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  2. 2. There’s a Little Hormone that You Need to Turn Off! And all you have to do, is trick your body to do it for you.There’s a brand new way to feed your body that creates fantastic health benefits: Sustainable Weight Loss and Anti Ageing It’s the 5x2 DIETThe ideas come from research into something called Intermittent Fasting.DON’T PANIC… it’s really not fasting at all! You may have seen this presentedon BBC TV’s, Horizon program. Dr Michael Mosley presented us with theLaboratory tested proof that he uncovered in America and France.First in his discoveries is Professor Longo, director of Southern California’sLongevity Institute. Then followed by Dr Varady - University of Illinois, Chicago.Both of these researchers have been testing and measuring their two methods foryears. It’s in blending their conclusions, we think that Dr Moseley has... Cracked it!Prof Longo’s breakthrough, identifies a little hormone called IGF-1 as theAgeing Agent that we all need to confront. Its purpose is to produce constantgrowth in your Cells. But when we’ve stopped growing naturally and you can’tgrow any more this unwanted pressure overwhelms your cells and theywear themselves out. It’s these worn-out cells that age you!
  3. 3. In Prof Longo’s test-group of mice, when he turned off this little hormone insome of them, their cells became more youthful and gave them a new life span,twice that of their brothers and sisters. The average life of a mouse is two years.These hormone-free mice, live for five years! So you see this is a very unhelpful little hormone!The Good News is that if you add a bit of gentle fasting to your normal diet, thislittle hormone turns off. The body switches itself into defensive mode and severalDNA repair genes switch on. Your whole system starts to look after you!If you trick your body into thinking there may be a food shortage, it tunes toALERT. It changes its settings from “growth” to “repair” status. Your body beginsto regenerate! And in “repair” mode you are being made younger.Prof Longo concluded that it was too much protein that promotes high hormoneactivity. He recommends a daily protein level is 55gs, but there are 12gs of proteinin a Skinny Latte, so, you need to find help in balancing what you consume, tobuild a new diet that you can enjoy. (We’ll introduce you to measured mealsfurther on :)Now Let’s add Dr Varady’s research to this mix.She has been testing a system that she calls Alternate Day Fasting - ADF.Her results are outstanding, but her method is too rigid, for people livingin the real world. So we’re just adding her principles to those of Prof Longo,to come up with a Block Buster Conclusion. A brilliant new Life Approach that isn’t just about Youthfulnessand Constant Weight Loss: we’re also looking for a big fall in LDL (the bad) Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels too.So how do you manage this new Life Approach? It’s so easy.You plug into Calorie Counted Recipes, that we’ll introduce to you onAmazon. And you simply split your week into two parts:5 Days Feasting : 2 Days FastingIt’s not fasting of course; it’s just a reduction in Calorie intake. And you canput the Fasting days wherever you want in your week. Do this and you canbe relaxed about what you eat on your 5 Feast Days, provided you don’tbreak a limit of 2,000 Calories. The limit on the Fast days, is women reduceto 500 Calories and men to 600 Calories.There are 100’s and 100’s of Calorie Counted Meals available to keep you onthis more youthful, path through life. The sooner you start the better - right?Here’s the key to a younger YOU and all the benefits that go with it,just over the next page...
  4. 4. The key to ayounger, healthier you... Watch this : click here if you are seeing the non video version of this reportNow, begin your own journey to a long life andyour ideal weight...Introducing :
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  6. 6. The Essential Support For Your Own 5X2 Alternate Fasting Live-Longer Revolution... Classic 1,000 Calorie Counted Recipes By Carolyn Humphries Copyright ©W. Foulsham and Co. Ltd.With every recipe calorie counted, this title deals withlow-fat, health-conscious eating to keep readers in greatshape. It contains all original material not simplyresourced from existing titles. It features clever andimaginative recipes which produce a better figure allround! This series has been so successful that it has nowestablished itself as a brand. Here we turn our research tohealthy eating for a well-toned body. This brilliant anddiverse range of recipes provides a completely fat-reduced, calorie-controlled lifestyle. With this book youmay be on a diet, but the food wont keep reminding youof it. Everything you eat is figure-friendly and healthgiving. Here is the book that provides the answer forweight-watching families. With it, they will never againhave to find themselves anxiously back on the scales.Click here to begin your revolution...
  7. 7. Welcome to Foulsham ! Visit our extensive range of books on all kinds of lifestyle topics as varied as combatting stress, dealing with special diets, planning a wedding, or improving your parenting skills. Foulsham – Books that Enhance Your Life since 1819Click here to see our whole library Biz-zine produced for Foulsham Publishing by Jenni Parker Brown