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FREE Leading edge tips and tools for ambitious people-helpers and planet changers.
Visionary magazine for heart-inspired entrepreneurs featuring content from some of the most eminent success leaders on the planet.

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Passion Life Secrets Magazine - Create Your Life as a work of He'ART

  1. 1. Cover Image by Don Wells Jr Outsourced Video Marketing
  2. 2. To “Inspire Transformation Passion Life Secrets Magazine, independently founded by supporting the mission and purpose ofIn accordance with the US Federal Trade Commission Guidelines & Agreement 2009, Passion is in full right to endorse the Passion Test and may receive commissions as a result of any All other contributors to Passion Life Secrets Magazine are independent and
  3. 3. Through Love” is the Mission and Purpose of The Passion Test TM Written and Founded by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris AttwoodJenni Parker Brown and Dauda Zai, are devoted to passionatelyThe Passion Test TM. All Passion Test references are used with permission.Life Secrets magazine hereby declares that Jenni Parker Brown, as a Certified Passion Test facilitator,purchases made by following the links to Passion Test products and not claim the above endorsement.
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  5. 5. Passion Greater Love hath no man than be being passionately alive by DzaiLife Relief – Stop The Pain, Cease The Suffering, No Pills! by Jenni P Secrets The Power of Why by Sharon WaringBeing You, Making a Difference People who are Being The Change We Want to See... Ariaa Jaeger, singing Spiritual Philosopher and human seismograph! Coming up in the next issue! Well beingMonergy - The Business ofBeing Passionately You3 Steps to Profit Online from Your Passion – Adela Rubio Passion - The Surest Determinant of Success – Melissa Galt3 Ways to Be Paid for Who You Are Jenni P Creating Life as a Work ofEvents HeART The Art of Personal Transformation Books and resourcesCopyright Information: The content of Passion Life Secrets belongs to Jenni P and DaudaZai except for the content by assistants and featured columnists. The contributors retaintheir own copyright and re-production of any part of this magazine should be with theirexpress permission.
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  7. 7. “If clarity is the door to your desires, then Passion is the Key” Jenni PContact: Jenni Parker Brown, Passion Life Secrets, Independent Enterprise registered with INSEE,France under the number 529438962 Address: Garbet HamletBénac, France 09000 Tel: 00 33 561027003 email:
  8. 8. LIFE... From Pain to Passion... 7 Steps to Creating The Life You Dream Of From Wherever You Are.Dont you think Relief is such an under- By Jenni Parker Brownrated emotion?Its often thought of as a sort of no-mans Step 2 Reliefland between feeling down and up.But passionate beings can use thesensation of relief as a sign thatsomething truly exciting is just about tohappen in their life!On the path to realizing our dreams, wemay encounter obstacles in the form oflimiting beliefs that hinder our progress.But passion will always keep us motivatedto bypass obstacles. Passion is the brightstar on the horizon, beckoning withpromises of adventure and personalfreedom.Relief means appeasement, respite, a rest.It offers rescue, guidance and reward.Relief is a turning point, a bench at thecrossroads of our goals, a milestone onwhich to pause awhile, savour the roadjust travelled and acknowledge the lessonslearned.Whether were working on vanquishingour fears, adventuring out of our comfort-zones, experimenting career, family orrelationship issues, at each stage of growthwe should relish and celebrate thedelicious sense of relief.
  9. 9. Whether through poetry, art, song, Now, simply state out loud, a shortdance, journalling, photography, phrase which vocalizes your intention todigital media or any combination of feel relief, for example:these, we can use expression to relievea creative impulse or externalize a life “ I release this thought” orlesson learned. “I release the hold that this issue hasHere are 4 ways we can express and over me” orattain relief, both in the healing and “I let go the power that this subject hasthe creative sense: over me and choose freedom and peace”1. Release by visualization “Im now letting go of worrying about this topic completely in trust” orOur minds determine our lives and are whatever words allow you to affirm thethe major instrument to accessing intention of release.relief. In release there is instant relief.If we are seeking respite from worry orstress, it is essential to allow space for 2. Expression by communicationmeditation with breathing techniques, Sharing our concerns is a vital humansuch as focusing on controlled deep need and when we can get it off ourbreathing. Some people have difficulty chest with a sympathetic listener, there isusing their imagination to conjure up much relief to be gained. The trick here isscenarios in their mind which bring not to complain!peace. The art of sharing our process lies inMany struggle with the idea that we carefully choosing language that affirmshave free will to choose to feel better, our intentions and having the listenerso here is a simple exercise which be witness to those affirmations.affirms your intention to find relief We usually voice our concerns andSitting or lying comfortably in a frustrations to our nearest and dearest.pleasant environment, close your eyes But, beware of the language. If weand count slowly to 10. Begin to focus complain and the listener agrees, we addsimply on the inhale-exhale process of energy to the woes. If we complain andbreathing. Begin to be conscious of the listener disagrees in some way, weyour inner world. Let thoughts come add energy to the woes. By proclaimingand go without judgement or force. what we actually do desire instead of what we no longer want, our kind listener Your mind will begin to quieten down. is not subject to our complaints. TheyOnce the thoughts have evaporated will instead, pick up on the newand you feel stillness, you can begin to intentions and if theyre understanding,reach for, in your imagination, add energy to the better vision.whatever issue you wish to release. Letit fill your concentration.
  10. 10. 3. Art, music, sport, dance and creativityare the finest channels through which toattain relief.In art, music and writing for example, thereis the opportunity to connect with ourpassions. This always provokes emotions ofexhilaration. When were fired and inspiredwere certainly not pre-occupied aboutmaterial or physical concerns of any kind.Creativity has always been an alchemicalprocess for turning pain into beauty. It justtakes discipline to do it!Creative expression is as vital to well beingas nourishment, love and humanconnection. Sport and dance are probably My personal preference is for therapeuticthe most powerful catalysts for relief. free dance. For me, movement incorporates all the benefits ofIn physical movement, endorphins, the meditation, the liberation of creativehormones of happiness, flood our bodies. It expression and the stirring up ofis impossible to carry out sport whilst happiness hormones in one experience.fretting . Intense action cleans out the Dance benefits body, mind and spirit.emotions instantly. There is simply no spacefor anxiety to exist. In every culture, there is an ample choice of therapeutic dance rituals or transformation workshops. Even for people who have little or no experience of creative movement, dance brings instant relief. If this option appeals to you, why not research on the internet or the local press to find whats available. Once youve tasted the utterly liberating experience of release through dance it will become a healthy addiction.
  11. 11. 4. In nature, we can find the deepest solace of all. Connection with the earththrough spending time outside is a powerful way to re-appraise our materialconcerns and see our lives in the bigger picture of the world.Taking time in nature is precious time. Being close to the elements always bringsfeeling of expansion, optimism, peace and belonging.The earth and nature are big enough to take any strife and put them into the contextof the great scheme of things. Our concerns seem small when we contemplate thebigger picture of evolution and our part in it.Finally, all self-criticism, judgement, feelings of unworthiness can all be appeasedwhen we are clear on our passions and purpose.Clarity brings, not only instant relief but the space to re-focus on raising ourvibrations to ones that will attract what we really desire. Clarity leaves no room forany negative emotion whatsoever. And thats a big relief! Copyright Jenni Parker Brown 2011 7 Steps to Grace Crystal Clear-o-meter Get Clear Be Happy! Attract Faster A FREE ebook that gives you a daily check-up on your attraction scale and tools to turn up the intensity whatever your mood! Click here...
  12. 12. Let the fire of your dreams ignite yourimagination until they burn inside you with an incontrovertible incandescence.
  13. 13. Be The Change!
  14. 14. « Passion is a short-bridge to the soul, crossing over the great ravine of mediocrity and apathy » Jenni P
  15. 15. SECRETS The Power of Why By Sharon Waring of Designforlifecoaching.comDo you know what your why is?That maybe sounds like a strange question but it’s aquestion that holds great power for the person who cananswer it.Your why is the reason you are here on this earth, it’syour raison d’etre; it is the actualisation of the self.Abraham Maslow describes this as “the desire tobecome more and more what one is, to becomeeverything that one is capable of becoming”.So now some of you may be wondering.. Well how do Iknow what my why is?Your why is what lights you up inside when you thinkabout or do something you really love doing. It’s thatpart of your life that feels as natural to you as breathing,yet creates excitement and purpose throughout thewhole of your body. You might even be already‘dabbling’ with your why without even knowing it! Whatdo you spend your spare time doing and why do youdo it? What were you always doing as a child? What dopeople tell you that you are good at?There are different ways of finding your why; becomeaware of how certain tasks or activities make you feel -does it feel a chore or does it lift your spirits?Find your why and you’ve found the key to the door ofyour happiness.All you need to do is put the key in the lock and turn it..Right?
  16. 16. Ah yes..I am reminded of the tale of the old fella who dreamshe has won the lottery. The dream is so vivid that hepassionately believes he WILL win the lottery with everyfibre of his being. Each week he looks at the winningnumbers and he doesn’t win. After several weeks of thishe goes to church to ‘have a word’ and he says to God,“I know from the very depths of my being and withoutany doubt that I am here on this earth to win the lottery,so why aren’t you making this happen?”God replies,“Will you do me a favour and PLEASE BUY A FLIPPIN’TICKET!!”As well as not taking action our beliefs about ourselvesmay stop many of us from transforming our lives i.e. wecan’t turn the key because we’re not good enough, notthin enough, not rich enough, too old, too young etc.So now what?At a basic level we can categorise two types of whys:‘peripheral whys’ and ‘core whys’.Our peripheral whys are based on our impulses to earnmoney; to have financial security.We likely learned this from our parents, from teachers,from societal regulations and media.Do you remember being told that if you studied hard,got good exam results then you’d be more likely to geta better job, be able to live in a nice house, drive a newcar and have financial security?And did any of you ever question why you would wantthose things above what your heart was telling you?I know I didn’t.No doubt some of you did follow your heart and areleading very fulfilling lives. Those stories inspire mebecause I came from a background of scarcity, and itbecame my belief, through all of my influencers, thatfinancial security was the buffer against ‘not havingenough’.
  17. 17. I believed that money would fill that empty void inside withall the material things I deserved, to make me feel complete.So instead of following my heart I chased the money, andguess where it led? Yay, I got a great job, lived in a nice flat,drove a new car and got financial security. But it didn’t fillthat void inside. In fact it made it bigger until I almost gotsucked into the vacuum!These peripheral whys are not always strong enough or deepenough to maintain our enthusiasm and joie de vivre, so atsome point it starts having the opposite effect and all ofthose things we thought we wanted have now got ustrapped in the expectations of others and of ourselves. Thatjob that promised much reward eventually starts sucking ourenergy. Our nice house becomes a weight of responsibility.What about that expensive car that no longer gives us thebuzz and pleasure it used to. And even taking a holiday canbecome stressful if we’ve become at odds with ourselves.Conversely, your core ‘whys’ reconnect you to the source ofwho you really are. It’s about digging deeper and goingbeyond superficial gains to find the jewel that is YOU!It’s about finding what you feel passionate about, whatmakes your eyes shine and your heart expand every time youeven talk about that thing.Every single person is different. You are a unique being andgifted with a contribution to make to this world whetherthat’s to millions of people or to one. Your contribution bringsmeaning to your life; it connects you at a deeper level toeveryone and everything around you.We can’t always avoid the hum-drum, the annoyances, thebad stuff that life throws at us, but creating your life from yourtrue purpose will carry you through any daily logistics orchallenges if there’s a higher purpose at play.Life will be easier, lighter, more fun and joyful!So let’s get clear on this because it’s too important to miss.Ask yourself some whys:Why are you here?Why do you want what you want?Why will that serve a higher purpose?
  18. 18. Which of the following ‘feels’ better to you?I am here to earn money for my family so my kids can have abetter life without experiencing the hardships I’ve had.(We teach that life is about struggle and sacrifice.)orI am here to be the absolute best of who I really am so my kidswill be encouraged to do the same and know joy in their livestoo.(We teach that life is about being our greatest selves andexperiencing the happiness that brings.)When you honour your true nature and live it fully then you haveturned the key. Everything else you could ever dream of, andlikely more, will manifest as the door opens before you.So discover your why and turn that key!Why? It’s your birth right.This is your power.Sharon helps grown-ups from all walks of lifeto overcome their limiting beliefs and connectwith their ‘Why’ to start living a purposeful and passion-filled life. Discover your WHY now! Free download
  19. 19. THE NEW VISIONARIES Evolutionary Leadership for a Vibrant new World By Soleira GreenThere’s a new kind of leadership emerging in the world today. I call these new leaders ‘THENEW VISIONARIES.’ Theyre inventive, super creative and alive with infinite possibilities forhow things can be. They’re charismatic and definitely dont follow anyones rules. They dontdwell on what is, nor do they try to change the old.  They create, invent and evolve whateverthey come in contact with in a leaderful new way.These new visionaries are appearing in the midst of a huge evolutionary shift, a new era that islight years ahead of any cultural shifts we’ve seen in the last thousands of years. What makesthis new era so amazing and different?Human beings are at long last stepping beyond being small people tossed around by the chaos of life tobecome vast and wondrous beings of pure possibility.We’re learning to work with potential and to dance in the moment creatingbreathtaking new possibilities. A new visionary leadership is emerging that is brilliantlycreative and inventive in limitless new ways.We’re connecting all around the world, building a global community of inventive people who arepassionate about Life, who want to see a better world for all and who are ready to live 24/7 to makethat a reality now. The world is shrinking through new technology, arts and communication, resulting in the growth of peoplepower. New visionary leaders are sourcing this shift to people power, connecting up their ideas, passions andvisions with incredible speed, regardless of where they live, how old they are or how much money they have.They make the impossible possible with increasing ease and strength.We’re moving beyond duality and polarity, at long last beginning to see that things are not black orwhite, right or wrong, true or untrue. We’ve gained a new freedom to see things from a wide range of perspectives and this new seeing is liberatingus from polarity into paradox and beyond. In paradox lies the rich understanding that all is not quite as itseems. That what is said, may not be what is heard. That what is believed as true today, might not seem quiteso true tomorrow. That we just might be living in evolutionary times and nothing will hold to the scrutiny ofan enduring philosophy. Isn’t that just the most wonderful thing? The liberation of belief and of polarity andduality! Now there’s a possibility that just might end wars on this planet for all time.We’re discovering a new kind of leadership, one that inspires and empowers leaderfulness in others , that deeply and richly cares about the betterment of all, and that stands for a bigger, greater view of the worldand beyond, to steward into play the evolutionary creations that are now ours to unfold. Visionary leadership… living and leading beyond self … a whole new playground of leadership and power. This is our journey inthis incredible time … the playful discovery of brand new ways to empower, enrich and enhance
  20. 20. Life with every breath we take, every word we speak and every action we initiate. A brand newhumanity. A stunning new world. Isn’t that why we’re here, to co-create a brilliant newfuture for us all? THE NEW VISIONARIESHow would you recognise a new visionary leader? What differentiates them from other typesof leaders?New visionaries don’t protest what is. They celebrate what can be.They see what’s missing and then identify the potential and work with it.They don’t live in anyone else’s ideas of what can be done. They invent brand new, excitingways of getting things done, breaking the boundaries of known thinking.They live outside the rulebooks, choosing instead to create the reality of their dreams,rather than live inside someone else’s version of reality.They empower leadership in everyone they work with, calling everyone into the dance ofvisionary creation. They know that they can’t fulfil these huge visionary possibilities bythemselves.They use communication, like television, mobiles and the internet, to connect them withthe world of their visions.They know that what they’re doing isn’t about them. It’s about the realisation ofsomething more important than themselves. They live in and as the vision, thriving in thedynamics that visionary living affords.New visionaries live beyond self. But don’t get this mixed up with selflessness … it’s waypast that. Selflessness and being in service are old concepts now. Visionary leadership isabout vibrantly connecting to and working with limitless potential, always creating the nextnewest NEW. It’s about soaring into new levels of being that allows us to co-create withgreat passion, vibrancy and vitality. It’s a new kind of leaderfulness that celebrates the verybest that every single person has to offer. It’s a brand new paradigm of evolutionaryleadership and power.Want to see some wonderful examples of these new visionaries at work. Visit the GlobalBrilliance Project at or download a free copy of TheNew Visionaries book at Green is the author of ‘The New Visionaries … Evolutionary Leadership for a VibrantWorld.’ She’s the co-founder of the Visionary Network and trains, coaches, hosts eventsand pretty does anything that will transform our world. To find out more about Soleira andher work, visit and
  21. 21. Prosper By Design with Melissa Galt (Global As Needed..) The Surest Determinant of Success . . . © Your success is directly proportional to the passion you have for the work that you do. Clients and customers will flock to you when they feel your passion for your work. They want to be around someone who is excited about their product and/or services and who is an expert. When you are passionate about your vocation, you want to learn all there is to better your knowledge and grow your expertise. It is only when you become bored and burned out that you find your business slipping away. Even in the worst of times, your passion will carry you through. It will force you to become more creative in your marketing, it will show you how to leap tall obstacles (even if not in a single bound!) Passion for your purpose and your path is everything. Your passion comes from within, it isn’t something you can go outside yourself to find. It isn’t something you can fabricate at will. You either have it or you don’t. When you have it you will work harder than you have before and it will feel like play. When you don’t, even simple tasks are arduous. Passion makes hard feel easy and complex feel simple. When you jump out of bed in the morning and can’t wait to start your day, it is passion you are feeling. And when you don’t want to go to bed at night because what you are working on is so fascinating and fulfilling, that is passion too.
  22. 22. Find your passion and you will find your profit.There are countless examples of this. I began myown interior design practice with passion and wentfrom underwater and in debt to a thriving sixfigure business in just 18 months. I had passion. Acolleague and hand analyst, took what might seemto be a somewhat unusual and even obscure talentand parlayed it with passion into a six figurebusiness in just two years.Warren Buffet could have stopped working decadesago, he could own several homes (only owns one)and a lot of “stuff.” Instead Buffet is passionateabout businesses and so he collects companies thathe then transforms into profit engines that performrepeatedly for his stockholders.Athletes who compete in the Olympics havepassion for their sport, their performance andwinning. They endure years of training, often sufferpainful injuries, and toil with little recognitionbecause of their passion.What will you do for your passion?Copyright Melissa Galt 2011 Prosper by Design Coaching and Consulting Keynote Speaker Free Weekly Ezine brings you the latest in marketing tools, time-saver shortcuts, and business strategies! Keep your business growing and your sales soaring! “I want to show you how to make your life more prosperous by design on every level. We are going to dive into your business, your health, your style, your environment, your past times, your relationships, and oh a whole lot more. Youll learn how to reignite your passion, rediscover your purpose, and live every day tuned in, turned on,engaged and connected. Cmon, take my hand up! “ Melissa Galt Click here
  23. 23. Passionately Inspiring...For daily inspiration and sheer fun.... Lets LOVE instead ofjust LIKE on Facebook...
  24. 24. Passionately Poetic ONE LOVE Take off your clothes, Your shoes, your jewels and then Stand tall and proud next to your fellow man and take his hand and shout out loud :Beata Positiva We are all equal, and naked,Positive Radio.. and brothers, underneath ; once we all had Little baby teeth and we, can be, like Angels up above if only, we know, just how, to LOVE.
  25. 25. Books and Resources.. The Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood New York times Best-seller The Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. The #1 tool in the world for aligning with your passions Treat yourself or someone else click here.. "The Passion Test™ has given me incredible insight into what was missing in my life, where I was not 100% spot on in pursuing my passions. Its simple, its easy, and its profound. Out of it came the creation of an organization Id been putting off for six years and a fuller expression of my love and my commitment to my family. I think theres nothing more important than that." ~ Jack Canfield Co author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Whack around the head by Sharon Eden With Whack Around The Head you discover how the emotional gap from being dispirited or bored to being enthusiastic about your work is actually minute, and easily achievable through engaging with your purpose, passion and power… whatever your current situation! ‘Sharon Eden embodies authenticity, passion and joy in her life and her work – she totally exemplifies the subject matter of her book... fast-paced, challenging when necessary; a strong and reliable resource... a reminder of how to live a fuller, more purposeful, passionate and satisfying life...’ Christine Miller MA FRSA Founder & Editor ReSource Magazine Click here.. Remembering Perfection by Jessica McGregor Johnson “Remembering Perfection is written to inspire and support you to live your with greater meaning and joy. Written with great honesty and humour it is designed to encourage you when you feel like giving up; when you intellectually know the ideas but cannot seem to make them work in your life. This book comes with the voice of experience, a feeling that the principles contained within are not just theory, but have been put into practice and seen to succeed. Remembering Perfection offers a way for you to move from knowing to experiencing. Full of practical tips, this book brings the ideas to life and shows you how each and every day you can joyously take the steps towards living a life with love, veracity and truth. You can remember the perfection that is God.” To buy click here
  26. 26. Click here to read free first chapters of Jennis books! Angel in Her Cherry Tree by Jenni Parker Brown Part 1 of the Merry Messengers Fables.  When single, young mum Bonnie vents her anguishes in a cry-for-help letter which she posts in a blank envelope, she doesnt bank on it being answered by an angel. A real one. Angel in Her Cherry Tree is a tale about finding the power to alter perceptions in a challenging world to ones that support our highest pupose. The message that the endearing Martin brings is that, knowing that choice is a creator of reality and and utilising our unique gifts brings us closer to creating the life we most cherish, that of fulfilling our purpose. Read free chapter and buy ebook here Print Version under publication “Jenni, your books blow everyone else out of the water!”Lily Finch, co-author with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey and Wayne Dyer of The Science of Higher Purpose The Wizard of IZ By Jenni Parker Brown Part 2 of the Merry Messengers Fables The Wizard of Iz - a Magical Journey into Self- Love A wacky, wonderfully fun send-up of the habits that make us sick and the powerful antidote of the present moment. When wealthy, depressed stock-broker Judiths second long-suffering husband takes a break from their marriage, Judith feels on the verge of a crisis. To her rescue comes the most unlikely saviour, a colourful, eccentric gardener with an alchoholic rook in tow. In just one week, William Zards poetic wit and profound wisdom transforms Judiths living hell into miraculous surrender. Buy now.. “Jenni, your writing is beautiful” Mark Allen,USA. New World Library Publishers. “Jenni, you are an extraordinarily eloquent writer!” Melissa Galt, Marketing and lifestyle mentor. Prosper By Design “Cant wait to see these stories on film!” Donna Hartmann,USA. Quantum Studies Practitioner and Therapist
  27. 27. Being You.. Passionately Being Ariaa Jaeger singing SpiritualPhilosopher and human seismograph!Connect with Ariaa here
  28. 28. Making a Difference...The Change Ariaa in the company of Jenni P How to Get Over It (anything!) and just Love Out Loud! (Fun!)
  29. 29. The Passion Test TM, led by its founders Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, Calling all Certified Passion Test Facilitators and Trainers lets get you on the map so that people can find you! Email Jenni at to have your links on the world map in the next edition of Passion Life Secrets!
  30. 30. are following their mission to “Turn the passion statistics upside down!”
  31. 31. ●Do you have passionate stories that can inspireothers?● Has passion changed your life?● Do you need help finding your passions?● Want to dive deeper into your lifes purpose?●Would you like loving support for your goalsand dreams?●Looking for lucid answers to personal andbusiness challenges? Need to get happy rightnow?●Are you passionate about getting yourbusiness known and growing your network?Would you like to find out more about MonetizingYour Passions?On the subject of Passion, Life and Secrets... Find us on ...
  32. 32. "When you are clear, what you choose to have show up in your life will, but only to the extent that you are clear." ~ Janet Bray Attwood and Chris AttwoodComplementary E-book and FREE Subscription to Passion Life Secrets Magazine Click here..
  33. 33. 7 Questions to Reveal Exactly How to Discover Your Passions and Create a Life That You Love Click on the button left "Even as a dream warrior, the Passion Test has helped me dive deep into my purpose and focus on what I truly desire. All of a sudden its happening! Stunningly life changing!" Jenni P Watch the FREE VIDEOS HERE!"The Passion Test™ has given me incredible insight into what was missing in mylife, where I was not 100% spot on in pursuing my passions. Its simple, its easy,and its profound. Out of it came the creation of an organization Id been puttingoff for six years and a fuller expression of my love and my commitment to myfamily. I think theres nothing more important than that."~ Jack Canfield author of Chicken soup for the Soul®The Passion Test is a registered trademark of Enlightened Alliances and is used with permission.
  34. 34. Visionaries Transformational Leaders Humanitarians The Passion TestTM The Effortless Path to Discovering your Lifes Purpose “Where Passion is primary, and joy and fulfilment are everyday experiences”. Chris Attwood Janet Bray Attwood Passion arises from the heart and the purpose of The Passion Test process is to connect you with the things you love most. This includes the things you love doing, the people you love being around, the places where you love to spend time, the kinds of environments you love being in, and the things you love having. Meaning arises from living a life connected to what you love. Thus, the real purpose of The Passion Test is to help you open your heart. A great sage once said: "If you could only love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world." A recent survey showed that four out of five Americans are not passionate about their lives. Unhappiness in work or love, with money or weight, all contribute to the number of people just going through the motions, not really living life to the fullest. How can they discover their passions and begin really living? The life changing answer is found in THE PASSION TEST by visionaries Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. Accessible to anyone, of any faith, from any background, THE PASSION TEST is the only method that takes participants beyond principles to experience the transformation that occurs when they take the time to determine what really matters most to them in their lives. The Passion Test shows readers step by step how to identify their top five passions, and then provides the guidance to align ones life with these passions. Unlike other books and methods that talk only about the importance of living ones passion, what sets this book apart is that it takes readers step-by-step through HOW to create and live a life based on ones deepest passions.
  35. 35. 3 Steps to Profit Online From Your Passion Playing Powerfully By adela Rubio Free Your Essence, Activate Your BusinessThings are changing everywhere, all the time -- in theeconomy, government, online. And it doesnt look like therate of change is going to slow down any time soon. Whetheryou look at the global or the local landscape, your personal orprofessional life, change is on the menu.You can easily get discouraged and fall into the failure ofthe economic stimulus and the energy crisis, the divorceand the downsizing, the market downfall and the Mayancalendar. Or you can claim the invitation to take fullresponsibility for your own flow, whether its your ideas oryour income.In times such as these, the only place where you can truly,and safely, anchor yourself is your inner world of hopes anddreams, passion and vision. Your inner compass is yourmost valuable resource when the world is in flux. Investingyour energy in things that aliven and inspire you, are solidstrategies to embody your infinite equilibrium and flow.A passion, and purpose driven, business is the antidote to aworld sourced by external forces. Its time to free yourEssence and BE your flow. After all, you come from a longline of evolutionary adventurers.Here are 3 steps to profit online from your passion: Copyright
  36. 36. Monergy -The Business of Being Passionately You
  37. 37. 1. Become an authority. When you look for a doctor, will anyone justdo? No! You look for the best. You want someone who has theexperience, and know how, to address your ills. In your business,thats exactly what your prospective clients want. They want to knowthat you know how to help them. Expertise and experience, are whatpeople are willing to pay for. If youre not an authority yet, you needto become one, and its not as hard as you think.2. Help more people. The best thing that you can do for your businessis to take massive action in helping more people. You can leverageyour know how, and your passions, by working with more people. That means getting the expertise that you already have ... Out There!The more people you work with the clearer you become on your nichedmessage and market. The format doesnt matter -- teleclasses, blogposts, expert interviews, Q&As, etc. Strategy Sessions-- what mattersis that you deliver it in your element. Dont try to trudge throughwriting blog posts if youre a natural on camera. Do video, honor youressence! Whats important is that you commit to helping more people,and theres a way to increase your impact and reach, right away.3. Do more joint ventures. I dont know about you, but in high school Iwas not the girl who waited for the guy to ask her out to dance.I would just start dancing, and sure enough, someone would join meright away... either a boy friend or a girl friend. The most importantthing was the dance! Its the same thing with joint ventures. If yourewaiting for someone to approach you first, you might be waiting awhile. Do your research to find aligned joint venture partners andinitiate a conversation.Take charge of engaging in the dance of partnership and you willimpact more people, in less time.Partnership is the currency of the new economy and your businessmodel should include opportunities to partner with other consciousentrepreneurs.It will grow your business, and theirs, and create added value for yourcommunity. Today, more than ever, the passion that stirs you can bethe very balm that soothes your soul and nurtures your essence. Creating Powerful Partnerships Bonus (Audio & Transcript) Click here..