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Here’s The Deck Andy Raskin Called “The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year”

Andy Raskin has led strategic story training at Uber, Intel, Yelp, General Assembly and Stanford and called this the greatest sales pitch he's seen all year. Have a look.

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Here’s The Deck Andy Raskin Called “The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year”

  1. 1. @davegerhardt
  2. 2. @davegerhardt
  3. 3. April 5, 2016 @davegerhardt
  4. 4. 50,000+ businesses using Drift @davegerhardt
  5. 5. 50,000+ businesses using Drift @davegerhardt
  6. 6. @davegerhardt
  7. 7. @davegerhardt
  8. 8. @davegerhardt
  9. 9. My apartment. @davegerhardt
  10. 10. @davegerhardt
  11. 11. @davegerhardt
  12. 12. @davegerhardt
  13. 13. “We should kill our lead forms and stop gating our content.” @davegerhardt
  14. 14. “Excuse me?” …my job is to generate leads. @davegerhardt
  15. 15. “Modern marketing has lost it’s way.” @davegerhardt
  16. 16. “Marketing today is all about gaming the system and get rich quick schemes.”
  17. 17. SEO SEM Re-Targeting Nurturing CRO Pop-UpsAlgorithms Facebook Ads Automation Pop-Ups Pop-Ups Gated Content
  18. 18. @davegerhardt This is what best in class B2B marketing looks like:
  19. 19. @davegerhardt (I am guilty of it too)
  20. 20. You and I are more skeptical than ever. We don’t buy this way. So will our customers? @davegerhardt
  21. 21. Oh BTW: It’s Harder Than Ever To Get Attention @davegerhardt
  22. 22. And We Have To Fight The Law Of Shitty Clickthroughs @davegerhardt
  23. 23. This Is What Our Landscape Looks Like At Drift @davegerhardt
  24. 24. @davegerhardt “The only way we’ll stand out is if we create a real connection with people.” So we had to do things differently.
  25. 25. We claim to want to be more than a flash in the pan, but at no juncture do we stop and consider how to increase longevity and shelf life. Instead, we use whatever is hot, cool, trendy, and selling well as our benchmarks. As a result, we have to produce more, market harder, sell out worse. It’s a treadmill and it’s getting faster by the day. “ @davegerhardt Ryan Holiday, “Perennial Seller”
  26. 26. @davegerhardt
  27. 27. @davegerhardt
  28. 28. @davegerhardt 1. Brand We focused on building a brand.
  29. 29. @davegerhardt 2. Conversations We optimized for conversations, not form submissions.
  30. 30. @davegerhardt 1. Brand We focused on building a brand.
  31. 31. @davegerhardt
  32. 32. @davegerhardt #3 is where SaaS is today.
  33. 33. @davegerhardt
  34. 34. A brand is a company’s most important asset. A company can’t “own” it’s facts. If the company’s facts (speed, price, quality) are superior to the competition, any good competitor will duplicate them or improve on them. “ @davegerhardt Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff
  35. 35. So our philosophy as a brand is give, give, give, ask. @davegerhardt
  36. 36. And that’s why we don’t gate our content. @davegerhardt
  37. 37. @davegerhardt 54,000 views 700 shares 1k shares 120 backlinks 154,000 views 500 shares It’s all about spreading our brand as wide as possible.
  38. 38. @davegerhardt Anyone can use Drift. We give our product away for free too…
  39. 39. You and I are more skeptical than ever. We don’t buy this way. So will our customers? @davegerhardt
  40. 40. @davegerhardt The result? Virality drives 30% of our leads. + countless “Saw you on someone’s website.”
  41. 41. And our marketing is all about treating people like people — not leads.
  42. 42. @davegerhardt 80% Open Rate 28% Click Rate 71% Open Rate 21% Click Rate
  43. 43. @davegerhardt Blog Post Facebook Video Ad Product Video
  44. 44. @davegerhardt
  45. 45. @davegerhardt
  46. 46. @davegerhardt
  47. 47. The best marketing channels for us today all have one thing in common: trust. @davegerhardt
  48. 48. @davegerhardt You don’t have to pick between generating leads and building a brand anymore.
  49. 49. @davegerhardt This is the playbook your team should be studying.
  50. 50. @davegerhardt 2. Conversations How we capture leads without using forms.
  51. 51. @davegerhardt We optimize for conversations with the people interested in Drift. Website Blog
  52. 52. We surveyed 433 B2B SaaS companies to see how long it took sales teams to respond to new leads…
  53. 53. @davegerhardt See the full results: 7% of companies responded within 5 minutes. 55% of companies took 5+ days to respond.
  54. 54. @davegerhardt
  55. 55. @davegerhardt
  56. 56. But most businesses haven’t changed to match the way people want to buy today.
  57. 57. @davegerhardt That’s why we’re focused on conversations here. Website Blog
  58. 58. @davegerhardt And it’s not more work for our sales team.
  59. 59. All Kevin has to do is connect his calendar (and then sell).
  60. 60. @davegerhardt
  61. 61. @davegerhardt We’ve generated 20% more leads via conversations.
  62. 62. @davegerhardt And they are our #1 source of demos booked. 43% of our demos come from conversations.
  63. 63. @davegerhardt They are also our #1 source of opportunities. HALF of our pipeline comes from conversations.
  64. 64. @davegerhardt And they convert twice as fast. It takes 3 days from an initial conversation to demo.
  65. 65. @davegerhardt Bigger companies prefer to talk to us first. The bigger the company, the less likely they are to fill out forms
  66. 66. @davegerhardt In the month of October, we booked 1,000 meetings for our sales team without using gated content or lead forms.
  67. 67. We have created a fast lane for our best leads and made it easy for our customers to buy.
  68. 68. @davegerhardt “Today's marketing tools leave you perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” - @dcancel
  69. 69. Don’t settle for the traditional way of doing marketing.
  70. 70. Thanks. Drift is the world’s first and only conversational marketing and sales platform.