Your Secrets Keep You Sick


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Addiction is a taboo subject in our society. Many people go for months and even years without letting anyone know the true extent of their struggle. Addiction becomes a disease that eats away at a person and starts to affect every aspect of their lives. Because of the stigma associated with addiction, however, many people are too afraid to come clean and start on the road to recovery. This leads to bigger secrets and greater problems. One of the biggest problems of a drug addiction is the untold and often shameful acts that it can ultimately lead to.

This video represents some of the darkest places that addicts have reached, but more importantly, it represents the voices of people who have sought help and been through the path of recovery. Rehab is not a place where you admit defeat, it is a place where you can finally feel triumphant. Even when you think you are in the darkest depths of addiction, there is still hope that you can come out fighting on the other side. Think about the power that drugs hold over you, and set yourself free. Remember, your secrets keep you sick. #StopTheSecrets and embrace hope.

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