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Narratives at Mobile Casinos

A quick guide to the use of narratives, as a gamification technique, at mobile casinos. We'll focus on casino-wide narratives, such as the Casumo Adventure, and compare these with narratives within casino games. For more articles on gamification, check out:

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Narratives at Mobile Casinos

  1. 1. Narratives at Mobile Casinos By Droid Slots A quick summary of a gamification technique
  2. 2. What are narratives?
  3. 3. What are narratives? A narrative is the story-line that you follow as you play at a casino.
  4. 4. What are narratives? Narratives can greatly improve your enjoyment of a casino.
  5. 5. What are narratives? Instead of treating each game as an isolated entity, narratives tie all of the games at a casino together.
  6. 6. Casino Room’s space adventure
  7. 7. Casino Room’s space adventure • As you play games and gain points, you travel through space to different planets. • Space-themed language and imagery helps to tell the story.
  8. 8. Casino Room’s space adventure When you arrive at each planet, you’ll be rewarded for your progress with free spins or extra cash.
  9. 9. The Casumo Adventure
  10. 10. The Casumo Adventure Be transported to a parallel universe with weird and wonderful places like ‘The Stonery on Gabbagamma’ and the ‘Hills of Odd’.
  11. 11. The Casumo Adventure Play games to progress through the levels and to gain better belts, with bigger rewards.
  12. 12. Narratives in Games Narratives are not only features of casinos as a whole, but can be found within games.
  13. 13. Narratives in Games A simple story line, and excellent attention to detail in vision and sound, make Cop the Cash 2 a joy to play. Check it out at Pocket Fruity.
  14. 14. Narratives in Games A romance comes to life, with excellent use of the Ancient Egypt theme, in Caesar and Cleopatra at mfortune.
  15. 15. What makes a narrative effective?
  16. 16. What makes a narrative effective? Attention to detail is always a very pleasing feature of story-telling, as it aids the imagination.
  17. 17. What makes a narrative effective? The simple story-lines are often the best. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  18. 18. What makes a narrative effective? For instance, one of the reasons that Cop the Cash 2 is so enjoyable is that the root narrative is the simple game of ‘cops and robbers’ that you may have played as a child.
  19. 19. What differences are there between casino-wide narratives and game narratives?
  20. 20. What differences are there between casino-wide narratives and game narratives? Game narratives tend to have these features, while casino-wide narratives do not: • Sound effects and music • Short films at the beginning of a game that help to set the scene and tell the story. For example, check out Gonzo’s Quest.
  21. 21. How common are narratives?
  22. 22. How common are narratives? Casino-wide narratives, such as the Casumo Adventure, are not very common, and there’s plenty of room in the market place for casinos to make more use of them.
  23. 23. How common are narratives? You will find that narratives within games are common. However, games that have really good narratives are harder to find. Creating a game with a great narrative is a bit of an art.
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