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Drupal Camp Delhi 2013 - Event Brochure


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Everything you want to know about Drupal Camp Delhi is here. A small presentation put together to facilitate your Drupal Camp Delhi experience. Become a part of this amazing journey with us!

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Drupal Camp Delhi 2013 - Event Brochure

  1. 1. DRUPAL CAMP DELHI 2013 [DCD] An initiative by Drupal Community of New Delhi, India Supported by Free Software Foundation of India (FSFI)
  2. 2. About ‘Drupal Camp Delhi’ ● Largest watering hole for the Drupal community in India ● Most consistently held Drupal event in India ● DCD brings together developer and business user community ● Event held at the “JNU Convention Center, Jawaharlal Nehru University” located within the forest environs of the Delhi Ridge ● DCD is organized in association with the “Free Software Foundation of India”
  3. 3. DCD’12 ● 621 Online Registrations ● 350 people made it to the event ● 87 organizations represented from across India ● 200 professionals actively working with Drupal or PHP attended the event ● 150 students intending to learn and involved Drupal attended a day-long introductory Drupal training ● Over 30 volunteers from various organizations helped make the event a great success
  4. 4. DCD’12 Highlights Jacob Singh ( Regional Director, Acquia) delivered address, speaking developer career community growth Drupal offers. Avienaash Shiralge, an Agile Transformation Coach in India, conducted a workshop on adoption of Agile for delivering better products. the keynote to the about opportunities
  5. 5. DCD’12 Highlights “Everything about Drupal (web) Services and Everything Else about Drupal (web) Services” by Sumeet Pareek “Embracing automated testing in Drupal development process” by Dipen Chaudhary
  6. 6. DCD’12 Organizers “Come for the software, stay for the community.”
  7. 7. DCD’11 ● Dries Buytaert, was the Keynote Speaker ● 200+ Developers, Site Builders, Designers, Business Experts and Students made it to the event ● Over 25 Organizations represented from across the world ● 9 Drupal Organizations took an initiative to conduct and sponsor the event ● Over 10 Volunteers from various organizations helped make the event a great success
  8. 8. DCD’11 Highlights Dries Buytaert (Creator of Drupal & CTO of Acquia), delivered the keynote address, on the lines of keynote delivered by DrupalCon London 2011. “Building Mobile Apps using Drupal as Base” by Sumit Kataria him at
  9. 9. DCD’11 Organizers
  10. 10. Drupal Camp Delhi - 2013 Goals for this edition ● 450 attendees ● Expand the representation from 15+ Indian cities ● Expect international attendees and speakers ● Gather community from all over the world specifically from SE Asia, Middle East and US ● Get representation from Drupal Association ● Expand the scope of the Code Sprint ● Let us all come together to make DCD’13 a huge success
  11. 11. DCD’13 Simulcast by Holly Ross Keynote by Jacob Singh
  12. 12. DCD’13 Showcase ● Meetup for UI/UX and Front-end Designers at Drupal Camp Delhi 2013. ● Find the community under one roof, talking about the woes and joys of being a designer. ● Showcase of 5 Industry websites with great design practices - Media, Govt., Education, Community & Nonprofit ● Read more here - http://www.slideshare. net/DrupalCampDelhi/dcd13-uiux-event-brochure
  13. 13. DCD’13 Job Fair ● Our Platinum Sponsors get an opportunity to set up a stall at the venue for the Job Fair. ● 2 Company Banners and 2-3 Standees are permitted to be displayed in the space allocated at the JNU Convention Center. ● Our Gold Sponsors can give out Company Handouts at the desks allocated to them. ● Our Sponsors can make short pitches at their respective stall areas to attract potential candidates and other interested attendees.
  14. 14. About the Venue Drupal Camp Delhi is held yearly at Jawaharlal Nehru University’s (JNU) Convention Center
  15. 15. How to reach the Venue? Address: JNU Convention Center, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India The nearest Metro Station is Hauz Khas (Yellow Line) ❏ You can find an Auto rickshaw from the metro station to reach the venue ❏ A - JNU Entrance Gate B - Convention Center
  16. 16. In & Around Delhi Delhi, India’s capital is the heart of the country. With a number of architectural and historical wonders, the city is a treat for foreign visitors.
  17. 17. All said and done, what we need the most to make our event successful, are awesome people like
  18. 18. Join Us Why participate? How to participate? ● Educate the community ● Register and submit a about new approaches in session at our website - http: web development //2013.drupalcampdelhi. ● Opportunity to showcase your Drupal expertise ● Expect an audience of com/ ● Send details about your session / presentation on 450+ Drupalers from all drupalcampdelhi@gmail. over the world com
  19. 19. Sponsor Us Why Sponsor? How to Sponsor? ● Visibility to a great talent ● Reach out to us at - http://2013. pool of Drupal developers and enthusiasts ● Sponsorship cheques to be ● Recognition in Open drawn in favour of “Free Source community ● Expect an audience of 450+ Drupalers from all over the world Software Foundation of India” and mailed to: Drupal Camp Delhi ℅ Deepak Mishra 8A - Vandana Building, 11 - Tolstoy Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001, India
  20. 20. Sponsorship Details Platinum Gold Silver 50,000 INR 35,000 INR 20,000 INR Job Fair Yes - - Event website: Company Logo, Link and Description Yes Yes Yes Premium Event Website Ad Yes - - Sponsored Tweets via @DrupalCampDelhi Yes Yes - Handouts at Registration Yes Yes - Logo on Attend Drupal Camp Delhi website Landing Page Yes Yes - Logo/link on event emails Yes Yes - Sponsors Logo on Posters at venue Yes Yes Yes Price
  21. 21. Support Us “Holly Ross (Executive Director, DA) will join Drupal Camp Delhi - 2013 through a simulcast” -Megan Sanicki, Associate Director, Drupal Association Over the years, Drupal Association has done wonderful work for promotion and sustenance of Drupal. They have played a key role in building the Drupal Community and we would want to show our support to the cause, by working together, to bring a representative from DA to India. A request to all our potential sponsors to help us make it happen!
  23. 23. Thank You. See you at Drupal Camp Delhi 09-10 Nov, 2013 For further details, please contact: Mayank Chadha +91 73873 56778 Prashant Goel +91 97162 50766 Nitesh Kumar +91 78276 20167