Nokia X Tech session – Same code base, new user base


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This is a deep dive session exploring Nokia X development. The session will include a platform overview, in-depth looks at the compatibility analysis tool, Nokia Services SDK, and porting scenarios including managing dependencies and optimizing code to publish across the Nokia Store and other platforms. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

As presented in DroidCon Tel Aviv 2014 by:
Attila Csipa, Microsoft

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Nokia X Tech session – Same code base, new user base

  1. 1. Nokia X Technical Session DroidCon 2014 Tel Aviv Attila Csipa, Technology Wizard, Microsoft
  2. 2. Nokia X
  3. 3. 768MB RAM 4GB SD in sales pack NokiaX+ 4” WVGA (480x800) Dual SIM + SD Card Dual Core 1GHz Snapdragon NokiaX 89* EUR 99* EUR 5” WVGA (480x800) Dual SIM + SD Card 5MP AF + flash 2MP front facing NokiaXL 109* EUR
  4. 4. Cumulative global volume for Smartphones under $100 – Expected to be ~1.4B for 2014-2017 ** Volume of Smartphones between $36 and $99 for 2014 is expected to be 256M Nokia Mobile Phones volume of 2012 was over 300M phones 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 $300- $191-$299 $100-$190 $36-$99 0-$35 Source: Strategy Analytics
  5. 5. POPULATION CREDIT CARDS US 317M 686M KOREA 50M 96M VIETNAM 89M 2M INDIA 1200M 24M INDONESIA 237M 10M The lack of credit cards excludes huge audience
  6. 6. + + Standout design that’s built to last Flow between your favourite apps in a smoother, faster way Nokia X distinctly Nokia with a little extra
  7. 7. 15 Android Open Source Project 4.1.2 (API level 16) Android 3rd party applications Nokia X Software Platform 1.0 Nokia Store Nokia UX In-App Payment API HERE API Notifications API
  8. 8. HERE Maps Nokia Push Notifications Nokia In-App Payments Here maps provides complete offline experiences like no other maps service. Simple yet powerful notifications service. World’s largest operator billing network.
  9. 9. 75% Android applications work unmodified 25% require small changes Nokia X Service APIs Nokia In-App Purchase HERE Maps Nokia Notifications (replace Google APIs) Application ready to publish in Nokia Store. No porting, no coding just publish!
  10. 10. 75% Android applications work unmodified 25% require small changes Another job well done!
  11. 11. 75% Android applications work unmodified 25% require small changes We got you covered!
  12. 12. Nokia X Analyser Submit .apk to Nokia Store 75% work unmodified Port using Nokia X Services SDK 25% need a little retouch Up to 8h porting* *For most apps, depending on application complexity and number of used APIs that need porting We give you easy to use online and offline tools to check your applications within seconds!
  13. 13. 6/19/2014 28
  14. 14. 6/19/2014 29
  15. 15. 31
  16. 16. An API level 16 Android Virtual Device (AVD) with the Nokia X services enabled Both ARM & X86 images (HAXM accelerated, really fast!) Works with ADB! Nokia X Emulator
  17. 17. Baseline Platform Android 4.1 ------------------------------- Nokia X Software Platform 1.0 based on AOSP V 4.1 Google Maps Google In-App Billing Google Cloud Messaging Nokia X Adapting to Nokia Services
  18. 18. The Google and Nokia services can coexist in the applications Make sure you fail gracefully! You can load and use the one that is present at runtime A one time investment in terms of developer effort Allows submission of same APK to Google Play and the Nokia Store Address more users with a single release Simultaneous release of same version (QA permitting) in all stores Nokia X One APK approach
  19. 19. <permission android:name="(your_app_pkg).permission.C2D_MESSAGE" android:protectionLevel="signature" /> <uses-permission android:name="(your_app_pkg).permission.C2D_MESSAGE" /> <uses-permission android:name="" /> <uses-permission android:name="" /> <application ... > ... <receiver android:name="" android:permission=""> <intent-filter> <action android:name="" /> <action android:name="" /> <category android:name="(your_app_pkg)" /> </intent-filter> </receiver> <receiver android:name="" android:permission="" > <intent-filter> <action android:name="" /> <action android:name="" /> <category android:name="(your_app_pkg)" /> </intent-filter> </receiver> <service android:name=".PushIntentService" /> <service android:name=".GCMIntentService" /> </application> Nokia X One APK approach – common manifest
  20. 20. try { PushRegistrar.checkDevice(this); // (continue with Nokia Notifications logic) } catch (UnsupportedOperationException e1) { try { GCMRegistrar.checkDevice(this); // (continue with GCM logic) } catch (UnsupportedOperationException e2) { // neither notification service is available } } Nokia X One APK approach – runtime detection
  21. 21. No need to reinvent the wheel! The Nokia X SDK plugin contains One APK examples for all Nokia X APIs Latest versions also available on GitHub Nokia X One APK approach – samples
  22. 22. By default – DON’T TOUCH IT (all changes at platform, not API level)
  23. 23. Adopting Android UI to Nokia X UI requires tests Nokia X uses HDPI bucket Different font (like Nokia Pure) might mean different text length
  24. 24. Android’s Menu (3.0 and older) is replaced by Nokia’s Options menu.
  25. 25. Registration Publishing (NO yearly fees!) Analyser Service SDK
  26. 26. Nokia In Application Payment Downloads and Ads Nokia Developer Offers DVLUP developer program
  27. 27. Registration via or events. Fulfillment via DVLUP. • Hockeyapp – Crash Reports, Feedback, Distribution, Analytics – 3 months • Infragistics – UI libraries -1 year • Bugsense – Crash analytics and bug reporting – 3 months • Xamarin – Nokia X components (free) Developer offers for Nokia X
  28. 28. Targeted & Curated App Challenges Engage via Gamification & Rewards Over $5M worth of Rewards and Campaigns Redeem earned points for Phones, Accessories, Dev Tools and App Promotion DVLUP Nokia’s rewards program
  29. 29. Nokia X Summary Nokia X is Microsoft’s new platform with Android at it’s core Nokia X porting is easy and fast Nokia X opens new markets to your existing apps
  30. 30. Nokia X Thanks for your time! GO! PORT!