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DrivenBI SRK - 6 Benefits of Getting the Right Cloud-Native BI Platform


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6 Key Benefits of Using BI Platform over Spreadsheets
1. Lower Cost
2. Efficiency
3. Breadth of Data and Accuracy
4. Productivity
5. Collaboration
6. Security

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DrivenBI SRK - 6 Benefits of Getting the Right Cloud-Native BI Platform

  1. 1. - 6 - 6 - -
  2. 2. - 6 - 6 - - Companies spend countless hours every month developing and updating those spreadsheets used for measuring business performance and driving strategic decision-making. Although spreadsheets have proven themselves as useful productivity tools for individuals, they are also error-prone, even for experienced users. The more data sources to work with and more formulae you put into a spreadsheet - the ‘larger’ the spreadsheet gets and the greater the chance for human error. Mechanical Error Inputting, typing, copy/paste errors which may appear small but can fundamentally impact the integrity of the entire model as the complexity of the spreadsheet grows Logic Error Flawed calculations generated from inappropriate or incorrect formulae and algorithms Omission One of the most common and most difficult to spot errors is where data is simply not incorporated in the first place 01 02 03 There are primarily 3 types of commonly seen errors when using spreadsheets to do analysis: Source: Did You Know 88% Spreadsheets Contain At Least 1 Error?
  3. 3. - 6 - 6 - - WHAT IS THE BETTER WAY?
  4. 4. - 6 - 6 - - 6 Key Benefits of Using BI Platform over Spreadsheets 4Lower Cost1 2 3 5 6 Efficiency Breadth of Data and Accuracy Productivity Collaboration Security
  5. 5. - 6 - 6 - - Lower Cost No ongoing maintenance costs No reliance on a dedicated IT team Easy to scale up per business and analytical needs No up-front investment in software licenses and hardware infrastructure Cloud-Native BI Platform
  6. 6. - 6 - 6 - - Efficiency No longer rely on IT because you don’t need to know programming or build data models to get to the analysis you want Create ad-hoc analysis by yourself to obtain just-in-time business insights based on the data you choose
  7. 7. - 6 - 6 - - 7 Slice and dice your data to easily get the answers you need Centralize data and analytical logic to guarantee a single version of the truth Bring in data from as many data sources as you need to build more customized and comprehensive analysis Breadth of Data and Accuracy
  8. 8. - 6 - 6 - - Real-time insights whenever you need them Analysis accessible anytime, anywhere Productivity You don’t have to be sitting at your desk in order to work with your data. You could be in the field and sitting with your client. You can be anywhere you need to be in your business to use the business intelligence. Kathleen Douglas Executive VP of Global Sales & Alliances ▲ Live Chart: Monitor Website Traffic
  9. 9. - 6 - 6 - - Empower your team by allowing collaborating via tasks Automate your process by facilitating automatic alerts and scheduled distribution of reports Collaboration
  10. 10. - 6 - 6 - - Ø Build your analysis logic once and use access control to determine who sees the data Ø Users across multiple departments work on the same set of data and analysis through tiered granular access control User and role based data access control at individual record level User authentication and authorization at the application level Customer settings and features available at user and role level Application Level User Level Record Level Security
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