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Apple Passbook & Google Wallet Webinar


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In this webinar, Fosbury is going to show how publishers, resellers, and store owners can easily harness the power of Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

These mobile tools allow you to take promotions traditionally found in print or on web pages, and also bring them straight to a consumers phones for a full coverage media package. They provide app like functionality like push messages, to geo-location to send messages straight to a customers phone when they walk by a store.

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Apple Passbook & Google Wallet Webinar

  1. 1. Who? "Who, what, why, when, and where of Apple Passbook and Google Wallet” ! April 23rd Webinar, 1:00pm CST
  2. 2. Who?
  3. 3. Fosbury Creates Remarkable Mobile Wallet Experiences ! What is it? Fosbury helps brands create promotions for Apple Passbook & Google Wallet that drive advertiser store traffic. Businesses using Fosbury connect with customers using location services and push notifications without an app download, without a need for technical skills, and without a large technology investment. Twitter: @wearefosbury
  4. 4. 2. Place iBeacon in-store & easily reach your customers using push messages and location-based messages. 1. Create Passbook mobile wallet campaigns - coupon, offer, recipe, gift card or loyalty card 3. Drive store traffic and consumer engagement Passbook + iBeacon How does it work?
  5. 5. What?
  6. 6. Apps
  7. 7. 26 / 1,000,000 Chance of getting installed
  8. 8. Google Wallet Apple Passbook Mobile Wallets
  9. 9. Instead of using latitude and longitude to define the location, iBeacon is a little device that sends out a signal that your phone can pick up when it's nearby. They are often used by businesses to drive store traffic and engage customers ! ! !
  10. 10. Why?
  11. 11. Coupons Loyalty cards Gift cards
  12. 12. Drive Traffic & Repeat Business: ! • Increase average order by promoting additional products or services • Promote high margin inventory or liquidate seasonal inventory • Target event attendees or seasonal specials • Promote grand openings & new locations ! Forget wondering if your mobile campaigns are working - the proof is right in front of you Remind Nearby Customers with GPS or iBeacon Notifications when in range Reach customers nearby and on the go with location alerts & push messages delivered at just the right moment — while they are shopping
  13. 13. Where?
  14. 14. Live demo
  15. 15. How?
  16. 16. Distribution Ads - "Click to Wallet" is an banner ad tool that when clicked, downloads content and promotions straight to a consumers phone using mobile wallets. This gives brands the opportunity to significantly improve ad ROI, by retargeting the customer and tracking activity long after the first "click" is paid for. Share on Social– Allow your coupon to be shared across social networks to amplify downloads. There are many product options to increase your current Advertiser spend and grow your base. Here are a few examples:
  17. 17. Distribution It takes no prior knowledge of a mobile wallet for a customer to connect and engage with your ads. Here are a few ways to increase adoption: In Print Shortcodes – Customers text a 5 or 6 digit phone number that matches with your brand. For example, in the case of HP - 47465, the text in number can be displayed as HP INK. In response the customer receives a text with a link to a mobile pass where HP can promote the Instant Ink program and directly engage their customers. In Print QR Code – A widely accepted technology, QR codes represent a link that when scanned, can instantly downloadsa mobile wallet pass straight to a customer’s phone.
  18. 18. Fosbury’s Publisher Solution Publishers have a large, loyal, and incredibly fast growing mobile audience (<50% of total web audience). The opportunity monetizing it, mobile represents less than 1% of total newspaper revenue.* *(Pew 2013) • Preprint insert ads account for 25% of total revenue*. Fosbury can easily turn preprint inserts advertisements into mobile coupons and increase AOV. By placing a shortcode or QR code in the print ad – Customers and scan or text to receive a link that downloads instantly. ! • Subscription revenue is growing and emphasis is placed on gaining“revenue from the reader”.* Entice new subscribers by creating a VIP club, with specials coupon, offers, or experiences that only subscribers behind the paywall can receive.
  19. 19. When?
  20. 20. Live Demo