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  1. 1. The Role of Social Networks inThe Dialogue betweenCivilizations and Cultures‫التجتماعية‬ ‫الشبكات‬ ‫ةيعامتجإلا تاكبشلا رودور‬‫الثقافات‬ ‫و‬ ‫الحضارات‬ ‫حوار‬ ‫فى‬
  2. 2. www.alumniportal-deutschland.orgAlumniportalDeutschlandDiscover thePower
  3. 3. On behalf of the Federal Ministryfor Economic Cooperation andDevelopmentOfficial OpeningSeptember 11th, 2008, Berlinwww.alumniportal-deutschland.orgThe actors
  4. 4. Our partnersAnd many others…We cooperate withmany Germanorganizations. It isthis cooperationwhich generates theadditional andunique value of
  5. 5. Who are "Germany-Alumni"?Germany-Alumni are people from all over the world,who studied or worked in Germany or who wheretrained by a German organization (>3 month)Former trainees andscholarship holdersFormer participantsof the reintegrationprogrammefree
  6. 6. What is new?www.alumniportal-deutschland.orgAccess to all Germanyalumni registered inyour country, region,continent andworldwideAccess to offers of allGerman organizationsinvolvedBrings together thosewho offer serviceswith those demandingservices
  7. 7. What offers the APD?Find people and letyou be foundAlumni-CommunityFurther advancedtrainingEvent calendarInformation. Communication.Advanced training. Research.Business. Jobs. Carreer planning.Job marketCarreer
  8. 8. Alumni CommunityStay in contactwith GermanyFind people -personal andprofessionalcontactsGet in touch withcompanies,organizations,institutionsPersonal profilesGroups. NetworksChats. Blogs. WikisDocumentsWebpagesJoin us !!!www.alumniportal-deutschland.orgForum
  9. 9. Trainings & eventsFurtherprofessionaltraining by allparticipatingorganizationsEvent calendar foryour country, region,continent, worldwide
  10. 10. Jobs & CarreerAnsprechpartnerfindenEmployers portraitsBackgroundinformationFind a jobOffer a jobPublish your profileCareer informationLinkage between alumni andcompaniesJobs, assignments and
  11. 11. www.alumniportal-deutschland.orgCompanies andorganizations can…announce eventsfind consultantsoffer Jobsfind expertslearn about newspresentthemselvesIn 2010 we have reached 13000 professional users,327groups, 277 blogs, 175 countries
  12. 12. At a glance: Our Service for Organsations and CompaniesEstablish contacts with Germany Alumni around the worldFind qualified personell, experts, and partnersPresent your company and announce your projects and activitiesPublish your job advertisementsPromote your eventsIntegrate the Alumniportal Deutschland for your Alumni activitiesPresent your Alumni-association and promote your activitiesWe target:Companies, industry- and trade associationsUniversities, academic and educational institutionsOrganisations active in development cooperation and humanitarian effortsOrganisations that realise cultural projectsAlumni-networks and Alumniclubs worldwideGermany alumni who have set up a business or organisation on their ownHR consultants who look for qualified personnelMigrant organisations in GermanyThe registration for companies and organisations is free of charge.
  13. 13. What is new about the portal?A portal for all alumni worldwideLinking alumni amongst each other through anonline community that enables to connect and shareexperiences and knowledgeContact to the economy, research & sciences andNGOsInternational virtual job fair including information oncareer planningEvent Calendar and Database for Advanced Training
  14. 14. Types of eventsAlumni fairInformation eventAPD-Workshop
  15. 15. Events 2008Alumni fairs in Burkina Faso, South Africa, Egypt, Malawi,TanzaniaInformation events in Mosambique, Tschad, Uganda,Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, ZambiaWorkshop in Madagaskar
  16. 16. Ouagadougou 2008South Africa 2008Syria 2008Madagascar 2008
  17. 17. Impressions – Egypt 2008
  18. 18. Events 2009Alumni fairs in Tanzania, Indonesia, Ghana, MongoliaInformation events in Uganda, Nigeria,South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Tunesia, Burkina Faso,ChinaWorkshops in Jordan, Syria
  19. 19. Impressions – Egypt 2009
  20. 20. The APD Team organized 4 Conferences:(Tanzania, Ghana, Indonesia, Mongolia) with a total of about 1.800 participants.Furthermore our multiplicators and offices organized for us about 20 smaller events(Information events, workshops etc.) with about 2.500 participants.The smaller events took place in different countries in Africa and Asia2010 :
  21. 21. Erbil/ North Iraq on Tuesday, 23 February 2010, from 9 am to 5:30 pmwith following evening program all Alumni of German universities andeducational institutes who are currently living in Iraq.This is an invitation for a special portal day for Alumni trained inGermany and for German partners in Iraq."Alumniportal Deutschland - networks and cooperation"Presentation of different ways of how Iraqi experts could make use ofthe Alumniportal Deutschland; discussions and shop talk with experts inthe fields of business economy, further education and qualification aswell as in the field of culture; workshops and time for an exchange withother alumni trained in Germany and with partners.Locally active German companies and organizations are also invited.Next – Iraq 2010
  22. 22. Access to the APDCommunity:www.alumniportal-deutschland.orgBeing a social network, the APD is both a place to present and talk aboutnew books. What about creating a group for Egyptian "book worms" orfor young writers to present their texts to a large group of people. Web2.0 makes everyone an author
  23. 23. www.alumniportal-deutschland.orgAnyAny QuestionQuestion !!!!!!
  24. 24. Thank you foryour attention!Dr.Mohammed Abdel-Rahman GhorabConsultant Community Promoterfor