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Phaco training


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Phaco Training for Ophthalmologists

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Phaco training

  1. 1. Phaco TrainingDr.Tamilarasan Senthil
  2. 2. Phaco For EveryonePaying Patients.Non Paying Camp Patients.
  3. 3. Phaco AdvantagesNo Painful Injections.No Sutures, No Pad.Less induced AstigmatismFaster Recovery.
  4. 4. Why we train Surgeons?In India of the 10,000 Ophthalmologistspresent, less than 10% performPhacoemulsification.Training Surgeons indirectly benefit thepatients.Access to Phaco very limited in manycountries.“Medical Ophthalmologists” seems to beon the rise.
  5. 5. Selection of TraineesInterested Surgeons email us after lookingat our website www.corneatraining.comThe trainees are selected after they sendtheir resume.
  6. 6. Prerequisites for TrainingAnybody with basic skills in Extra CapsularCataract Extraction can undergo training.Experience and Skill in performingCapsulo rhexis would provide an addedadvantage.Attitude and Interest to Learn.Surgeons with access to Phaco Machinesin their own countries.
  7. 7. Training Programme Two Types of Courses: Basic Phaco Training Programme: For Beginners.Advanced Phaco Training Programme : For Surgeons with prior experience.
  8. 8. DurationThe duration of the course 1-4 weeks.
  9. 9. Structured TrainingTheory on Phaco Machines are taughtinitially.The surgeons are asked to observesurgeries performed by experiencedsurgeons .
  10. 10. AnesthesiaInitially the trainee performs the surgeriesunder a block.As we go ahead with the training,surgeries are done under topicalanesthesia.
  11. 11. First WeekThe basic steps in Phaco are taught suchas handling the machine, trenching of thenucleus, Chopping , Irrigation aspirationetc.
  12. 12. EntryScleral Tunnel.Clear Corneal.
  13. 13. Second WeekEntry.Capsulorhexis.Trenching.Chopping.Irrigation and Aspiration.IOL Insertion.
  14. 14. Post Operative OutcomesThe surgeons are encouraged to see theirpatients the next day after surgery. Theyare also asked to watch videos ofsurgeries performed by them to correctany mistakes.
  15. 15. CertificationAll surgeons are certified after succesfulcompletion of the course.
  16. 16. LASIK TrainingEximer Laser MachineInterpretation of Orbscan Reports.1 week training.5-10 procedures can be performed.Flap creation with the AmadeusMicrokeratome.
  17. 17. LASIK Training
  18. 18. MCI ApprovalInternational Surgeons have to gettemporary registration with the MedicalCouncil of India for the process, we willassist in getting MCI temporaryregistration.
  19. 19. How to applyWebsite www.corneatraining.comEmail
  20. 20. Thank You