v-text=”username”></b>