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Introducing the CQL: Our New Metric For Measuring Leads Is Now Part of Drift


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Earlier this year, we realized we needed a new metric for measuring our best leads. While teams have been using marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), sales-qualified leads (SQLs), and product-qualified leads (PQLs) for years, none of these metrics could accurately describe this new type of lead we’d been seeing. And that’s why we created the conversation-qualified lead, or CQL.

Today, we’re pumped to announce that we’ve taken our CQL concept and we’ve incorporated it directly into our product. Now, you can easily identify and measure the number of CQLs your team is generating with Drift.

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Introducing the CQL: Our New Metric For Measuring Leads Is Now Part of Drift

  1. 1. Introducing CQL the
  2. 2. Pssst. Your website is leaking.
  3. 3. Seriously though. Your best leads — the ones who are live on your website and ready to talk — are slipping through the cracks.
  4. 4. That’s because traditional sales & marketing metrics (like MQLs) don’t match the way people prefer to buy these days.
  5. 5. So earlier this year, we introduced a new type of marketing metric: the CQL.
  6. 6. MQL Marketing-Qualified Lead They took some action that shows they might be interested in buying. SQL Sales-Qualified Lead Sales has confirmed it: They’re interested in buying. PQL Product-Qualified Lead They tried our product? They must be interested in buying! CQL Conversation-Qualified Lead We talked to them: They told us why they’re interested in buying and what they’re trying to accomplish with our product.
  7. 7. Today, we’re pumped to announce that the CQL is now part of the Drift product.
  8. 8. See those little lightning bolt icons? Those are how you score CQLs: The more lightning bolts you assign, the more confident you are that someone’s going to buy.
  9. 9. You can assign CQLs in Drift two ways: 1) Manually, during a conversation…
  10. 10. 2) With Playbooks, which use chatbots to qualify leads automatically, 24/7.
  11. 11. But once you’ve identified CQLs in Drift, that’s not the end of the story. With our integrations, you can sync those new leads into Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot.
  12. 12. And with our updated reporting, you can monitor how many leads your team has been qualifying (and disqualifying).
  13. 13. In order to make the CQL process more transparent (and to drive some healthy competition) we’ve also built a sales rep leaderboard.
  14. 14. You can display it on your office TVs (or a computer monitor) so everyone can see which sales reps are having the most conversations, generating the most CQLs, and booking the most meetings.
  15. 15. The leaderboard updates in real-time based on sales rep activity. (Be prepared for a celebratory GIF when someone new claims the #1 spot.)
  16. 16. Learn more about how you can identify and measure CQLs in Drift.
  17. 17. See why thousands of businesses are using Drift to generate CQLs and close deals faster.