The History Of Marketing


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The History Of Marketing

  1. 2015 A.D.<br />Google Age<br />
  2. Fast-forward<br /> Two monkeys gave birth to the first ever man who after some time learnt to settle down at one place with other men and women around thereby creating a market for goods and services<br />
  3. Initially people use to live in small-small groups spread across the world <br />
  4. Each group was a market in itself, disconnected from the rest, it had its own set of small marketers<br />
  5. The only source of information were the chit chats they use to share and the only way anyone would hear about a product was from their friends and family<br />
  6. Marketer<br />These chit chats were natural and organic conversations, marketers had no means of encouraging or influencing it<br />
  7. Word-of-mouth was the most credible and influencing source of information<br />You must check out the new stuff at shop no. 11<br />This is good stuff, I must buy this!<br />Shop<br />11<br />
  8. But<br />word-of-mouth wouldn’t spread far and wide<br />
  9. Marketers that were popular and were doing well in one market<br />
  10. Were not known to anyone in another<br />
  11. As a result, no marketer could become big enough to benefit from economies of scale and the market wasn’t truly competitive<br />
  12. and then<br />
  13. Things Changed<br />
  14. People started staying in bigger groups closer to each other<br />
  15. Television and newspaper came<br />
  16. National and global marketers emerged and mass marketing was born as the same marketers could now talk to consumers from different groups<br />
  17. Markets became truly competitive and a lot of effort had to be put in on marketing to create a differentiated brand<br />“organic, fat free, low calorie, high protein, bigger, tastier eggs!”<br />“eggs”<br />“eggs”<br />
  18. As a result, big-global players emerged and enjoyed a monopolistic like market as they had enough money to spend on marketing keeping small and new players under their feet<br />
  19. The picture shown by these marketers was not regarded credible by consumers because of their false promises<br />Sir! Our latest mirror helps you loose weight instantly!<br />What the hell!<br />
  20. and then<br />
  21. Things Changed<br />
  22. With advent of internet, each person was connected to and was talking with many others<br />
  23. Consumer opinions for and against brands were spreading faster and wider than ever as people could talk with the entire world on the internet thereby influencing each other’s purchase decisions<br />This sucks! Don’t buy this.<br />This is awesome! Buy this.<br />
  24. Now<br />word-of-mouth was spreading far and wide<br />
  25. Multibillion dollar marketers, if not liked, were thrown down by consumers overnight. Good marketers were getting over night popularity without spending any marketing money.<br />
  26. For the first time smaller-mouse-sized marketers became big enough to make the otherwise bigger ones dance to their tunes<br />
  27. Marketing and business was changing forever and some marketers were fast at reaching new heights<br />
  28. Others found their way out of market!<br />