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BFree Diamond Makers Success System

  1. 1. BFree Boresha InternationalDiamond M aker SUCCESS SYSTEM the p o wer to c ha nge your l if e…
  2. 2. WelcomeNewest Boresha family member,On behalf of Boresha’s corporate staff, myself, my family, and the growing community of BoreshaIndependent Marketing Consultants, I would like to welcome you onboard!We are blessed to have a powerful driving force, composed of people like you, who envision a healthierand wealthier community dedicated to the well-being of everyone around the world. Congratulations onmaking a noble and wise decision.Our exclusive, innovative, high quality products, and our unique business model have physically, financially,spiritually, and emotionally, enhanced the lives of millions. Your decision to join the Boresha team at thistime positions you at the ground floor of an amazing and lucrative opportunity. Taking part in our missionto carry hope, health, and freedom to others, ensures there will be a better future for you and generationsto come.We are committed to seeing you succeed and have designed the BFree Diamond Maker Success Systemto guide, and grow your business. To start and grow your Boresha center, you do not have to be pushy,aggressive, or sell anything – our products sell themselves! Your job is primarily to share your dream andvision, along with the products, with others.With Boresha, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will have many resources availableto you starting with your BFree Diamond Maker Success System, designed as an easy to understand andduplicatable process. Moreover, you will have access to many resources and our friendly and knowledgeable Customer & Distributor Service Department, to support your efforts every step of the way. We believe in investing in people and their future. Thank you for choosing Boresha to bring your intense ray of light to create a brighter future for all. Together, we will MANIFEST EXCELLENCE! Sincerely, George Najjar President & CEO
  3. 3. BFree Diamond Maker Success SystemDiamond Maker Success System 1Diamond Maker Business Essentials 2Eight Week Pathway To Freedom 3Diamond Maker Strategy & Glossary Of Terms 4Diamond Maker Building Blocks 5Warm Market List 6-7Success List to Financial Freedom 8Success Scripts Answer Machine Recording/Pique Interest Statements 9Introduction 10Invitation (Webinars/Conference Calls 11Three - Way Calling 12-13Hosting Your Tasting Party 14-15Worksheets Executive Diamond Success Map 16 Setting Goals 17Accountability 18-19Getting To Know Your Business 20Product Description 21Product Instructions 22Financial Freedom Compensation Program 23Support Services 24Notes 25-26
  4. 4. BFree Diamond Maker Success SystemLAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS IN ONE WEEK Step 1: Register as Boresha Independent Marketing Consultant for $99 + Order a product package – Set Up Next Auto-Ship to Maximize Your Earnings. [You should be on Auto-Ship for at least 50PV (Personal Volume) to be Active & Qualified to Earn Commissions, Bonuses, etc. Step 2: Set up your marketing website at ( for $19.95 per month)– Log in & Select “My Account” Tab & Add/Update Info – Select “Website Settings” on Left & Add/Update Info that Appears on Website [Reminder: Testimonial should be on FAT Loss/ Not Weight Loss]. Step 3: Order Company - Approved Business Cards, Car Signs, and Other Advertising Items in the Back Office of Your Marketing Website[ Designing Your Own Advertising /Marketing Materials is prohibited] Step 4: Complete, within 48 hours, your “Warm Market List” [ See pages 6 & 7]. Don’t prejudge, just list everyone you know. Upon completion transfer your top 25 most motivated, and successful people to your “Success List To Financial Freedom” and Email a copy of both lists to your upline expert. Step 5: Order 3-Way Calling Through Local Telephone Company Immediately – 3-Way Calling is Used for Every Part of our Business – Most Companies Offer Same Rates Incoming/Outgoing. Complete the “Warm Market List” & “Business List” Within 48 hours of Enrollment & Contact Your Upline Expert When Completed – This Step is Critical to Your Business Success! Step 6: Schedule your “First Tasting Party” & send Invitation within 7 days using local guests from your “Business List”. [See page 14 & 15; “Hosting Your Tasting Party”] Step 7: Achieve Diamond within one week by Enrolling 2 of your best business builders from your “Business List” [Place 1 person on Left & 1 person on Right]. Have each place an Order Totaling 50PV + Your Order of 50PV to Equal 150GV (Group Volume) Required to receive commissions as “Active & Qualified” Independent Marketing Consultant. Step 8: Listen to All conference Calls/Webinars [ See Resources Page or Company Website for Schedule and instructions] Check calendar on your Marketing Website for all Scheduled Local & regional Meetings & Events. Step 9: Immediately Begin Recording your Results for your Before/After Success Story – Take quality “Before” pictures of your Body & Face – Front/Side/Back Pictures. Record your starting body dimensions [Chest, Waist, Hips, Arms, Legs] and track your progress. Step 10: Review all Websites for Training & Resources on the Product, Business, & Company. [See Complete List on “Resources” Page of] Step 11: Make a list of local businesses that might be interested in Selling/Promoting the Products Including Places Where People Sit & Wait for Services. [ See Company Policies on Commercial Accounts via back office website] Step 12: Search Online for Networking and Local Events to Meet People & Promote Boresha products – Search name of Your Area + Art Shows, Expos, Trade Shows, Fairs, etc. – As long as there are people attending you have the opportunity to get business. Step 13: Review Boresha Policies and Procedures Online via your Back Office – Contain Critical Information You Need to Know to Run Your Business Properly & Comply with All Company & Government Regulation – Failure to Comply Can Result in Suspension and/or Termination. Step 14: Open a Separate Business Checking Account with Debit Card [ Can be a “Personal” Account which is Cheaper] to Keep your Business Expenses and Transactions Separate as Required by the IRS 1
  5. 5. Diamond Maker Business EssentialsOPERATING YOUR BORESHA BUSINESS IS JUST A CLICK AWAY!With the power of the Internet, Mobile Devices and Applicationsfacilitating how we communicate and stay connected,businesses are recognizing the advantage of owning a virtualstore front. Why struggle to survive in a down economy. you can enjoy the benefits of starting yourown business without paying the overhead costs of a storefront, warehousing inventory, and hiring employees. CELEBRATE THE FREEDOM OF BEING YOUR OWN BOSS!For a monthly fee of only $19.95 you can own and operate your Boresha business from the comfortof your own home. This inexpensive business tool provides you with 24 hour access to:• Lead Generating “Hey Bob” Video & Other Audio/Video Files• Business & Product Training Materials To Boost Your Marketing Confidence• Convenient Shopping Cart To Capture Every Profit Making Opportunity• A National Events Calendar To Stay Connected With Boresha’s Business Opportunity Network• Deductr – Tax & Business Organizational Tool To Maximize Your Business Success & ProfitabilityDon’t get bogged down with daunting, last minute tax preparations.Included with your monthly membership youreceive Deductr, a powerful, time-saving, business and tax organizationaltool. Deductr help you focus on your business, not on time consumingpaperwork. 2
  6. 6. Eight Week Pathway To FreedomWithin the first eight weeks of starting your Boresha business you will need to understand, andimplement the fundamental building blocks to a successful Boresha business: SPONSOR,TRAIN, & RETAIN.Week 1 ▪ Create your “Warm Market List” ▪ Contact Prospects Daily ▪ Get Prospects on a 3-Way Call with an Upline Expert ▪ Get Involved with Weekly Corporate Calls and WebinarsWeek 2 ▪ Become a “Diamond” ▪ Contact At Least 2 People Daily ▪ Get “Warm Market List” from New Team Members and Work with your Upline ▪ Attend and Observe a “Tasting Party” ▪ Host a “Tasting Party” of At Least 8 Guests with Help from an Upline Expert ▪ Attend Business Opportunity Presentations ▪ Continue Participating in Corporate Calls and WebinarsWeeks 3 & 4 ▪ Recruit 2 People and Get 3 Personal Customers on Auto-Ships ▪ Review Company & Product Information ▪ Hold a Private Team Call with your Upline; Director or Above ▪ Host 3 “Tasting Parties” with At Least 8 Guests with Help from an Upline Expert ▪ Review Team Auto-Ship ▪ Attend and Confirm your Team is Attending Weekly Corporate Meetings, “Tasting Parties”, 3-Way Calls, and Business Opportunity PresentationsWeeks 5 & 6 ▪ Review Company Policies & Procedures ▪ Hold a Private Team Call with your Upline; Director or Above ▪ Host 3 “Tasting Parties” with At Least 8 Guests with Help from an Upline Expert ▪ Review Team Auto-Ship ▪ Attend and Confirm Your Team is Attending Weekly Corporate Meetings, “Tasting Parties”, 3-Way Calls, and Business Opportunity PresentationsWeeks 7 & 8 ▪ Subscribe and Create your FREE Private Conference Call for “Your Team” ▪ Host 3 “Tasting Parties” with At Least 8 Guests with Help from your Upline, Allowing New Team Members to Observe “The Process of Duplication” ▪ Conduct 3-Way Calls & Team Calls ▪ Recognize your Downline via Calls and Recognition Pins RETAIN *A more detailed presentation of the “Eight Week Pathway To Freedom” is TRAIN available via the “Resource” page of your BFree System, back office website. SPONSOR 3
  7. 7. Diamond Maker Strategy D U P L I C AT E T H I S S T R AT E G Y O V E R & O V E R A G A I N A L L T H E WAY T O D I A M O N D A M B A S S A D O R ! DIAMOND MAKER STRATEGY DIAMOND YOU DREAM 50PV + 2IMC TEAM LEFT IMC 50PV RIGHT IMC 50PV LEFT IMC 50PV RIGHT IMC 50PV LEFT IMC 50PV RIGHT IMC 50PV IMC = Independent Marketing Consultant DIAMOND MAKER STRATEGY Accumulate 150GV [Group Volume] During A Calendar Month & Personally Sponsor 2 Consultants - 1 on Left & 1 on Right Who Are Also Active with Minimum 50PV & Qualified with 2 Personally - Sponsored Consultants Who Each Have 50PV Glossary of TermsCommissionable Volume [CV]: Assigned Product Value Used as the Basis for Compensation Calculation [Chart Available]Group Volume [GV]: All Product Sales Volume Generated by a Consultant’s Organization & Personal PurchasesPersonal Volume [PV]: All Personal Purchases/Preferred Customer Purchases/ Retail SalesActive: Maintain Minimum Product Purchase of 50PV within “5 Week Rolling Period”Qualified: Maintaining an “Active Diamond” Position rankActive Qualification: Purchase/Sell a Minimum of 50PV During a “5 Week Rolling Period” - If Not Met During Bonus Period, Carry-over Volume is Flushed – Consultant Must Be Active/Qualified and Meet All Chart Requirements to Promote to Next RankBusiness Center/Organization: Your Organization Including All Consultants You Sponsor & Those Placed Under You By Your UplinePlacement: Consultants Have the Option of Manually Placing New Consultants in Any Open Position in their Downline or the SystemCan Be Set to Automatically Place Them [Options Set in Back Office of Boresha Website Under “Edit Profile” Section]Holding Tank: New Consultants Placed in a Holding Tank Will Be Automatically Placed in the Binary After 48 Hours From the TimeThey Initially Enroll 4
  8. 8. Diamond Maker Building Blocks 5 Steps To EnrollmentBoresha is committed to seeing your business succeed. We have designed “The BFree DiamondMaker Success System”, an easy and duplicatable system. The power and success of thissystem relies on your ability to practice and get others to practice this process. Key buildingblocks for growing your business are: Sharing & SortingSHARINGThe most powerful tool you have for growing your business is YOU! Take action, approach peopleand share the life changing opportunity Boresha can offer. We have seen that exposing people toBoresha’s business opportunity in 5 steps increases their confidence and allows them to make aninformed decision about joining Boresha. a) Pique interest b) Send them to watch the “Hey, Bob!” video on your BFree system c) Get them on a 3-Way call with an Upline Expert d) Invite them to a tasting party or a business opportunity presentation e) Close them. "What did you like? Lets get the paperwork out of the way and get you started…"When you bring people in to the business, sharing an easy and duplicable process along withunique and extraordinary products allows you to show people how to do the business before theyget started.SORTINGWe are not in the “Convincing Business”, we are in the “Sorting Business”. We all know peoplewho really needs this business, but not everyone will see or chose to become a representative.Your Job is not to convince, but to go through your “Warm Market List,” sorting for: 95%Red applesPeople who say “Yes, I am interested!”, “I would love to watch the video.”, “ Yes, I’d love to joinyour business.”, “I would love to try the products.” You want to spend 95% of your time with redapples. 5%Green applesPeople who require more information than most to make their decision. Take the time to answera couple of questions, but if they persist with questions, send them to your forthem to conduct their own research. Be sure to stay connected with them, as a green apple canturn red at any time.Rotten apples 0%People who are negative and/or say “NO, I am not interested.” They are not rotten people, justnot the people that will help grow your business. Love, respect their opinion, but don’t buy intoit, because if you buy into their opinion you buy into their lifestyle. Maximize your time and effort,focusing 95% of your time on “RED APPLES” & 5% of your time on “GREEN APPLES”. 5
  9. 9. Warm Market ListWelcome to Boresha! Put a check on the line next to the category if thatYour success depends on simply following our person would make a great team leader.proven business model. FAMILY / FRIENDS Parents ________________________________We will show you the secrets that top money Siblings ________________________________earners have used for years. You can create Cousins ________________________________and change your financial destiny starting now. Aunts/Uncles ________________________________ In-Laws ________________________________You know or have met at least 2000 people in Friends Current/Past ________________________________your lifetime and most of them already love Neighbors Current/Past ________________________________coffee, tea, and are looking to improve their Family Friends ________________________________health and wellness, as well as looking for Work Associates ________________________________ Family’s Work Associates ________________________________additional income streams. GROUPS / CLUBS / ORGANIZATIONSYou have an opportunity to make a difference Sports Teams ________________________________in their lives, by simply sharing the good news Church Associates ________________________________about Boresha’s amazing business opportunity Civic Organizations ________________________________and incredible, unique, exclusive, and healthful Medical Organizations ________________________________products. Military Organizations ________________________________ Political Organizations ________________________________Your First Step: Gym/Spa/Exercise ________________________________Fill out your Warm Market List with as manynames as you can think of. Don’t prejudge. WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS A(N)Include anyone that comes to mind. Accountant/CPA ________________________________ Aerobics Instructor ________________________________What to look for in a leader: Ambulance Driver ________________________________ Antique Dealer ________________________________• Someone who you would like to work with. Appraiser ________________________________• Someone who is open to an opportunity Architect ________________________________and who will pursue it. Attorney ________________________________• Someone who has experience in owning / Auctioneer ________________________________operating a business. Auditor ________________________________• Someone who has been successful in sales Auto Mechanic ________________________________or network marketing. □ Auto Body Repair ________________________________• Someone who has been a successful busi- Babysitter ________________________________ness leader or manager. □ Banker ________________________________• Someone who has a great personality and Barber ________________________________likes people. Bartender ________________________________• Someone who has a strong reason to get Bell Boy ________________________________involved with Boresha. Blue Printer ________________________________ Bookkeeper ________________________________ Butcher ________________________________Transfer 25 names to the Business List Sheet. 6
  10. 10. WHO SOLD YOU YOURCarpenter ________________________________ Advertising ________________________________Cleaner ________________________________ Alarm ________________________________Caterer ________________________________ Antiques ________________________________Chef ________________________________ Audio Equipment ________________________________Chiropractor ________________________________ Awnings ________________________________Coach ________________________________ Banquet Room ________________________________Cook ________________________________ Barbeque ________________________________Court Clerk ________________________________ Bicycle ________________________________Counselor ________________________________ Bed ________________________________Dentist ________________________________ Blinds ________________________________Dietician ________________________________ Boat ________________________________Doctor/Surgeon ________________________________ Boat Equipment ________________________________Electrician ________________________________ Boiler ________________________________EMT ________________________________ Books ________________________________Engineer ________________________________ Boots ________________________________Engraver ________________________________ Bridal Gown ________________________________Exterminator ________________________________ Cabinets ________________________________Florist ________________________________ Camera ________________________________Financial Planner ________________________________ Camper ________________________________Firefighter ________________________________ Car ________________________________Funeral Director ________________________________ Car Equipment ________________________________Interior Director ________________________________ Carpeting ________________________________Masseuse ________________________________ Cell Phone ________________________________Mailman ________________________________ Christmas Tree ________________________________Notary ________________________________ Clothing ________________________________Nurse ________________________________ Computer ________________________________Nutritionist ________________________________ Computer Supplies ________________________________Office Cleaner ________________________________ Computer Software ________________________________Optometrist ________________________________ Condo ________________________________Painter ________________________________ Contact Lenses ________________________________Pharmacist ________________________________ Construction ________________________________Photographer ________________________________ Copier ________________________________Physician ________________________________ Cosmetics ________________________________Piano Instructor ________________________________ Dry Cleaning ________________________________Plumber ________________________________ Eye Glasses ________________________________Police Officer ________________________________ Fax Machine ________________________________Psychologist ________________________________ Fence ________________________________Psychotherapist ________________________________ Furniture ________________________________Publisher ________________________________ Golf Equipment ________________________________Realtor ________________________________ Home ________________________________Recruiter ________________________________ Hot Tub ________________________________Reporter ________________________________ Insurance ________________________________Researcher ________________________________ Investments ________________________________Security Guard ________________________________ Jewelry ________________________________Teacher ________________________________ Lighting ________________________________Teller ________________________________ Luggage ________________________________Travel Agent ________________________________ Mattress ________________________________Veterinarian ________________________________ Shoes ________________________________Waiter/Waitress ________________________________ Suit ________________________________ 7
  11. 11. Success List To Financial Freedom THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR NEW BUSINESS IS BUILDING YOUR ‘SUCCESS LIST.’ TRANSFER THE 25 MOST MOTIVATED, MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE WHO YOU KNOW FROM YOUR “WARM MARKET LIST”.1 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________2 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________3 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________4 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________5 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________6 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________7 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________8 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________9 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________10 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________11 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________12 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________13 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________14 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________15 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________16 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________17 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________18 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________19 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________20 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________21 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________22 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________23 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________24 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________25 ___________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________ Plan Your Destiny 8
  12. 12. SUCCESS SCRIPTS Approaching people and sharing is the heart of your business. Share your success story! Don’t have one yet? Share your Upline Expert’s success story. We have designed scripts to guide you as you get started, but recommend you add your personality and genuine passion for the business and products. As you become more comfortable sharing the Boresha’s business opportunity and products, these scripts will evolve and become your own. Voice Mail Recording “Thank you for calling! You have reached___________. Do you love to drink coffee or tea? Do you need more energy and need to burn some Don’t let a busy schedule fat? Well, if you said yes, we have exciting news for you! We now have keep you from capturing fat-burning coffee and tea…You will love the taste, feel renewed energy, all opportunities. Let your and make money by sharing this message with others! If this sounds answering machine exciting, please leave your name and number and I’ll return your call recording work for you. promptly. Thank you for calling and have an amazing day! “ Pique Interest Statements The essence of your business rests on approaching people and peaking their interest. Here are a few sample scripts to get you started.Product “I am introducing a new product to the market in this area…Do you know anyone who loves coffee or tea and wants to burn fat drinking it? “Product “Who do you know that loves coffee or tea and would like to burn fat drinking it?”Biz Opp “I am introducing a new product and business opportunity to the market in this area…Do you know anyone who loves coffee or tea and wants to burn fat drinking it – and would like to get paid to do it? “ “Now, when you start burning fat and people start noticing, are you going to tell them howBiz Opp you did it? [ They always answer YES] Then you are going to want the company to pay you for doing that right?! [ Yes of course] Then you are going to want to get your business center and kit for $99 so you can get paid!”Product: “Do you know how most women/people suffer through one diet after another with little orWhat do no results? And even if they do get some results, they always gain it all back and then some. Well, what I do is …show people how to burn fat the fast easy, natural way by drinkingyou do? fat-burning gourmet coffee and tea, so they can burn the fat and keep it off!”Biz Opp “Do you know how people nowadays spend a fortune on gourmet coffee and tea? Well, IWhat do show people how to get a share of that fortune by marketing the hottest fat-burningyou do? gourmet coffee/tea on the market!” 9
  13. 13. Success Scripts Introduction Scripts IntroductionIntro Hi _____! Do you have a minute? I just discovered something very exciting that I wanted to share with you right away! When would[If no] be a more convenient time for me to do that? I just discovered something very exciting that I wanted to share with you right away! I just discovered the fastest and easiest way to burn fat ever! It is the only patented, thermogenic, fat-burning, organic coffee and tea in the world! If you drink just 2-3 cups of this coffee or tea[If yes] a day, you can burn fat by simply sitting at your desk! What is even more exciting is that I get paid every time I drink it and every time anyone I know drinks it – and you can too! Can you imagine if you would have invested in Starbucks in the beginning before their explosive growth? Now is your chance to get in at the beginning of a company that has the potential to be BIGGER than Starbucks! Does that sound exciting to you?[If product only] Great! Let’s go to my website to get your order placed right away! I can’t wait for you to try it! Great! Since I’m selecting my top 10 team members NOW and timing and placement is[If product & biz] critical to your success and earning potential in this type of business, let’s get you started right now..[Invite to event - see event list & scripts below] Then, I just need to know when you will have a few minutes. TIME IS MONEY! So while you are[If no] waiting to review the business opportunity and make a decision, other team members will be filling my top spots, which puts them in the best positions with the most financial advantages. 10
  14. 14. SUCCESS SCRIPTS Invitation Scripts Private Webinar Our team leaders hold special private webinars for our best prospective business partners [and their teams] and I would love to schedule one for you! The webinar will provide you with an overview of the products and Live Event Script Webinar business opportunity and then you will have a chance to ask any Our company/team leaders are remaining question you may holding a special event where you have. When would be a good time can get an overview of the product to schedule your private webinar? and business opportunity and meet some local people who are already experiencing success with the products and the business. It will be a great opportunity for you to get your questions answeredCompany Conference Call/Webinar and provide you with ALL the information you need to make a Our company/team leaders are wise business decision. The next holding a special Conference event is...(Provide Event Details.) Call/Webinar event where you can get an overview of the product and business opportunity from the comfort of your home. The next event is… TIP: OFFERING PEOPLE DIFFERENT OPTIONS TO LEARN ABOUT BORESHA’S BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY INCREASES THEIR CONFIDENCE IN THEIR DECISION. ALWAYS SHARE YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND SOME DETAILS ABOUT THE CALLS/WEBINARS/EVENTS, BUT DON’T SHARE TOO MUCH OR YOU’LL TAKE AWAY THE SENSE OF URGENCY. 11
  15. 15. Three – Way Conference CallingCapture your audience, strengthen your credibility, and expand your reach! Three-way callingeffectively sorts and identifies key people within your organization, trains new representatives,and teaches people the business even before they get started.Three-Way Conference Calling GuideSTEP 1 Approach and Pique Interest (Presort for RED, GREEN, and ROTTEN APPLES) 95% 5% 0% Remember we are always SORTINGSTEP 2 Call the expert first Schedule best time to talk. Give the expert as much background information as possible (Hot Buttons, Personality traits, etc.) The most common personality traits are: Shark: Money – Motivated & Driven Whale: Cause – Driven – Looking to make a difference in the world Urchin: Need all the facts – Analytical Dolphin: Life of the party – Looking to enjoy themselvesSTEP 3 Schedule three-way conference call (Prepare prospect next time you call, that you may have an expert join the conversation via a three-way call.)STEP 4 Call Prospect. Properly introduce expert and prospect. Let expert take the lead EXPERT and DO NOT interrupt the expert. T RESPEC Building blocks PROSPECT EDIFY TRUST YOU 12
  16. 16. Invitation Scripts 3 - Wa y C a l l i n g S c r i p tI would like to introduce you to _______, a very successful business person who is leading the expansionwith this company. I am working closely with him/her, and one thing that really impresses me is thathe/she is very passionate about helping others make a living and making a difference. He/she is also veryknowledgeable about the products and the business so he/she can answer all your questions quickly. He/sheis always happy to help, so hold on and let me see if I can get him/her on the phone right now for us.[Call Upline Expert – introduce prospect to expert...]Hi ____! I have my friend/business associate on the line and they are excited about the Boresha productsand business opportunity, so we would appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes to provide them witha brief overview of the products and business opportunity – or if now is not a good time, we would like toschedule a more convenient time to talk.[Now?]Great! [Prospect], I am excited and honored to introduce you to our team leader and expert, Mr./Mrs. _______. 13
  17. 17. Hosting A Tasting PartyHosting a Boresha Tasting Party is a fun and casual way to introduce people to Boresha’s amazingbusiness opportunity and health-based products. It gives you a chance to share your Boreshaexperience and invite others to explore a healthier, wealthier, meaningful life. Party Guide 1. Select and Schedule your “Tasting Party” date. 2. Use your “Warm Market List” and begin immediately inviting prospects. See page 15 for sample “Tasting Party Script”. YOU THEM “Did you watch the video?” “Yes” “Great. Is this an awesome opportunity/product/company, “Yes, but I have questions” or what? EXTREMELY CRITICAL: DO NOT Answer their questions. Simply Say: “Great. Hold for a moment” (Start a three-way conference call with an Upline Expert) 3. Three-Way Follow Up Call a. Keep it short and simple 4. Pre- Party Preparations a. Prepare BSkinny coffee and NuvoGene Tea b. Set out BSweet & Strawberries c. Create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere d. Have the “Hey Bob” DVD ready to play e. Hand each guest a copy of the “Product Description Sheet”, a “Marketing Consultant Application”, and pen. 5. The “Party” Agenda a. Beginning: • As the Host, begin by thanking your guests for attending • Share your passion for Boresha • Introduce and set the stage for the upline expert by highlighting their strength and expertise. • Share stories and present the products using the “Product Description” Sheet (see page 21) – Play the “Hey Bob” DVD – Get Upline Expert to close the party. If unable to be physically present, be sure to get the expert on speakerphone to address your guests. b. Close by saying, “So, let’s get the paperwork out of the way and get you started!!!” 6. Schedule “Their Tasting Party”. 14
  18. 18. Tasting Party ScriptHi __________, How are you? Hey listen, I am officially inviting you tocome over to my house for a “get together”. But before I do that, I needyour email address, I’m ready, go ahead, what is it? (Write down theiremail address right away)“Great! I am emailing you right now a link. Open it up and listen to a 4minute video. Whether you or anyone else you know drink coffee or tea,and want to burn fat by simply drinking it, you are going to LOVE thisvideo.”“I will call you right after you’re done watching the video. So, can youwatch it right now, or would a little later be better for you?”(If now) Great, I will call you back in 10 minutes, and give you details ofthe party.(if later) Great, when you say later, are we talking “early afternoon” or“Late afternoon?”Late afternoon, awesome! So, should I call you back at 3:30 or would4:15 in the afternoon work best for you, after you’ve watched the video?Fantastic! We’ll talk then. Bye! 15
  21. 21. The Power of Accountability 8-WEEK ACCOUNTABILITY REPORTNAME: MONTH:PHONE: MY WHY:EMAIL:MY MONTHLY GOAL IS: MY MONTHLY CUSTOMER GOAL IS: WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 MY COMMITMENTS: GOAL RESULT GOAL RESULT GOAL RESULT GOAL RESULT I will personally pique ( ) people for my front line: I will do ( ) 3-way calls for my personal production: I will do ( ) 3-way calls for my front line: I will hold/participate in ( ) Conference Calls: I will hold/participate in ( ) tasting parties: I will hold/participate in ( ) webinars/trainings: I will personally recruit ( ) new MCs into my front line: I will assist/close ( ) new MCs into my organization: I will acquire ( ) new personal customers: I will acquire ( ) new customers in my organization: I pledge that ( ) MCs in my org. will receive leadership training:Signed: Date: 18 Dedication
  22. 22. The Power of Accountability 8-WEEK ACCOUNTABILITY REPORTNAME: MONTH:PHONE: MY WHY:EMAIL:MY MONTHLY GOAL IS: MY MONTHLY CUSTOMER GOAL IS: WEEK 5 WEEK 6 WEEK 7 WEEK 8 MY COMMITMENTS: GOAL RESULT GOAL RESULT GOAL RESULT GOAL RESULT I will personally pique ( ) people for my front line: I will do ( ) 3-way calls for my personal production: I will do ( ) 3-way calls for my front line: I will hold/participate in ( ) Conference Calls: I will hold/participate in ( ) tasting parties: I will hold/participate in ( ) webinars/trainings: I will personally recruit ( ) new MCs into my front line: I will assist/close ( ) new MCs into my organization: I will acquire ( ) new personal customers: I will acquire ( ) new customers in my organization: I pledge that ( ) MCs in my org. will receive leadership training:Signed: Date: 19 Dedication
  23. 23. Getting To Know Your BusinessADVANTAGE #1 Recession - Proof Industry▪ Coffee $70 Billion A Year Industry/Over 400 Billion Cups Consumed Annually/2nd Most Consumed Beverage in the World▪ Coffee is the second largest globally traded commodity in the world, with U.S. consuming 1/3 of the worlds coffee.▪ Evidence that People Will Continue to Indulge in these Highly Consumable Products Despite Economic Instability▪ Cooperative Marketing Industry Exceeds $110 Billion Annually with Over 50 Million People & Growing Exponentially▪ Wealthiest/Most Prominent Business Owners Have Invested in Industry Including Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffett▪ Weight Loss is $55 Billion a Year Industry and the Health/Wellness Industry is Now Exceeding $1 TRILLION a Year▪ Just One Small Share of Any of These 4 Lucrative Markets Could Earn You a Fortune – Boresha has them ALL!ADVANTAGE #2 Exclusive Unique Products and Timing▪ One of the Most Powerful Advantages in Marketing is to Market Exclusive Unique Products – Boresha has the Products▪ Skinny Science™ Products are Officially Licensed to Boresha and Protected by Patents and Proprietary Processes▪ Additional Exclusive Unique Products are Being Formulated to Provide Additional Marketing Opportunities▪ The Secret to Success in Any Marketing Venture is to Be the First and the Best in that Market – Boresha is Both▪ The Secret to Success for Marketers is to Be in the First 100,000 in a Company – This is a once in a lifetime opportunity▪ Binary Team Structure Promotes Spillover, so Timing and Positioning are Critical - Minutes Matter and Cost Money!▪ Future Global Expansion Also Greatly Increases the Marketing OpportunitiesADVANTAGE #3 Simple Sustainable Business Opportunity▪ Nearly Everyone Drinks Coffee or Tea So Asking Someone to Switch to a Superior Healthier Version is Easy to Do▪ Nearly Everyone is Already Spending Money Daily or Weekly on Coffee or Tea, So added Expense is Not an Issue▪ People Generally Drink Coffee or Tea Daily for a Lifetime, so it is a Sustainable Ongoing Long-Term Residual Income▪ People Everywhere are Becoming Enlightened About the Importance of Living a Natural, Organic Eco-Lifestyle▪ Everyone Knows People Who are Drinking Coffee and Tea Already, So Finding Prospects is Easy▪ Sampling is the Fastest, Easiest, Least Expensive Way to Acquire Customers and Marketing Consultants 20
  24. 24. Product Description BSkinny™ Coffee ▪ All Natural 100% Organic Fair Trade Infrared roasted Certified Grade AA - Arabica Coffee Beans ▪ Patented Fat-Burning Low Glycemic Formula with Acai Berry Extract and Niacin-Bound Chromium ▪ Patented High Energy Formula Provides Maximum Balanced Time-Released Sustained Natural Energy and Alertness ▪ Patented Buffered Caffeine Does Not Promote Fat Storage Like Regular Coffee/Tea/Energy Drinks ▪ Patented Anti-Glucose Formula Provides Low Glycemic Carbs That Your Body Needs to Block Cravings & Stress-Related Eating ▪ Individually Packaged in 1oz Packets Yields 2-12oz Cups Brewed Coffee [Drink 2-12oz Cups/Day for Max Results] BSkinny Latte™ Instant Thermogenic Chocolate Raspberry Latte ▪ Savor a cup at home or on the go, instantly! Just add water for a delicious and gratifying experience without the guilt ▪ Lush and indulgent chocolate raspberry flavor to delight your taste buds.skinny TM telat ▪ Patented Fat-Burning, Low Glycemic Formula designed to provide natural energy, control appetite, and switch from fat storing to fat burning. NuvoGene Tea™ Tropical Fruit Green Tea ▪ Patented Fat-Burning Low Glycemic Green Tea with ECGC/Acai Berry Extract/Niacin-Bound Chromium ▪ Patented High Energy Formula Provides Maximum Balanced Time-Released Sustained Natural Energy and Alertness ▪ Patented Buffered Caffeine Does Not Promote Fat Storage Like Regular Coffee/Tea/Energy Drinks ▪ Patented Anti-Glucose Formula Provides Low Glycemic Carbs That Your Body Needs to Block Cravings & Stress-Related Eating ▪ Only Non-Drug Product that Addresses Genetic Risk Factor for Obesity ▪ Programs Body to Burn Fat without Causing Blood Sugar Swings/Reactive Hypoglycemia/Adrenaline Rush/Ketosis ▪ Individually Packaged in Powder Form for Convenience BSweet™ Acai Sweet™ Natural Fruit Sweetener ▪ The First and Only Certified Low Glycemic and Non-Cephalic Sweetener ▪ All Natural 100% Organic Sweetener Made from Acai Berries and Kiwi - Looks/Tastes/Cooks/Bakes Like Sugar ▪ Proven Safe for Diabetics & Children in Clinical Trials ▪ Available in 12oz Jar or Individually Packaged for Convenience BCreamy™ Zero-Fat, Zero-Cholesterol, Low-Glycemic Creamer ▪ Zero Fat, Zero Trans fat, Zero Cholesterol, Kosher ▪ 4 Low-Glycemic Calories per gram, Made with Sweet-Infused Fruits™ ▪ Highest Quality Natural Dairy Proteins, 2 Tablespoons contains 100mg of Calcium ARGMatrix™ L-Arginine for Men and Women ▪ L-Arginine Pharmaceutical Grade Formulas for Men [Island Fruits Flavor] and Women [Pink Punch Flavor] ▪ Formulas Based on Latest Research by Leading Experts on L-Arginine Including Dr. Ann de Wees Allen [Over 25 Years] ▪ L-Arginine - Heart-Strengthening, Blood Pressure-Reducing, Insulin Sensitivity-Reducing, Libido-Enhancing, Immune-Strengthening, Anti-Aging HGH-Releasing, Energy-Producing Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Benefits 21
  25. 25. Product Instructions Op t imiz e B S kinny s fat -bur ning e ffect▪ Brew one 1-oz packet in 24 ounces of water for two 12-oz servings. ®▪ Use 1-3 times per day in between meals and 30 minutes before a meal.▪ Do not use caffeine products within two hours of taking this product. skinny science tm coffee▪ Use of high-glycemic sugars or other sweeteners is not recommended as this will negate the thermogenic effect. E x p e r ie n c e BSkinny Lat t e’s ric h fla vor with fa t b ur ning r esults▪ Empty contents of 1 pkt into coffee cup or mug. Add 8 oz hot water and Stir.▪ Enjoy cold by adding ice. skinny TM te▪ Do not add any sweetener or creamer, as this product already contains a Low Glycemic sweetener lat and creamer. Ma x im iz e N uvoGene Tea s fat -bur ning ener g y▪ Add one 1oz packet of NuvoGene Tea to 12 oz of cold water. (The cold water triggers the flavor system.)▪ Do Not Add to juice, flavored water, sports drinks or other flavored drinks.▪ Use 1-3 times per day in between meals. Nuvo Gene Tea tm▪ Use 30-45 minutes prior to a meal to decrease appetite and burn fat. En jo y t h e g r eat est benefit s of ARG Ma tr ix▪ Mix one scoop of ARG Matrix in 4-8 ounces of water per serving and use 1-3 servings per day OR use 2 scoops in 8 ounces of water before bedtime.▪ Add ice cubes to activate the flavor system. TM▪ Do Not Add to juice, flavored water, sports drinks or other flavored drinks. A c h ie v e t h e highest l evel of suc cess fr om your B or esha op p or tunity▪ View the DVD portion of your Distributor Kit▪ Immediately execute and achieve the 48 hour plan in the Diamond Maker System▪ Follow the comprehensive plan outlined in the Diamond Maker Success System▪ Share the tremendous Boresha opportunity and products with everyone you can! skinny TM te lat 22
  26. 26. Financial Freedom Compensation Plan ™ The Gold Standard in Compensation Plans Boresha® International’s “Financial Freedom Compensation Plan™“ was developed to combine the strengths of “Three Global Mega Industries”: Network Marketing, Health & Wellness and Coffee Industries, to create the most innovative and powerful wealth-generating compensation plan that generously rewards all levels of activity in 10 exciting ways from Fast Cash Bonuses to long-term residual wealth-building income! 10 Ways to Prosper With Boresha® Join Boresha® International for Only $99 + 50 PV of Monthly Autoship to Prosper in 10 Different Ways! Business Management & Marketing Websites Only $19.95/Month Fast Cash 50PV Minimum within 30 Days of Enrollment – Bonus Based on Order Amount: 50PV = $20;1 Bonus 100PV = $40; 175PV = $70; 300PV = $150 Commissions Paid on Individual/Commercial Wholesale/Preferred Customer/Retail Sales – No2 Sales Qualification Necessary to Earn Retail Profits [See Website for Product Pricing/Commission Commissions Details] 5% of Company’s Total Customer “Monthly Autoship” Volume Shared Among Consultants Customer3 Auto-Ship Bonus Pool with 150PV from Personal Preferred Autoship Customers Excluding Self/Fundraising/ Commercial Volume - Each Additional 150PV Earns an Additional Share Team Passive Residual Income up to 15% of Total GV of Lesser Volume Leg, not to exceed weekly4 Commissions cap per rank Matching Bonus is based upon a “floating percentage” of team commissions paid on personally sponsored Marketing Consultants and the Marketing Consultants they sponsor, etc., up to5 Matching Bonus seven generations in the personal enrollment tree legs. Width in this personal enrollment tree leg component is UNLIMITED. A generation is completed when another Director or above breaks. $20 of Every New Enrollment’s 50PV Initial order and higher is Put into Bonus Pool and Paid Business Builder to Qualified Consultants with a Minimum 50PV Who Have Helped 2 Active Consultants Generate6 Bonus 50PV Within the Calendar Month – Each additional Active consultant for the month earns 1 additional share of the pool Executive Plus Includes a Car Bonus [From $500 to $5,000/Month Starting at Ambassador], Travel, Special7 Rewards Events/Celebrations, Cash Rewards & More Bonus Pool Contains 1% of Company’s Total Sales Volume Shared Among Ambassadors &8 Ambassador Bonus Above Multiply “Team Commissions” by Adding Up to 4 Business Centers - Multiply Maximum9 Multiple Business Income of $10,000 Per Week Per Business Center in “Team Commissions” alone, by 4 for a Centers Maximum Total Income of up to $177,000 Per Month – Starting at Senior Ambassador Level & Above Residential With the Residential Program you can potentially earn $100 up to $5,000 per month every10 Program month by simply attaining and maintaining the qualifications of the applied rank. A complete copy of the “Financial Freedom Compensation Plan™“ is available in your starter kit or via your BFree System back office. 23
  27. 27. Support ServicesHave a question? Need help?Whether you are a Boresha Customer orMarketing Consultant, our friendly andknowledgeable Customer & DistributorService Representatives are available toassist you with all of your question, productand business needs.Customer Service Phone: 925.676.1400Customer Service Fax: 925.676.1412Email: compliance@boreshacoffee.comHome Office Address: 101 Ygnacio Valley Road Suite 450 Walnut Creek, CA 94596Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 5:30pm PST Saturday: 7:00am – 12:00pm PST Sunday: Office closed 24
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