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What type of data room user are you?


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The most common types of virtual data room users: Drooms data rooms are entered by many people every single day, but everyone behaves differently. The range of users includes the mobile 24/7 user, the chaotic user, the DIY user and many more.

We present the different types of virtual data room user with an added touch of humour.

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What type of data room user are you?

  2. Not every data room user is the same. The behaviour of different users on the same software can vary tremendously because individual working techniques, preferences and personalities have direct impact on the behaviour of users.
  3. THE DATA ROOM NATIVE This type of user knows the data room better than the back of their hand. They move through the document index in a confident and targeted way, and are clearly in their element. Colleagues often refer to them as nerds.
  4. THE MOBILE 24/7 USER This type of user is at work when others are sound asleep. Anytime, anywhere, they are battling their way through the data room. They even take a quick look at the latest documents when tucked up in bed just before going to sleep. Being stuck somewhere without an internet connection is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a 24/7 user.
  5. THE CHAOTIC USER This type of user lives according to the mantra "Only the stupid need organization, the genius controls the chaos" (Einstein). And they (generally) seems to do this successfully. Even if the data room appears unstructured to others, it all makes sense to the chaotic user. Until, that is, they notice a build-up of questions in the Q&A section and realise that not everyone is able to follow their logic and structure easily.
  6. THE BOOKMARKER As is the case in the real world, this type of user loves bookmarks in all shapes and colours. No document is without a sticky note or two, and the same is true in the online data room: finding a page without a bookmark is virtually impossible.
  7. LAST MINUTE USER This type of user is always facing a tight deadline and feeling rather stressed. True to the maxim that 80% of the work can be completed in 20% of the time, the last minute user is notorious for appearing out of thin air just before the data room is set to close.
  8. THE SCROOGE This type of user does not like sharing and only reluctantly lets others have access to "their" documents, living by the rule of "better one document too few than one too many". Questions are preprogrammed.
  9. THE GENEROUS USER This type of user has no issue with making documents available to others. Quite the opposite, in fact. Anything that might be required is put in the data room, as is everything that is not. At times, this can drive others to despair as they trudge through the files.
  10. THE OLD SCHOOL USER This type of user is filled with dread at the thought of new software and data rooms. They are extremely reluctant to log in if they have to deal with overly demanding systems. However, with a little encouragement and support, they too can become an adept user.
  11. THE DIY USERS This type of user accepts the challenge and works their way independently through every data room. Queries and support hotline are not part of their vocabulary, instead they prefer to conquer the mountain alone.