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  1. 1. DR. RAJU M. MATHEW
  2. 2.  Data Bank, Information System and Document Delivery System are some of the contributions of Information Technology. However, it is natural for the people who fed up with over loaded or unwanted data or information, to think of Artificial Intelligence or Expert System or Knowledge-based System or Data Mining or some time Semantic Computing to deal with ‘Knowledge’ Unfortunately they too are ‘Data-based system’ to end with ‘Information’ and could not enter the world of Domain Knowledge, because they too are built upon ‘Algorithms’ based not on ‘Knowledge Structure’ but on ‘Data Structure’.
  3. 3.  Arab Knowledge Bank is founded on ‘Knowledge Structure’, ‘Knowledge Theories’ and ‘Knowmatics’ so as to deal with Knowledge (not with Data or Information alone) for making ‘Knowledge Accessible’ to the millions, including the illiterate and marginalized men or women, boys or girls. The building blocs of knowledge are concepts; concepts are multi-dimensional; concepts can be presented simple or abstract form. Knowledge structure is non- linear and dynamic. Knowledge can be consumed, produced, marketed or delivered on a massive scale. There exists a common structure for all domains of knowledge. These questions have been dealt at length in the paper, Mathew, R. M. and Mathew, R. R. ‘Knowmatics- A New Revolution in Higher Education’, Journal of the World Universities Forum 4,1,2011:1-11. Its video presentation has been posted in YouTube.
  4. 4.  Even though the Arab World is talking too much on ‘Knowledge Economy’, High-tech Education System or Smart Class Rooms’, and invest millions for Information Technology, it may take hundred of years for it to become Knowledge- Intensive’ and to enter the age of Knowledge Economy. ‘Thousand and One Night Stories’ or Aesop Stories’ were the old Arab inventions to deliver knowledge even to the illiterate in an effective way. By taking into account all these facts, besides making use of the latest technological advances, Arab Knowledge Bank has been proposed.
  5. 5.  Arab Knowledge Bank is a Live Dynamic and Customized Knowledge Delivery System at different levels –simple to complex to abstract levels. System, Technology and Business Model for the Arab Knowledge Bank have been developed on the basis of nearly thirty years research on the Nature and Structure of Knowledge and Theoretical Foundations of Information Technology, including Information Systems, Expert Systems, Semantic Computing, Web Technology and etc. Since it involves several IPR issues, details will be given later.
  6. 6.  Humanity is getting realized the increasing value of ‘Knowledge’ in every aspect of life, especially Education, Culture, Professional Services, Scientific Research, Decision Making besides Agriculture and Industry. Humanity is also getting aware of the unproductiveness of the over loaded and fragmented Data or Information or Documents and total absence of authentic and reliable Knowledge Delivery System and the associated social wastage in terms of billions on the other. This has prompted to develop Innovative Business Model, Technology and System for the mass production, delivery and marketing of Knowledge Modules, Packages and Solutions to the humanity. Arab Knowledge Bank is an innovative business model to generate income and profit in terms of billions, besides serving the Arab world to cherish its dreams for the Knowledge Society. Making knowledge access is the most effective way to empower the people.
  7. 7.  Knowledge Industry – mass production, delivery and marketing of knowledge – has been emerging as a big industry surpassing the entire IT based or enabled Industries. Knowmatics is the basis of Knowledge Industry. Arab Knowledge Bank comes under the emerging Knowledge Industry, offering very great Investment, Income, Business and Profit Making opportunities. Besides, it offers unprecedented socio-economic development potentialities for ‘Knowledge Empowers People ; Knowledge facilitates dreams, Visions and Innovations’. Email: