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Interim CFO - When Is The Time Right For Your Business


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As a CEO, you are faced with many choices, from managing the business to bookkeeping to sales to HR to employee management. One of the tasks most often overlooked is making sure your financial house is in order and your big picture goals are moving in the right direction.

Interim CFO’s provide you with the experience and expertise to get your financial plan organized and on track. They tend to be more motivated by doing the work you need in your business, like putting the building blocks in place to assure a solid foundation. They are less expensive than hiring the wrong full-time salaried CFO. And they have been “around the block” with a variety of other business so they have the knowledge and experience many others do not have. Even more, interim CFOs like to take on the “hired gun” role you are looking for: they come in, take care of business and when the time is right they are off to the next position while you transition into having your own CFO on board.

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Interim CFO - When Is The Time Right For Your Business

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