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Effective communications between employees, customers and suppliers is essential to business success. Whether an organisation has a single office or multiple premises, a suitable network and communications system plays a vital role in connecting its people; as well as presenting them with business IT systems and information.

InTechnology's managed IP network, LANnet, delivers converged data and voice services to customers' sites. LANnet provides the means for companies to have their business critical applications hosted 'in the network', providing simpler, more effective communication.
LANnet provides the infrastructure over which many feature-rich data and voice services can be delivered. A variety of connectivity options including high speed Ethernet, Leased line and Broadband services are available to connect customer sites to InTechnology's high capacity 'MPLS' core.

A single physical circuit is capable of delivering several 'layered' services to any customer location. InTechnology's layered services provide communication between company sites (VPN), to the InTechnology voice platform (Unity IP Voice), to the Internet & access to the Data Replication / Data Backup platform.

These features enable InTechnology to provide fully managed, cost effective and flexible data and voice services, to multiple business locations including head offices, regional locations and even remote workers on a single 'converged' network. By securely connecting these business locations, and providing fast and highly available access to the Internet, InTechnology provides lower management overheads and improved service levels.

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Innovative Networks

  1. 1. Innovative NetworksIntroducing InTechnology’s New National Ethernet and Broadband Networks<br />
  2. 2. InTechnology’s National Network<br />604 Ethernet Points of Presence (PoPs) across the whole of the UK including N.Ireland<br />100Mbps and 1Gbps Ethernet Access<br />Variety of Broadband Access Services<br />Partial Private Circuit Access<br />Combines BT’s 21st Century Next Generation Network with InTechnology’s Optical Fibre Backbone to create an innovative, fully resilient and highly flexible solution<br />Allows the delivery of multi-layered business quality services such as Voice, Data Backup, Internet, and VPNs to all your sites, large or small<br />
  3. 3. What is BT 21CN?<br />21CN is the name of the new BT national network<br />It represents a £14bn upgrade in their infrastructure<br />21CN is an umbrella term to refer to all these new high-speed capabilities rather than any one specifically<br />InTechnology is one of the first UK providers to deliver managed services across the BT 21CN<br />BT 21CN allows us to provide high-speed IP connectivity at cost points that were impossible previously<br />The first 21CN derived products that InTechnology is introducing are the Ethernet WAN services and ADSL2+ broadband services<br />
  4. 4. What benefit does 21CN bring?<br />Almost regardless of where your offices are, we should be able to connect them via 100Mb/s Ethernet<br />We can now deliver Ethernet to 87% of UK businesses, and this number is constantly increasing<br />“Ethernet Everywhere” is now achievable<br />100Mb/s WAN links start at £395 / month<br />No longer an exclusive privilege of London<br />High-speed WAN connections mean that you can start to centralise your IT services<br />Delivering IT from the ‘cloud’ is not only more cost-effective but provides much more flexibility in a changing economic climate<br />
  5. 5. Local BT Exchange<br />“Main Link”<br />Charged per km<br />Why is Ethernet now so much cheaper with 21CN?<br />100Mb/s Ethernet<br />Core Network<br />Office<br />POP<br />Data Centre<br />The average “Main Link” distance for 21CN is only 5.5km –previously this was 14.2km <br />This is an average of 61% reduction on access distance charges<br />
  6. 6. Ethernet over the Copper Network and 21CN Broadband Access<br />
  7. 7. Ethernet in the first mile<br />Ethernet over the copper network utilises digital transmission technology and the bonding of up to eight copper pairs to achieve from 1M up to 8M symmetric bandwidth presented as Ethernet at the customer premises<br />As with ADSL, distance from the exchange is limited to a few kilometres<br />Quality of service is similar to that provided by ethernet over optical fibre<br />Product in trial and due to launch shortly, prices TBA<br />Will be available from the same 600 exchanges as 100M Ethernet over fibre is today<br />
  8. 8. 21CN Broadband Access<br />To meet customers&apos; increasing demands for higher speeds, the following line rates are planned to be offered by InTechnology<br />ADSL line ratesRate adaptive downstream: from 160kbit/s up to 8Mbit/sRate adaptive upstream: options for maximum of up to 448kbit/s or up to 832kbit/s <br />ADSL2+ line ratesRate adaptive downstream: higher bandwidths using ADSL2+ technology up to 24Mbit/sRate adaptive upstream: options for maximum of up to 448kbit/s or up to 1024kbit/s <br />
  9. 9. Broadband QoS<br />Downstream Quality of ServiceInTechnology is currently planning to provide various levels of Downstream QoSThe intention is to provide the ability to mark each traffic stream with the desired level of QoSThe proposed levels will be:<br />Best Efforts - the default settingTwo levels of weighting of &apos;Best Efforts&apos; - Business and StandardFuture roadmap to include:<br />Premium - very low packet loss <br />Session-based assured bandwidth<br />Menu pricing will clearly show the value elements of our ADSL managed service and provide more choice to make the price fit the application<br />