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Case study:apple inc.


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a case study on apple's product development and monument success

Published in: Marketing
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Case study:apple inc.

  1. 1. Apple’s product launches over the past had been monumental. What makes the company so good at innovation? Is there anyone comparable to apple in this respect? 1. a strong visionary leadership 2. Product development process leading to revolutionary products 3. And amazing innovative market campaigns ?
  2. 2. How important was iPod to Apple’s current success? Discuss the significance of iPhone and iPad launches to Apple’s new product development strategy. 1. After iPod Apple computers was made Apple Inc. It made Apple a revolution in the way people listened music. 2. It finally led to the launch of iPhone. 3. iPhone and iPod made it a market leader in non-computer and portable devices . ?
  3. 3. What’s next for Apple? Should it continue to move away from computers and toward more new handheld devices? 1. Next is it’s Watch and TVOS 2. It should not move away rather target at both computers and handheld devices. 3. It should try and focus on coming upwith more REVOLUTIONARY products rather than EVOLUTIONARY ones. ?