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Trma gcep585-d carter2013

  1. 1. Drew CarterGCEP/TRMA 585: Developing AProfessional Online Identity Spring 2013
  2. 2. Online Identities, Personal Branding, SocialMedia
  3. 3. Drew CarterSchool CounselorM.•Understanding the importance of managing your digital identity•I enjoyed the form discussion and various links to mental health/counseling•LinkedIn as a great way to network and connect with other professionalsUsing a resource like LinkedIn is helpful because your can brand your self and make iteasier to be found for professional reasons. It is important to use great discernmentwhen having an on-line identity. Photo’s or posts on social networking sites and blogscan easily be found, that is why it’s important to maintain netiquette (Proper Internetetiquette) so that your personal life is separate from your professional identity.“I know and understand how much our society revolves around technology. What I found ironic isthat the same week we start this course one of the most publicized internet frauds happened. TheManti Taeo and his fake on-line girl friend became public. “
  4. 4. Online Privacy• great power comes great responsibility.• Cyber education is becoming a necessary part ofsocialization.• There is an ambiguous societal criteria for responsibleinternet and on-line behaviors.• There is a growing spectrum on how to navigate the on-lineworld and protect your personal identity.• The real question is, who is responsible for teaching onlinevalues?• How do we educate our society to protect themselves fromidentity theft or attack?
  5. 5. Twitter #GCEP585Feb 10 2013 Welcome to the TWITTER SPHEREThe Twitter +• Efficient way to mass communicate• Stay connected to current events• The use of # to connect Helpful Tutorial• My Twitter Feed
  6. 6. Professional Facebook PagesFacebook facts and staggering statistics• Facebook has so many users that it would be the 3rd largest country.• 1-5 Divorces end because of Facebook• FB lacks the professional integrity of LinkedIn or Google• Facebook is a Social Network sight• From my Week #1 Discussion“I gave up facebook, youtube, and other on-line things because I foundmyself just wasting time that could be used for things more productive. Iwas a frequent user of facebook and I found it is the best way to stay intouch with friends as well as stay in touch with all the young people I haveworked with over the years. “
  7. 7. Google Plus (G+)Google Plus PlusesComprehensive featuresCHROME Package• Video/Chat/Messaging• Alerts• Professional quality• Consolidates ALL NETWORKING• User Friendly• The best Search Engine•Google is my preferred site!!!!
  8. 8. Blogs: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr• I am not a blogger but I do see the value ofblogging, wordpress & Tumbler• Blogs are a great resource for counseling• I used Google as my default search engine,I found Google to be better for research• My wife uses Blogs and has encouraged meto do so
  9. 9. Learning from Mental Health Professionals& Organizations• Social media gives us the opportunity to connect with topprofessionals.• This is another great way to network and to connect to otherswithin the counseling professionThe MHP I followed the closest via twitter• Julie Hanks @julie_hanks• Kim Garst @kimgarst• Since I am a school counselor, I follow ASCA
  10. 10. Managing your online identity• Three important things…• As a professional, it is important to manage youron-line identity• Maintain appropriate boundaries between yourpersonal and professional life• Keeping a professional boundary between you andyour clients• Hootsuite is a great resource to help you manageyour identity
  11. 11. Portfolios & profiles
  12. 12. Curation Tools: media ethics for therapists• I gave in and created a Pintrest board• I liked the scoopit format and the way the pagesare set up, they look sharp and professional. It waseasy to navigate and I was able to sift through the contentwith ease.• Like any search engine, it can be a overload of information.This tends to lead me away from my original search goals.Sometimes I discover new and interesting things and othertimes I loose my way and waste time on things I wasntintending to research.
  13. 13. Websites & Domain Names• Go Daddy has used their marketing scheme to theiradvantage. They have advertised to the younger generationsand have made very publicized adds air on the Super Bowl.They have put their name out in front for everyone to see.• I liked Square space. I was easy and I really liked how thepages looked.• The sitewizard .com website is a great place for someone likeme. If I needed to develop a comprehensive website for abusiness this would be a great tool for me. It lays out all thesteps and features. It was easy to get started. I will hang ontothis resource and access it if I ever need to develop aprofessional comprehensive website.
  14. 14. Making A DifferenceGoals & StrategiesWith great power comes great responsibility• Using technology and social media to reach your client base is an effective tool.My GOAL:• To become more technologically proficient and develop my GOOGLEaccount as my vehicle in the navigating the vast frontier of the world wideweb.Strategies• Use great discernment when having an on-line identity.• Maintain netiquette (Proper Internet etiquette) so that your personal life isseparate from your professional identity.
  15. 15. SlideShare• Slide share is one of the best new tools I learned inthis course.• I like how you can get comments and feed back• User friendly and easy to access• A great way to share your presentation withcolleagues and other professional
  16. 16. Final thoughts• This class was great because it forced me to try a variety ofsocial media cites• I became a Twitter follower and created a Pintrest account.• I developed a broader understanding of technology and itsuses within my profession• I was able to expand my professional network• As a school counselor , I want to teach students and parentsabout the importance of your on-line identity• I want to continue to gain more knowledge, skill and savvywith technology to use within my profession