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Types of drug testing


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Drug testing is a scientific study of biological samples taken from various things such as hair, salvia, mouth air, blood and urine.

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Types of drug testing

  1. 1. Types of Drug Testing Urine testing Hair Analysis Blood testing ● ● ● 6520 Platt Ave.Suite #933 West Hills, CA (91307) (866) 465-2855
  2. 2. Urine Testing Urine testing is very common in such tasks. The specialist comes to collect the urine from the person. It goes through a customized chain of procedure in order to make sure that the sample is not altered or quashed by the lab staff or any technical errors. The sample is collected in a particularly designed container, sealed with damage-proof tape, and transported to the testing lab for screening the sample. The entire process goes through multi-layered process for ensuring the actual analysis.
  3. 3. Hair Analysis Hair testing is considered as the most reliable analysis that has been authorized by numerous countries. It is generally used in the forensic analysis under lawful procedures. In drug testing, hair is collected very safely and taken to the testing lab for studying the forensic nature of it. It reveals more than one drug abuse. It is used in multi-panel drug testing procedures like 8 panel drug test.
  4. 4. Blood testing Blood testing in drug abuse detection comes to find the exact span of time when the person had consumed drug or other harmful substance. Such examination is thought to be more concise and accurate method to detect a person, whether he/she is addicted to drug or not.
  5. 5. These are the main testing in drug detection, which can be carried out everywhere. As, the entire process is very technical, the sample collector must follow some important measures. There must be protective clothes in order to avoid any kinds of infection.
  6. 6. For More information For More information about drug testing please visit:
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