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As a software product engineering specialist, Droisys understands the significance of hiring people with the right talent and passion for technology. Our hiring methods have been designed keeping this in mind.

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Hr process

  2. 2. Resource Profile of DroisysTotal No. of Employees : 62Resource Profile - Department Wise S.No Department No. of Resources 1 Design 5 2 Development 38 3 HR/Admin 2 4 House Keeping 3 5 Management 4 5 Quality Control 7 6 System Administration 3
  3. 3. Resource Profile – Based on the roles & DesignationsS.No. Role/Designation Number of Resources1 Admin/Operations Executive 22 Delivery Head 23 Designer 54 Director-Solutions 15 HR Executive 16 House keeping 18 Office Assistant 19 Project Lead 410 Team Lead 211 Quality Analyst 112 Software Engineer 2513 Software Tester 1314 System Administrator 3
  4. 4. Competency Center of DroisysCompetency Metrics based on Role and Experience Level S.No. Role/Designation Experience Core Competency 1 Software Engineer- 0-1 yrs. • Must be a B.E/ MCA with 70% in 10th,12th and Trainee UG • Good Analytical skills • Proficient in any one programming language • Good communication skills • Positive Attitude and team player 2 Software Engineer 2-4 yrs. • Must be a BE/MCA • Proficient in any one programming language like .Net, Java, Flash or PHP • Certification will be an added advantage • Good in analytical skills • Good in developing and testing the code • Quick learner • Good communication skills • Positive Attitude and team player • Reporting to the Team Lead
  5. 5. 3 Team Lead 5-8 yrs. • Must be a BE/MCA • Proficient in any one programming language like .Net, Java, Flash or PHP • Expertise in risk escalation • Good in Developing and testing skills • Good in planning and tracking the project • Good Motivation skills • Good in Team Coordination • Good analytical and technical skills • Good knowledge in performance management • Excellent in communication • Reporting to the Project lead4 Project Lead 7+ yrs. • Must be a BE/MCA • Proficient in any one programming language like .Net, Java, Flash or PHP • Good Managerial Skills • Good in Resource planning and management • Excellent analytical and technical skills • Good in Quality management • Good customer management skills • Excellent in communication • Experienced in Project Scope Management • Reporting to the Senior Consultant
  6. 6. 5 Software Tester 2+ yrs. • Must be a B.E/ MCA with 70% in 10th,12th and UG • Certification will be an added advantage • Good in analyzing the Requirements from the client • Experienced in Preparing Test Scenarios • Experienced in executing the Test Cases • Experienced in defect Tracking • Experienced in preparing Summary Reports • Reporting to the Quality manager6 Director-Solutions 12+ yrs. • Must be a B.E/MCA, MBA • Experience in project management • Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming. • Experience in business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources. • Customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  7. 7. 7 System Administrator 2+ yrs. • Must be a Graduate • Good Knowledge about Linux Server • Good in Administration of Windows Server • Good in Vendor management • Good communication skills • Expertise in Setting up Version Control System • Expertise in Implementing Firewalls/Proxy server • Good in Team Leading • Expertise in maintaining Inventory of all Computer-related stock • Reporting to the CEO8 HR Executive 1+ yrs. • Must be a MBA(HR) or any HR related studies • Excellent Knowledge in sourcing through job portals • Expertise in handling Joining and Relieving Formalities of employees • Good knowledge about Appraisals • Expertise in employee engagement, motivation, training and related activities • Good knowledge in implementation of companys HR Policies • Expertise in Resource management • Good communication skills Reporting to the CEO
  8. 8. 9 Admin/Operations 4+ yrs. • Expertise in handling entire admin and finance of the Executive Company • Expertise in Managing Payroll, Pay role processing and sending intimation to bank • Invoice management • Good knowledge about budget allocation for all projects • Expertise in handling the compliance to tax and state laws • Good knowledge about export and import procedures • Good in vendor management • Good communication skills • Reporting to the CEO10 Designer 6+ yrs • Must be a graduate • Expertise in designing tools like Adobe Flash, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe After EFX, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator. • Corel Draw • Expertise in 2D and 3D animation • Use computer software to generate new images. • Develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and Internet websites. • Graphic Design Skills, Layout Skills, Creative Services, Customer Focus, Creativity, Flexibility, • Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Desktop Publishing Tools, Acute Vision, Handles Rejection
  9. 9. 11 Delivery Head 10 yrs. • 10+ yrs. of experience in Project Delivery • Exposed to delivery planning, capacity planning, migration practices • Must have handled multiple projects • Managing a delivery team of project managers; ensuring the team implements their projects fully in accordance with the company process, procedures and system requirements. • Maintain and manage effective relationships with a range of external project delivery partners • People management experience: leadership, communication, negotiation, problem solving, self-reliance, enthusiasm, team building, performance management • Task and target orientated
  10. 10. 12 Quality Analyst 5+ yrs. • 5+ yrs. of experience in Quality control • Must be a B.Sc. Computers or B.E • Strong knowledge in Quality Management Systems • Knowledge of process improvement methodologies and tools, statistical methodologies. • Writes, revises, and verifies quality standards and test procedures for program design and product evaluation to attain quality of software economically and efficiently. • Writes documentation to describe program evaluation, testing, and correction. • Define and establish the overall quality strategy. • Review the strategies approaching to determine, investigate, and resolve data quality issues. • Utilize the profiling, quality tools and various data sources in order to determine causes of quality issues and to solve them. • Establish an on-going process to maintain quality data and defining quality audit processes. • coordination with the clients • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
  11. 11. Recruitment at DroisysAs a software product engineering specialist, Droisys understands the significance of hiring people withthe right talent and passion for technology. Our hiring methods have been designed keeping this in mind.For Software Engineers/ Technical Positions.We follow an elaborate process with the following steps.• Need Identification by Project Manager /Head• Requirement with necessary skill set, experience given to HR after approval from CEO• Depending on the position, suitable candidates are invited by• Advertisements posted on job portals• Referral mails• Walk-ins• Sourcing from Job portals• Campus Recruitment drives• A candidate for a senior position(6+ years)undergoes 4 Rounds of interviews:• Telephonic Interview by Team Lead/Project Lead• In-person Interview – Project Manager• Technical cum General Personality Assessment Interview by CEO• HR Interview• A candidate for the post of Engineer undergoes 6 Rounds of interviews and :• Telephonic Screening by Team Lead to identify if the candidate has the required technical skills• Hands-on System Test, if required by the team lead, where candidates are tested on their programmingskills
  12. 12. • In-person Technical Interview by Project Lead to test their subject knowledge• Technical Interview by Project Manager• Technical cum General Personality Assessment Interview by CEO• HR InterviewA couple of rounds like PM and Project Lead In-person interviews can be combined based on thecandidate and the requirement.Employee reference checks are done where mails are sent to immediate reporting authority of all theprevious companies that the candidate has worked at. Apart from this, telephonic discussion is alsocarried out to validate the information gathered.
  13. 13. Employee Referral ProgramEmployees are encouraged to refer suitable candidates for positions at Droisys. If the candidate who isreferred by an employee gets selected, the referrer gets an incentive. This is mutually beneficial as iteliminates elaborate referral checks and also gives the current employees a sense of involvement in theorganization’s processes.
  14. 14. Hiring Fresh GraduatesThe new graduates and engineers with their inquiring minds and experimental attitude bring a uniqueenthusiasm to the workplace. Droisys has an internship program for 3 months for the students in theirfinal year which allows them to work at Chennai Development centre. During this period they aremonitored and the best performing student is given a job offer. Recruitment drives are also conducted atprestigious educational institutions to shortlist candidates.This process includes the following steps:• Candidates are screened on the percentages obtained in their high school as well as college. Consistent scholastic performance is one of the key parameters.• Candidates shortlisted in the resume screening are required to undertake a written aptitude test where they are tested for their logical, analytical and verbal skills.• The candidate’s programming ability is tested by a system test where they need to code a given program in any programming language of their choice.• Candidates who clear all the above rounds are shortlisted for personal interview rounds as below: Ability to take ownership• A fair team playerDroisys recruitment process is unique in such a way that, candidate interviewing for any position are givena hands-on test – either machine, or to write a particular article, demonstrate a known skill/ability requiredfor the job etc. This has ensured that in our history, we have hardly hired a person who is not fit for aposition filled.
  15. 15. Hiring Fresh GraduatesCertain basic qualities that we look for in candidates when hiring and on which they are tested on…• Integrity• Loves technology. Lives for it.• Great Analytical skills• Budding Creativity• Inquiring mind & fast learner• Takes ownership• A fair team playerAll candidates irrespective of the position they are interviewed for are tested on the above qualities.
  16. 16. Performance ManagementPerformance Management at Droisys includes all activities that take place to ensure goals set for eachemployee are consistently met in an efficient manner. The activities thus include• Team & Individual Goal-setting – Quarterly Plan• Appraisals• Trainings and CertificationsTeam & Individual Goal-settingDroisys holds quarterly meetings with all employees – team/department-wise where each team canshowcase its achievements in the previous quarter and state the goals for the next quarter Discussionsare held across teams to also check for relevance and feasibility of the goals set. These meetings providean opportunity for employees to be involved in the goal setting process which increases accountability andleads to higher levels of commitment.AppraisalsThe first step in the appraisal process is whereby the employees appraise themselves and rate their workperformance on Productivity, Quality, Ownership, Teamwork and Communication stating relevantexperiences from their work in the last 6 months. Candid and honest self-evaluation consideringachievements and short falls will help chart successful career growth. Forms will be sent from HRdepartment on due dates in the scheduled months.These forms are then sent to the Team Leads and other stakeholders who assess and provide their ownfeedback. Self-Appraisal of employees and the feedback on them by the Team Leads/Managers arereviewed during one-on-one meetings with employees by the Project Manager and CEO.
  17. 17. Team Lead/Manager’s remarks are sent to the employees along with a schedule of Training or Skill up-gradation proposals, if any. This also accompanies a proposal for revision of Pay Structure, based on thefeedback and ratings provided.Trainings and CertificationsRelevant Training sessions are organized on a month on month basis identifying trainers within theorganization as well as arranging for external faculty where consultants with the expertise in relevant areaof work/technology are called to facilitate training. Droisys also sponsors certifications from reputedinstitutes, conference participation, seminars, webinars etc. catering to the holistic learning anddevelopment needs of all employees.Appraisals at DroisysAppraisals take place on yearly basis for all the employees. The first appraisal period begins from the 1stof the month following the joining month of the employee.
  18. 18. Appraisal Process Request raised by HR Self Appraisal by Employee Appraised Form Forwarded to Team Lead/ Project Manager One to One meeting (Employee ,PM & CEO) HR Meeting & Soft Copy of Letter will be provided Team leader remarks along with schedule of Training or Skill up gradation proposals and Revision of Pay Structure will be mailed to Employee .
  19. 19. The appraisal process is as follows:Self-AppraisalAll employees are required to appraise themselves to help their own career progress. Can did andhonest self-evaluation considering achievements and short falls will help chart suitable career growth.Forms will be sent from HR department on due dates in the scheduled months.Team Lead/Manager’s AppraisalAll Self-Appraisals are referred to the Team Lead/ Manager for their assessment.Appraisal Discussions with the EmployeeSelf-Appraisal of employees and the feedback on them by the Team Leads/Managers are reviewed duringone-on-one meetings which are to afford proper career counseling and development.Feed back to EmployeesTeam Lead/Manager’s remarks are sent to the employees along with a schedule of Training or Skill up-gradation proposals, if any. This may also accompany a proposal for revision of Pay Structure, if sointended/merited.
  20. 20. Training and Development Process at DroisysTraining and Development at Droisys is all about enhancing the skills-sets of employees in both Technicaland Non –Technical areas. Droisys aims to do this by designing and developing training calendar for everyquarter based on needs expressed by the employees. The process normally begins with identifying thetraining needs, preparing a budget, acquiring approval from the top management, publishing the trainingcalendar, facilitating the training process in terms of logistic arrangements to create an environmentconducive for learning and ends with the pre and post training analysis. Each of the above processes isexplained in detail in the following section.Process1. Identify Training NeedsThe process of Training Need Analysis involves identifying needs of employees in two major areas –Technical and Non-Technical. Under each area, the Team Lead, upon discussion with his team memberslists down the specific topics on which each team member requires training. He also provides details aboutthe priority and level of training based on project and individual needs. All of the above information isgathered through a training need analysis form that is circulated to all the Team Leads of differentdepartments. The information so collected is then collated and with the help of the Project Manager andCEO, the training programs for the particular quarter are ranked and selected based on priority.2. Estimate the Training CostsOnce the training topics are shortlisted for a quarter, steps are taken to identify trainers either internally orfrom external vendors. In the case of external vendors, trainers are identified based on their proficiency,experience, and cost.
  21. 21. Upon confirmation of trainer, information is sought about time duration of sessions, materials that need tobe procured, arrangements to be made. A budget is drawn taking into consideration all the costs involvedwhich will be sent to the top management for approval.3. Acquire Approval of Budget from Top ManagementThe training budget so prepared after the need analysis and cost estimation is sent to the topmanagement for approval.4. Publish Training CalendarUpon receiving approval from the top management, the training calendar is published and circulated to allas well as put up on the notice board. It is drawn in the following format:5. Facilitate Training ProcessOnce the training calendar has been published, the next step involves creating a training environmentconducive for learning. This will include making necessary arrangements depending on the requirementsput forth by the trainer as well as the participants. Training Hall is then set up with the help of Admin andSystem Admin departments.6. Conduct Pre-assessment (Optional )Prior to starting of the session, pre-assessment is conducted to understand the exact need of theparticipant and also the level of the participant, so as to ensure the training is custom designed to bestimpart the necessary skill. This is done by sending out a form to participants where they rate themselveson certain criteria and also list down specifically what they are looking to learn from the session.
  22. 22. 7. Conduct Post-assessmentAfter completion of training session, post-assessment form is given to all participants where they providefeedback on the session as well as write down if the learning needs identified them in the pre-assessmentform have been addressed. The information so collected is analyzed to test the effectiveness of thetraining. The feedback from this session is shared to the trainers as well as used to plan future programs.8. Conclude Training ProcessThe training process concludes by organization of all data collected into respective folders for futurereference. This would involve updating the List of training workshops conducted report, opening a newfolder for each particular training, adding the feedback from pre and post assessment form to this folderand the reports, adding the PowerPoint presentation if any, to this folder, as well as, adding it to thetraining material repository.Training and Development SponsorshipTo meet the challenges of a competitive business environment, it is vital that there is an efficient team thatis keen to learn, improve and innovate regardless of the job positions held.At Droisys, Employees are encouraged to make use of every opportunity given to increase job knowledgeand skills. The senior staff is further encouraged to impart necessary inputs by periodic training sessionswith the team members.Comprehensive training programs covering a range of subjects relating to the business are conducted forboth new and existing staff.
  23. 23. Sponsorship for External CoursesThe company sends employees for training to augment skills in specific areas such as technology,communication, soft skills or other areas. Employees are also sent for industry events for their learningand participation.Career DevelopmentDroisys always gives priority to promotion from within, provided suitable staff can be found possessing therequired job specification.Hiring from outside sources will only be resorted to when no suitable staff with the relevant qualificationsand skills can be found from within. Project Manager Project Lead Team Lead Software Engineer Software Engineer Trainee
  24. 24. Benefits & AwardsCertification Program: Every employee who has been with the Company for a minimum period of 6months may be eligible for reimbursement of one approved certification per year (as provided in theappointment letter) when he/she passes the examination. The amount incurred for the program will bereimbursed in six installments along with their monthly salary disbursement.Droisys rewards exceptional performance of employees as reflectedPeriodically an awards program is held with defined criteria for which employees are eligible. For example,to celebrate the first year of operations, the Company held an Innovation Award (annually) whereemployees contributed original product ideas, improvements to development process, and otherinnovative solutions.