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DrivenBI SRK - 7 Reasons Why Cloud-Native BI Will Become the Norm


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Why Cloud-Native BI Will Become the Norm? Let us tell you 7 reasons to believe in this.

Reason 1. Better Collaboration
Reason 2. Better Security
Reason 3. Improved Integration
Reason 4. Lower Cost
Reason 5. Cloud Native vs. Web Accessible
Reason 6. Less Complexity
Reason 7. Cloud-Native with Self-Service

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DrivenBI SRK - 7 Reasons Why Cloud-Native BI Will Become the Norm

  1. 1. - --
  2. 2. - -- SRK Better Collaboration Enables a Collaboration Hub in the cloud to drive end-to-end data analysis and decision-making lifecycle for users to collaboratively take action on the analyzed results.
  3. 3. - -- Better Security A cloud-native architecture allows customers to push only a selective portion of their data to the cloud so that the customers’ intranet is not exposed to the outside world.
  4. 4. Databases Social Media Webservices Spreadsheet Improved Integration Only a cloud-native platform can seamlessly integrate multiple data sources into its Cloud Data Hub. - --
  5. 5. - -- No Ongoing Maintenance Fee Free Product Upgrades Easy To Scale Up To Demand No Infrastructure Investment Lower Cost
  6. 6. - -- A truly cloud-native solution requires no hardware or software on a customer site. Cloud Native vs. Web Accessible Cloud-based BI is not necessarily cloud-native BI Virtually all BI vendors claim to have “cloud-based” solutions, yet in reality, they have solutions that provide “web-based” access, but with prerequisite ground-based server.
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