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S1 P006 Alexander 091807

  1. 1. What to Know When Going Mobile Moderated by: Sales I: Pipeline Basics Ethan Alexander Director, Salesforce Mobile 5-’ Mireille Gotsis Q Director, Industry Solutions| Business Data Services Ryan Klein @ Relationship Manager / nmnm. Sa| esforce. com Admin CRM Administrator BAYv| Evy‘ Shanna Alvarez FINANCIAL
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Statement "Safe harbor” statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward- looking statements including but not limited to statements concerning the potential market for our existing service oflerings and future offerings. All of our forward looking statements invotve risks. uncertainties and assumptions. If any such risks or uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect. our results could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. The nsks and uncertainties referred to above include - but are not limited to - risks associated with possible fluctuations in our operating results and cash flows. rate of growth and anticipated revenue run rate. errors. interruptions or delays in our service or our Web hosting. our new business model. our history of operating losses. the possibilid ‘Lat we will not remain profitable, breach of our security measures. the emerging market in which we operate. our relatively limited operating history, our ability to hire. retain and motivate our employees and manage our growth, competition. our ability to continue to release and gain customer acceptance of new and improved versions of our service, customer and partner acceptance of the AppExchange, successful customer deployment and utilization of our services. unanticipated changes in our effective tax rate. fluctuations in the number of shares outstanding. the price of such shres, foreign currency exchange rates and interest rates. Further information on these and other factors that could affect our financial results is included in the reports on Forms 10-K. 10-Q and 8-K and in other filings we make with the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time. These documents are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our website at www. selesfcrce. com/ investor. Salesforce. com. inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward- looking statements. except as required bylaw.
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda A couple basics on Salesforce Mobile Let’s hear from our experts and customers r Live Demos Top 5 “| wish I had know. .. before going Mobile” Your Questions / l‘)! '(. C(')7 __
  4. 4. Puts Your Sales force to Work Where Your Team Works On the Web "3' _. .._. _.. , : , Fin: Sales professionals on the road but data is locked away on web browser 1, . .,« pi? ’ 1.. . l ’V, ’,’. r.. "l , .". 4 I4 and on the Road Real-time access to data when needed with BIackBerry, Palm, WM5 and Apex Mobile I/ l‘)! '(. C(‘)? r_
  5. 5. Works on the Latest Mobile Devices B| ackBerry Palm Treo Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PCs llacluserry 8300 We do not currently support WM5 Smartphones like Motorola 0, HTC Dash, BlackJack 2’ ‘f; - _ / i"m: c07 / . > I’ "99’
  6. 6. .. ,' I [M l ’, .’. V.i‘ ; at&t at&t Mobility iviireille Gotsis Director, Industry Solutions| Business Data Services Mireille. gotsis@att. com / l‘)! '(. C(')7 7_
  7. 7. A Day in the Life of a Sales Representative Waiting 11% “i Selling 0 Other 26 /0 Administration 1 1% Sales Administration —— 16% Travel/ Waiting 21% Sales Preparation 16% Note, ‘ Yankee Group speaks frequently to sales represurrtalwos. This data IS .1 wpresunlatwrl ot the average day for many representatives The total does not equal 1f. ’)‘! -5 due tn rmlnaing I/3rtce()7 _ W
  8. 8. Mobility within the Sales Process LEAD GENERATION Mobility Enhances EVERY Stage of the Sales Process! NEGOTIATION
  9. 9. SFA: Typical Pre-Wireless Process Sales Order Quote & Commit cugmmu 5.11.15 tip 335.. go, ,, It:1,llllS '3 ulflu: qua“, 3: ‘l -39’ we lrt3arvr.1tlr: n . Y1UEA? lTEN5t‘lE'DFlJVED l'? KIOfl PROVE R-. -p r-. -tori‘: 7:: oislonuir Ille- Rnrl gnthnrs il"'Jrvl'.5llr; rv "rm' . ’.l| <fI'lfV'Wf .1t: enl. '. crcer Rep K]Y. '.“Al Dc: qilijle PFIIOJCI [. rlr. r. .1r-cl iris. lnry rl: ll: rt: :l7.l: Rw crmrullr: .’l-‘: T‘lI ’CltC1f. F to at‘ '-our Rap “pm; -1.-: Forrr ‘nth r_y_ilr. .-_ 1 nlormnt an F. Customer approves quote? Y Rep 5: t. Ilr. ':t i. —'n«r Rnp r. r.-ilirrr-. rllr: -t Jri wttl Blrfll-: t N Does rep have intormaliou 1 Is order lorm complete? Rap nr_. :1ii-. i1 U UJlrg| v:{~, - hjirm lmrentery committed to order
  10. 10. SFA: Typical Post-Wireless Process Sales Order Quote & Commit Customer ash tor an REP DVD‘-'0‘-‘S qua“, qt»: -is Prnr). lr. t prim: .1r-L1 iri. ‘.'ir1r. (y dal: lt: :i7.i: . . . . . Run gnlhnrs ll‘ ’; liii-. ;licn "rim . '.il<lriri'»'<r .1t: <:ll. '. crcer T1llEitl"Ek«-SNIEVIIEIAVEI) l'? flOfl PHONE 1, . .,v / '5 ‘i.4l’V, ,". lrl‘l(}; l‘, i ‘ . . F. Customer approves quote? Y Rep 51 Liir. ' :1 (27354! N Y -Sales order quote & commit Wl1'“' yigreless J emanate process steps by combining tasks (e. g., quote and order in one visit) Improve order accuracy Capture customer into (e. g., J signature) electronically to l‘L‘dUCC processing costs ___/ Faster ordcr placement results in happier customers and increased sales volume Is order Inventory * c°': ‘°'. '[‘m, ’ Y committed P ‘ to order
  11. 11. Wireless ROI Mobility solutions deliver a real ROI for your sales force 3 ® @' Improve Pmductivity Reduce Costs IIICIWSC RCVIHUCS 20% Increase in 15% Decrease in Support 10-15% Increase in Sales Visits 8. Administrative Costs Average Order Size 51150 $1000 300 $100K 885K I}: L‘ an . _ ‘U ‘o . O -1.: CH "3 9’ < Ycurly Salts Visiis Support 8. Admin $ Before After Before After Before After 10% Savings in Sales 20% Decrease in Management Admin Time Yearly Mileage 120 5000 ' Source: 9: '»'. “r»' H’ e’-HI" : " %'1r-'3. I: ’i[ . :I-‘H4 5H ea Hr: -:'1.. r "-"air w'| ~:fu’4 ~: 'He r'; :'r - 1£w. J:, »;‘ L "urn ; ..»J‘: ,1r wl P‘-. -:11?» Ur‘ CV11‘ LL'. Lr I‘-‘. vf'1,'I[r-Lvfli» Wu-ukly Adrrnrv Tum: Yk1.3lfyMl| t:. ‘igf: "->- _ V tflm: c07 ‘W
  12. 12. Mobile Application Do’s and Don’ts - Do Involve business partners early on Selectively choose what data and functionality to mobilize Take an incremental approach Change development paradigm for mobile devices ° Plan for future integration ° Incorporate mechanisms for gathering metrics - Don't ° Expect your mobile view to be the same as your web experience
  13. 13. .. ,i I [M l ’, .’. i.i‘ / . ' Egg; . ‘ 2 Financial Allstate Financial Ryan Klein Relationship Manager I Salesforce. com Admin ryan. klein@al| state. com / l‘)! '(. C(')7 __
  14. 14. Allstate Financial s§i= Anstate. Financial Allstate Financial is a major subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. The Allstate Financial group of companies offers a broad array of personal financial products and services through multiple channels INDUSTRY: P&C Insurance / Financial Services EMPLOYEES: 70,000 (Total) / 3,100 (Allstate Financial) GEOGRAPHY: Primarily United States # Salesforce USERS 8. Mobile Users: 275 & 30 PRODUCTS USED: SFA, Salesforce Mobile, Multiple AppExchange Packages. Apex Data Loader. Excel Connector. Others
  15. 15. Why We Needed Salesforce Mobile Disconnect between field and home office Field users would print out daily spread sheets When change happens, nothing happens Information and follow up was delayed until the Sunday night data dump party into Salesforce . l« , - ‘I ' 1|’ ' Rushed process ' Lost details ' Confused follow up
  16. 16. Success! ' Salesforce Mobile and the at&t Blackberries: ° Improved quality of entered data ° Downtime is now productive time ° We Have Real-time access to sales data ° Internal and external teams are now synchronized
  17. 17. User Response to Salesforce Mobile “Thank you for giving me my Sunday back! ” ‘‘I seriously love having the technology. ’’ from a very basic user to a near expert in usage “My 2:00 cancelled. I used the custom view & specific data fields we created to find someone in the same city. I called and got the appt. My first success story! ” ‘‘I booked 2 appointments in the 4 hours I've been using it” “Salesforce. com on my Blackberry makes me omnipotent to my producers”
  18. 18. How We Were Successful Executive buy in is KEY Find a tech-friendly pilot group to gather pre-rollout feedback Choose your device based upon field needs Mobile and web are very different experiences — expectations are important to share with field Keep it simple — work within device and field user capabilities of Salesforce Iain the field Solicit feedpack whenever possible Find, develop, and mm your evangelists Review & submit new ideas for enhancements via the ldeaExchange i (http: //ideas. salesiorce. com/ popular/ mobile) 1:. l ’V_. ”., rl t 'l'i, .)‘; . ‘ " yltyrtc C, ‘‘ —_'
  19. 19. 1 . .,r / F” ‘it, i’r’, _’. l:l'l{ ii’: ‘ . . l l "l B AY V I E ‘N l lit lll/ ,‘ FINANCIAL’ . ‘.. . Shanna Alvarez CRM Administrator ShannaAlvarez@bayviewfinancial. com J/1' : rL'. c{ 2' 7" __
  20. 20. BAYVIEW FINANCIAL Bayview Financial, L. P. is a multi-billion dollar, full-service mortgage finance company. Bayview and its subsidiaries deliver a wide array of products and services, including the purchase of residential and commercial real estate loans, the origination of small-balance commercial real estate loans and the provision of 1031 exchange services to real estate investors. Bayview is one of the largest financial institutions headquartered in Florida. INDUSTRY: Mortgage Finance Company EMPLOYEES: 2,300 GEOGRAPHY: National # Salesforce USERS and Mobile Users: 35 Salesforce Products in Use: SFA. Salesforce Mobile, Adoption Dashboards, Sales Dashboards. Excel Connector
  21. 21. Key Challenges Driving Mobile ' Business Challenges Poor data quality and consistency No ability to mine data and lead generation No remote access Lack of automation Lack of real time access to data for both inside and outside reps - Technology Challenges ° Data uniformity ° Remote access ° Data security
  22. 22. Requirements - Benefits Key Requirements * Support mobile sales team ‘ Consistent uniform data entry ' Executive visibility ' Tighter control over outside sales Key Benefits ' Consistent data ' Accessibility ° On-demand pipeline visibility , . , . U? ’ / .i’r, ’_’. r., ’l , .". 4 I4 in _ hf‘ f‘ F '1 : +.r-lfi . ";, ‘|"'. . .4. . . -. iB. )‘iz. .:b_-z. Rh: Lu-I. .it-uiwuw EWTFVHH Huazr-i y-mar M-_-. .R: hi= Bcnzuez """"“"" -I3l ra'c5'J. s7:r': Inn» SUP Chbn‘ Up: -rnt. tn~ U¢P~: rImuIt Pruamenewt roar! I’-In-rrn NFC) WW‘ 52J': ‘El'G'E2 -Mu! |S'2)7S7’S34B >3: 2.2) 757-94!! ! Fina: puseieflgaanm ' sis Corattutinn Place N. inu h}q. II. ".h ‘hm Fr-; ru%r'. rL (‘D ' _ e(“l': : I311] ,1” tr : ~.? )lrF‘—l :7 i''/ = ‘' I ‘F -‘FE’ 1/1‘ ): '(. c( '
  23. 23. The Solution(s) - How did we address these challenges? ° Implemented Salesforce Mobile solution Automated lead generation and distribution process Customization to capture all pertinent field meeting details Implemented email campaigns Implemented work flows, email alerts, and nofificaflons
  24. 24. Results - What were the results? ° Accessibility Improved business processes Improved customer and market intelligence Improved lead conversion ratios Improved customer service per quarterly customer service surveys More transparency and vision into our customers new
  25. 25. Field Reaction and Live Bayview Financial Demo ‘Salesforce mobile allows me to be remote and still feel like I’m in the office, it’s great! ’ ‘It's just convenient. ’ ‘It's changing the way we do business. ’ Key Field Uses and Let’s Show you Demo: Call logging ' Email and Phone calls Appointment Scheduling , W» _ Checking Activity History ” A '-‘W-'-r“‘
  26. 26. Thank YOU! B/ LXY V I E‘. "‘. ’ r| II/4‘= ..llC| AI_" W [ . E.. - I 7 ‘I 1 . , Shanna Alvarez Salesforce Administrator / i‘>:1’. c/3'7 7_
  27. 27. What I wish I had Known . ... ..5 Steps to Mobile Success 1. Carefully Plan Your Mobile Project Understand the scope, use cases, and involve end users in objectives 2. Know your Device before adding applications Keep it simple as field usability is crucial and get functions you need 3. Training and Guidance can lead you through the jungle Our services I authorized partners / education teams can really help guide your team to success is the web view the same as the mobile device view? Nope 4. Pilot the mobile users Start Simple — it’s easy to go from 5 — 15 — 35 — 100 to than all at once 5. Get feedback from the pilot group and provide enhancements along the way to enable high user adoption and field success
  28. 28. How to Follow up Talk with our mobile customers in at&t booth Live demos on multiple mobile device options Sign up for a free device Talk to your AE about Mobile for your company I Take your knowledge back to your team to enable your field and home office success / i‘): 'L'. c(T}'7 T_
  29. 29. Session Feedback Let us know how we're doing! Please score the session from 5 to 1 (5=exce| lent,1=needs improvement) in the following categories: Overall rating of the session Quality of content Strength of presentation delivery Relevance of the session to your organization Additionally, please score each individual speaker on: ‘Overall delivery of session We strive to improve, thank you for filling out our survey. . 3' "r. j‘l'i, .". .. t / i‘): 'L‘. c(TI'7 T_
  30. 30. THANK YOU Your Questions and our best Answers ‘V’; Mireille Gotsis % Director, Industry Solutions| Business Data Services Ryan Klein Relationship Manager / Fjnancjaj Salesforce. com Admin 3AYv| Evy‘ Shanna Alvarez CRM Administrator I FINANCIAL Z