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NRF Big Show - FINAL


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NRF Big Show - FINAL

  1. 1. NRF KEYNOTE Retail’s BIG Show January 15, 2017
  2. 2. GUIDED BY CREATING A DIFFERENTIATED EXPERIENCE • We are Customer Inspired • We are Innovative • We Collaborate and Empower • We are Accountable • We are Data Driven • We are Product Proud
  3. 3. OUR VISION • Make custom suits accessible to everyone by updating the traditional tailoring experience for the mass market • Focus on high quality, great fit, limitless selection and unprecedented value. • Provide the highly personalized experience consumers today have come to expect
  4. 4. OUR STORY First company to deliver mass-customized apparel online in 2007 •Solve #1 challenge in apparel (fit) •Remove exclusivity associated with made-to-measure •Ship to 150 countries Opened first bricks-and-mortar stores in 2014 •Highly personal and engaging brand experience •Powering exponential growth, online and offline •Ten retail showrooms in North America
  5. 5. OUR EVOLUTION Developed strategic partnership with Dayang Group in 2016 •World’s largest suit manufacturer •Assuring world class quality and unlimited scalability Over 200 employees today •Corporate offices in Vancouver and Dalian •Showroom locations across North America
  6. 6. CHANNEL AGNOSTIC CUSTOMER JOURNEY • Immersive and seamless experience across channels • E-commerce platform caters to evolving shopping behaviors, particularly millennials • Retail presence and stored customer profiles help address new customer segments and empowers growth • All touch points supported by customer care, equally
  7. 7. Arrives for his appointment, a Style Guide helps select & customize his clothing He makes a 60 minute appointment at showrooms He steeps in anticipation – crafting & delivering his order will take less than 4 weeks He sees an ad on Facebook about INDOCHINO, reads about the brand online He follows the step-by- step guide online for self- measurement He customizes his garment through the intuitive online interface INDOCHINO CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  8. 8. REVIEW / ALLOCATION Our Measurement Algorithm validates the measurements and we create a unique pattern PRODUCTION We create each garment one at a time PROCESSING We assign every order based on fabric selection QUALITY CONTROL Every garment is checked to ensure it has been produced to the customer’s specifications PACKING We consolidate the order SHIPPING We expedite every order to ensure the customer receives his garment within four weeks RECEVIED He receives his one-of-a- kind garment Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 - 13 Day 14 - 15 Day 16 - 17 Day 18 -21 INDOCHINO PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE INDOCHINO averages an industry-leading 3.8 weeks from order to delivery with a goal in 2017 to reduce further.
  9. 9. He receives his one-of-a- kind garment Alterations are made in store or at his preferred tailor to make sure his order fits how it should. His profile is fine-tuned & saved He takes home his finished clothing and wears with confidence He needs another suit and goes to INDOCHINO’s website to purchase ITS ABOUT PERFECTION
  10. 10. STREAMLINED PRODUCTION PROCESS • Made-to-measure production with world’s largest suit manufacturer as our partner - optimized for scale and profit • Technology-enabled measurement and pattern algorithms and subsequent manufacturing process • Focus on reducing production cycle for faster delivery – MINUS TWO WEEK DELIVERY
  11. 11. POSITIONED FOR GROWTH RETAIL GROWTH & EXPANSION • 64% retail growth in 2016 • 32% same store sales growth • 3 new showrooms in 2016, 8 forecast in 2017 GROSS MARGIN • 900 bps gross margin improvement 2H 2016 vs 2H 2015 2016 GROWTH • 54% year-over-year growth ACCELERATING E-COMMERCE GROWTH • 46% e-commerce growth in 2016 • Organic growth bolstered by expanded retail presence
  12. 12. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho ALWAYS DREAM BIG
  13. 13. DREW GREEN